5 Things About OnePlus 5 You Have To Experience It Yourself

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OnePlus 5 is smart phone that is currently in the trend of the year. People are giving it higher level preference due to its amazing looks and highly useful features. Everything about this smart phone just seems to be perfect and that is why people love it.

Although this is not really a very complex smart phone but still sometimes it becomes hard to explore everything in one time when you have just purchased your OnePlus 5 smart phone for the first time. It is possible that you miss some features or some highlights of this smart phone if you don’t look for it.

If you want to experience the pleasure of using OnePlus 5 without missing anything out, then you should try to read the instruction manual. Or simply you can search the features of this smart phone so that you can find out everything that makes it so special and likable.

We have enlisted five things about OnePlus 5 smart phone that are considered best highlight and you need to try it for yourself to see exactly what it feels to have such advanced and assistive feature in your smart phone.

5 Things About OnePlus 5

  1. Setting Up Finger Print Sensor: Finger print sensors are one of the best features of this smart phone. When you have purchased new OnePlus 5 smart phone, then you will need to set up your finger print so that you can utilize this feature without any problem.

After completing the finger print sensor set up, you would be able to use your finger print for all general authentication and verification requirements. For example, you can unlock your phone, open application or login to any account simply with the verification of your finger print.

  1. Enabling Dark Mode: When you will enable the dark mode in your smart phone then it will allow you to save a lot of battery and the use of dark background will also enhance the grace of your device. In fact, you can purchase dark OnePlus 5 covers to make your device look best.

When general theme is activated then everything including display drains the battery of your smart phone quickly. However, when you will activate system wide dark theme then you will be ready to do some extra battery saving in your smart phone.

  1. Setting Up Gestures: In order to set up gestures, you will need to follow simple set up process. However, after setting up gestures, you just need to double tap the home screen of your device and then your device will wake up and you can do all sorts of task with quick access.

Basically, there is so much that you can do with gestures and they are completely customizable which makes them even more useful and assistive. You can make them do everything that you want and your smart phone will become your assistant.

  1. Enabling Battery Percentage: When you see the picture of battery and you have to guess the exact time that you can use your phone before it shuts down. However, when you enable battery percentage then you will see the percentage of battery instead of battery picture.

Percentage view is definitely more useful and assistive because it allows you to get the most accurate idea of the battery usage and you can find out the exact percentage of remaining battery simply with the glance.

  1. Setting Up Vibration Intensity Setting: Vibration motors were not good in previous versions of OnePlus smart phones. However, this problem is fixed now. You can get a convenient and suitable vibration option in this smart phone.

You will get the option of choosing light, medium or strong vibration. You can choose the one that suits you best and then your smart phone will not annoy you every time it vibrates. Intensity of vibration will be as per your requirement.

Additionally, if you want to do some creativity with the looks of your smart phone then you should consider buying oneplus back covers. Covers can be perfect appearance changer. They can completely change the appearance of your smart phone without any issue.

The usability and features of this smart phone can be enhanced with the purchase of accessories. For example, if you have oneplus 2 then you should consider purchasing oneplus two accessories which will allow you to integrate some advanced functionality to your old smart phone.

If you want to buy oneplus 5 flip covers or if you are looking for old version oneplus one cover then you should consider purchasing it online via internet based stores because there are always so many options available for you on the internet so that you can find best fit for your requirement.

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