Benefits Of Changing IMEI Number Without Rooting

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Most people don’t even have a clue what “imei” means, all they know is i want to change my imei so i can browse with glo bis subscription and also get free data. They really don’t know what imei is all about. Lets start by first explaining what is Imei number.

The full meaning of “IMEI” is “International Mobile Equipment Identity” it is a unique number to identify mobile phones, as well as some satellite phone. The IMEI is only used for identifying the device and has no permanent relation to the subscriber or user.

The main important purpose of the Imei number is because it is used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used to track a stolen phone and stop the device from accessing mobile network in any country.

Lets get started

Benefits Of Changing Android or Mtk Device Imei Without Root Access

Everyone is talking about changing imei number so they can either use an affordable internet subscription or enjoy free data bundles. But some of us are scared to embrace the change in technology via imei tweaking. Most people got this mentality that changing their android device imei number must require rooting the device and therefore it might get to damage or brick their device.

Below are fear factors of most android users in terms of changing imei number on android devices:

  • I need to root my device right?
  • Would my device get damaged or bricked?
  • Would I lose all my apps and files?
  • Would it void my device warranty?
  • I hope i can still make calls and receive calls and text messages?
  • Am scared, i can’t take the risk, etc

Am glad to put your mind at rest because you don’t actually need to root your device before you can change your imei number. In fact after changing your device imei number without rooting, you still have same benefits and luxury of a new device that hasn’t change its imei number.


Below are the Benefits of changing your Imei number Without Rooting:

  • You still get to receive the latest software update for your operating system and can download and install the update right on your device. Normally once you’ve rooted your device, you won’t be able to receive latest software update unless you unroot your device, even at that, sometimes unrooting your device would’nt let you still receive latest software updates, because the device has been rooted before.
  • Your device still acts like a new android device with same benefits and features.
  • It doesn’t void your device warranty, you still enjoy warranty benefit for your device.

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For any issues regarding changing your imei number without rooting, kindly drop a comment.


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  1. My wx3 is showing “invalid imei” I downloaded Mtk engineering mode, I follow the step, but at last its showing “fail to sent” what else can I do?


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