How To Change Infinix Hot 2 And Other Mtk Device Imei Without Rooting

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This article is mainly composed to show you steps by steps approaches to change your infinix hot 2 and other Mtk device Imei number without having to root your android device.  It’s obvious most of us already know about tweaking your android device and changing its imei to that of a blackberry or other imei number that has free data.

I practically did a test run of different types of applications that helps changes android imei but they all requires root access, which means the android device must be first rooted before the application can help change its imei number. I realized I needed to change my android imei but I don’t want to root the android device because once an android device is rooted it can’t download and receive the latest software updates of the android operating system.

All I wanted was just to change the android imei number to that of a blackberry and still enjoy the features of downloading latest software updates on the device. Below are proven steps which I used to change my Infinix Hot 2 Imei to a blackberry imei without rooting my device.

Lets go started:


  • Blackberry IMEI Generator: You can download it from Playstore:  Download Here
  • Dial *#*#3646633#*#* to enter Engineering Mode on your android device
  • If the above code didn’t work for you, Download the MTK Engineering Mode App from Play store: – Download Here

Firstly, Launched the Bb imei generator, click generate BB IMEI, and copy the generated IMEI inside a book so you wont forget.


Now go to your call screen and input this:

  • Dial  *#*#3646633#*#*  to enter Engineering Mode on your android device

After successful enabling the engineering mode on the android device, See snapshots below:


Click on the Connectivity menu, and click on CDS Information


  • Under CDS, Click on the Radio Information


  • To change the IMEI for SIM 1, choose Phone 1. And for SIM 2, Choose Phone 2.


  • After selecting phone 1, You see the default imei of the phone 1 sim slot:


  • Now we changing the IMEI of SIM 1, just enter AT +EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI” For example AT +EGMR=1,7,”523470787017340″
  • Now you input the bb imei you generated using the bb imei generator app.


You get this notification ‘AT Command sent‘  when its successful.


  • Now reboot device and check your imei number by dialing *#06#. To see if really your phone 1 Imei number has changed.


Now, i have successfully change my android device imei to that of a blackberry without rooting my device. which means i can get latest software updates and download.  I now use Glo 1k bis for 3Gb on my infinix hot 2.

Kindly place a comment if you have any issue. Thanks


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110 thoughts on “How To Change Infinix Hot 2 And Other Mtk Device Imei Without Rooting”

  1. I already root my phone and the imei isn’t wrote ‘command msent ‘.and the imei remains d same.what can I do?

    • So sorry about that. Your device might not support the codes. Try downloading mkt engineering mode app and use it to change your imei. You dont need to root your device . The mkt engineering mode app helps change the imei without rooting.

  2. woaw, it worked perfectly for my infinix hot 2.. thank you for the simplified tutorial, pls I have a question, is it safe to install updates considering the fact that I’ve changed imei? won’t I get bricked? a reply asap will be appreciated.

    • Glad it worked perfectly for you sir. You can still install and update your software, it wont brick the device, Dont be scared. You didnt root or change any system files, so you dnt need to be afraid.

  3. Pls, I need a clarification as regards an issue,I have a blackberry torch that doesn’t support HSPA where there is low network reception and I tweak my infinix imei to that of my blackberry,it worked perfectly fine but I’m having an issue,the network is not that good ever since I changed it,could it be because of the type of blackberry I used.

    • You can still receive latest software update but the update might not be installed successfully because your device is rooted. you need to unroot your device or reload your OS.

  4. Thanks a million fold. I was able to generate and change my phones IMEI. It was so easy following your guide. Thanks. Although, I have small challenge, I decided to try out 1 week GLO BIS, but hours now it is still pending activation. Is there anything I should do? Thanks.

  5. Thanks i love this and i have successful change my imei without rooting my Infinix hot 2 thanks again admin, the question i want to ask is that is it only glo that it can work for? Please i need for details.

  6. Thanks for such a wonderful idea but pls permit me to ask you this. Have you tried to install an update (not OTA custom ROM) after tweaking your imei. Did u notice any change maybe restrictions from accessing some key features of our device? Your response is highly appreciated.

    • Your most welcome sir, Yes i have, I downloaded the stock rom and installed it via my pc. No need to worry, This doesnt affect any of your device features or functions.

  7. Tanx for the Info, I most grateful. But its not working on my Infinix Zero. Its showing “this command is not allowed in UserBuild”. Pls help..

  8. Larious, thanks
    a lot for the short tutorial but do I have to change
    GLO NG to GLO BIS and the APN to before it is activated and starts working. I will appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

  9. please I’m having trouble with my infinix hot 2 play store, I have been unable to login into the Account. it’s been writing “can’t establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary ,or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues,contact call care.

  10. Hallo larious…. .am from
    Nairobi Kenya . please I have four questions
    1. I have successfully changed my infinix imei to that of black
    berry ,I had earlier rooted my phone (infinix) .now I have
    clicked but it is showing me these
    icons “software” “enterprises” ” apps” ….etc
    where should I click please to set APN. thanks
    2. I have a blackberry -dual simcard and a
    memory card slot with 8mp camera. Kenyan
    government blocked those kinds of phone ,but
    some people managed to unlock their phones
    from phone repair-individual ,underground .but
    that time I was outside country. is any way I can
    unlock that Phone personally .is there any link I
    can follow? bcoz it seems its hard to get those
    people to unlock? thanks
    3. I have black berry phone from Vodafone. its
    doesn’t work with safaricom line in Kenya .is
    there way I can unlock it personally . ?
    4. why does my black berry blinks -red,green
    always without displaying on screen after pluging
    thanks a lot .pls reply me and may God almighty
    bless you.

    • Am sorry the settings here works only in Nigeria, it doesnt work in kenya. If you want to unlock your device, go to where they fix phones in kenya and let the phone technicians help you do all that. Thanks

  11. Hi, pls I need help on infinix hot 2. I have changed the imei to blackberry imei and also Apn to blackberry. net but can’t browse with it. Though my tarrif was not Glo bis, its just normal Glo data plan.
    Must it be on blackberry plan before someone can use it?
    Cos don’t know why it didn’t work. Thanks

  12. hi, i have an infinix hot 2 as well but i can’t input anything in the radio information section, meaning i cant change the imei, what do i do?

  13. hi.. i had already tweated my phone which is an infinix hot 2 and it worked perfectly well but for some reasons i had to rest my phone to factory setting and now am having problems tweaking my phone back to its bb imei again when i get to the point of radio connectivity and click on it , i dont see the option any longer for AT+ER again is there any how u could assit me in solving this issue ?

  14. Please I have an issue with my phone. It’s an infinix hot 2 but I can’t edit the idea for both sim 1 and 2. Once I click on phone 1 or phone 2,it brings out the Info but I can’t edit it. Is my phone fake?

      • Is there a way I can send you the screen grab of my phone showing that exact place. Maybe when you see it, you’ll understand fully what I am talking about.

          • Thanks so much. I have confirmed it’s due to the bug in the Marshmallow update. There is still no way to fix the imei yet, I’m trying to find a way to downgrade my ROM to lollipop( I havent found any way yet). The bugs in this marshmallow is killing me.


            Please if you know a way of downgrading, please send a link or summarise for me. I’ll be grateful, can’t keep on exhausting data like this.

  15. pls I have been using this app b4, b4 I formated my phone, now I have reinstall the app but not working, after putting the bb imei and then sent, it will tell me that, (this command is not allowed in userbuild), pls what’s the matter, bcos I have subscribed already pls help

  16. I bought infinix hot 2 from Jumia and they said I can subscribe #500 to get 1gb my changing my imei and I don’t know how to do it please help!

    • The 500N for 1gb with mtn is the promo package that came with buying the device. Changing your imei is totally another thing to use glo bis of N1400 for 3gb. Read the article for how to..

  17. One of the best blogs..kudos Mr Various.
    The problem I have is some people who haven’t used their glo lines on a blackberry always have problem of subscribing for the bb plan, the money is deducted first and then returned after 24 hrs that is the sub is rejected by glo…what’s your opinion on this? Thanks.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate sir. Once you have changed your android imei to bb you dont have any problem. The glo plan works. If your money was returned, its obvious your imei is not a bb imei…Check if you actually changed the imei to bb.

  18. Larious!!!! You are too much joor. I have change my imei will I know if Am using d 3gb ? And what code will I use to check d remaining data

  19. Comment: The IMEI one changes to, does glo recognize it & tell the type of blackberry it is?
    Also, does this work for other sim cards?
    Thank u so much for ur tutorial & quick responses, kudos!!!

    • Once you have changed the imei to blackberry, glo sees your android device as a blackberry device. You can also change your imei to bb10 imei to use airtel bis on it. Your welcome.

  20. I cnt change my imei on infinixx510,d the Atl is nt showing after clicking phone1 or 2 on the mtk,pls help,dis my number07065696621


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