Bypass Google Captcha With Captcha Solver – 3 Tools That Works In 2019

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Bypass Google Captcha With Captcha Solver – 3 Tools That Works In 2019 – It’s nothing more annoying than popping Captcha with every site or any other website interaction. 

Nowadays Google is pretty much-making life harder for everybody who cares about privacy.

If you block 3rd party scripts, use VPN and are logged out of Google Chrome account you are most likely dealing with Captcha on a daily basis. It’s even worse for Tor/Firefox users.

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Here are three tools Open Source tools that work with Firefox and Google Chrome and will help you bypass Captcha easily.


Buster is a browser program extension which causes you to settle troublesome captchas by finishing reCAPTCHA audio difficulties utilizing programmed speech recognition. Problems are comprehended by tapping on the extension button catch at the base of the reCAPTCHA widget.


Instead of selecting consecutive cells one by one, press the left mouse button and drag the pointer over the adjacent cells. Deselection also works by starting on an already selected cell.

When an internet challenge is solved correctly by a user, Privacy Pass will generate some random nonces that will be used as tokens. These tokens will be cryptographically blinded and then sent to the challenge provider.

Tips: if your Google Captcha is impossible to solve, try changing VPN server or provider


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