Casino Orbit: A Step-by-Step Guide Into Your Online Gambling Journey

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Many thought it was the end of the line for gambling when the pandemic hit the world in late December to early January. Many businesses, including casinos and other betting industries, have closed because of it after all, but little did they know it was its time to fully shine. 

According to this article, online gambling has grown and become the new norm for those itching to feel the thrill of a game with stakes. Its projected market value is a staggering amount of almost $103 billion come 2023, and the pandemic itself can be accounted for this outcome. 

With COVID-19’s research and vaccine studies substantial but not enough progress fast enough for the next 5 years, online gambling will claw its way up as one of the most expensive industries no sooner than 2023.

Because of the Quarantine imposed on almost every country today, depression and anxiety have become prevalent and rampant more than ever. Some people seek online therapy and other means such as medication and a quarantine buddy. Others—the ones who aren’t fortunate enough to have available help at their fingertips— find some sort of adrenaline rush in their system to combat this condition. This is where online gambling comes in. It is fast, easy to use, user-centric, and beginner-friendly.

Your First Steps To Virtual Gambling

  1. Search For The Right Casino

The first step to this journey is picking the right casino for you. Note that we suggest for you to find the right one, not the best one. This is because each online casino player has its own standard as to what is “best,” but there is only one standard to the right one. For example, a player will consider an online casino to be preferable if it has the games they prefer, like slot machines. More than one variety of this will label them the best in the bunch.

On the other hand, a player might not like an online casino solely because they have many other games except the one they prefer. This type of online casino might not be the “right” one in that regard, but there’s nothing wrong with said casino (unless it’s a shady business or a scam company).

Thus, as someone wanting to start playing online gambling—or a veteran looking to go with the times—choosing a casino with a lot of your favorite games is a must. You won’t be able to enjoy the experience if otherwise. But having the right games isn’t just what constitutes the right casino for you. You should also take note of these once you’re on the hunt:

  • Bonuses and rewards inside the app/website
  • A variety of deposit choices
  • The currency
  • If you’re using a mobile phone, consider the compatibility of the app and said phone.
  • Open to your country/state

Of course, this is up to your discretion regarding the player and user (mainly how much bonus and rewards your ideal app has to have). This is simply a general list to base your preferences on.

2. Start Your Account

Let’s say you’ve picked the casino that caters to your preferences perfectly. Before the fun starts, you need to open an account first. Go to the site’s website or the app and find the “join now” button or something along those lines. Some casinos, like casino utan svensk licens, make it easier for you and guide you thoroughly just as you enter their sites. Nevertheless, creating an account is imperative when you’re looking to start playing online.

Once clicked, you’ll be asked to enter your personal details. Keep in mind that these details need to be truthful and accurate lest you’ll have a possibility of losing all your winnings. The site or app will usually compare your ID information with the keyed-in information they have. If they don’t match, there’s a possibility of being unable to withdraw your winnings. They will ask you to pick a username and password, and in regards to the latter, we urge you to select a strong one. Although casino websites take precautions regarding their players’ personal information, it’s still important to pick a password that’s hard to guess and with several numbers and symbols.

3. Time To Deposit Money

The fun is almost there. Just one more step! Before you can play (except if you opt for free play games that don’t require any bets), you need to have your money on hand. Just like in brick-and-mortar establishments, you need chips to bet, or you can’t sit with other players on the table. What you need to do for depositing money is relatively easy.

casino games min
Assuming you’re logged in to your account, you need to search for a button saying “my account” and then pick “deposit.” If that isn’t applicable, find a button saying ”banking,” which will generally lead you to all things regarding your money, whether it be depositing or withdrawing, as well as your current amount. 

We should add that some casinos add a deposit bonus—like credits or free spins—that, according to this blog (, adds a better experience for players. The logic behind this is customer satisfaction and the normalization of such bonuses with other online casinos in competition against each other.

Once there, you’ll be given banking options, which you’ll need to key-in essential details in. For example, you need to put in your credit card’s card details if you plan on using one. Once this is done, you’ll have credits in your account to be used in all the games you’ll play in the app or website. 

4. Let The Games Begin!

This is the most awaited part of the article: the time you can actually play! Some websites have downloadable games or instant ones you can play in your browser. If it’s a mobile phone, all your needed games will be within the app.

Before you start playing, remember to review the rules of the game before going about it. Though the same restrictions apply in virtual casinos as it would a traditional one, there will be special rules that apps and websites will offer as a pop-up before playing. Don’t automatically close those thinking they’ll be ads!


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