Complete Review: WeatherBug App For All Android And iOS Users

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With the rise of natural disasters, it has become highly important to get early notifications about the weather condition. A good mobile app for your mobile is needed so that you can take precautionary measures before bad weather condition hits the region where you stay.

Smartphone weather apps and widgets are improving over the years. They provide detailed and accurate information about the climatic condition of different cities in the world. The WeatherBug app is an award-winning app available for iOS and Android users.

The weather app is packed with lots of interesting features like:

  • Longer forecast
  • Covering entire world
  • Providing severe weather alert
  • Informs wind speed and atmospheric pressure
  • Provides humidity rate, hourly forecast and visibility information
  • Provide radar image and include videos
  • Detect lightening and informs the risk of ice
  • Compatible with windows, android, and iOS.

The WeatherBug App for Android Users: Complete Review!

WeatherBug is a free app and provides fastest weather alert in real time. The forecast remains accurate, and you will be provided 18 weather maps and a 10-day forecast. The app provides information such as local temperature, local pressure, humid, wind, pollen, UV, local radar, perception and much more.

Millions of users have downloaded the app, and it is the longest-running weather app to keep you alert about the climatic condition. They have the largest professional grade weather stations in North America reporting real-time weather condition. You can customize the information to fit your needs.

If you are planning a trip, you can prepare ahead with the weather forecast. The sign-in option will allow Facebook or account login. They will show information for saved location so that you can add your favorite location. There is no limit on the number of areas to track.

The WeatherBug App for iOS Users: Complete Review!

The iPhone version allows you to track weather condition from different locations across the world. Once you pick the location, they will give you a detailed report on the current weather situation. An icon represents general weather conditions, and by tapping on the days, it will display mini-forecast for that day.

The main screen displays weather for three days, and the arrows allow you to search weather up to a week. iOS weather apps allow you to switch back and forth between locations you are searching for using arrows. The second button on the toolbar shows you the radar mode giving you a map of the location you have chosen, and this remains the coolest feature of the app.

 The camera is supposed to view the webcam from your location. The radar is easy to understand, and the program provides a key that tells what kind of weather app you are looking for. The application is compatible with any iPhone and iPod touch running iOS software.

You can download WeatherBug App from the app store. You may share information with your friends through social networks. It helps to avoid climate-related mishaps.

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