Do You Know The Difference Between An Inverter Vs Solar?

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Most of us do not know the main difference between an Inverter and a Solar Inverter system. In this article we would break everything down to your level of understanding so you end users can have an idea how this things work, their specifications, features and design.

AN INVERTER: is a system that consists of an INVERTER and BATTERY, such a system must have a power source of either PHCN (NEPA) or Generator set. When there a power supply from either of the above mentioned power sources, the inverter will store the energy from the source in to the battery ( process called -charging) and stores it as reserved energy (DC-power).

When the power supply from the source- PHCN/GEN goes off, the inverter changes mode and starts taking power from the reserved DC power in the battery and converts (inverts) it into AC power that is usable by your home appliances.

SOLAR POWER SYSTEM: This system is another power supply source which comes from Sun light (photons). With the help of photovoltaic (PV) cell or Solar panels you can use the light from the sun to charge your battery. Even without Generator or PHCN. But in day time. The system typically consist of, Solar panels, charge controller, inverter and BATTERY. So if you have an Inverter system you can as well upgrade it to solar inverter.

The need for you to know the difference between a solar inverter and just an ordinary inverter system is very important in deciding either to go for a solar inverter system or the normal inverter system. Furthermore, the solar inverter is an hybrid inverter system that uses both solar (Sun-light) and PHCN/GEN to power the system. While the ordinary inverter uses only the PHCN/GEN set as means of power source.

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I hope this article has given you the knowledge required to choose the right inverter. kindly drop your comment below.


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