Glo Blackberry 10 Plans That Works On Android

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blackberry q5Blackberry 10 devices, the q10, q5, z10, z30 are the top blackberry handset on the blackberry market with high demands from blackberry lovers. Glo introduce a blackberry 10 data plan that works on other devices including android and pc. You can also use blackberry 10 device mobile hotspot to connect other devices using your blackberry 10 data plan.  Below are various Blackberry 10 plans that also works on android and other devices.

Glo Blackberry 10 Plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 777 USSD Code
Max Month 3,000 3GB 30 Days maxmonth *777*13#
Max Week 1,050 700MB 7 Days maxweek *777*14#
Mid Month 1,400 2GB 30 Days midmonth *777*15#
Mid Week 600 500MB 7 Days midweek *777*16#
Lite Month 1000 200MB 30 Days litmonth *777*17#
Lite Week 400 50MB 7 Days litweek *777*18#


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4 thoughts on “Glo Blackberry 10 Plans That Works On Android”

  1. Hello, just stumbled into this glo blackberry 10 subscription that can also work on android. Please how reliable is this because i want to start using this for my samsung grand duos. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    • The BB10 device is also an android device, it uses data bundle plan and all BB10 plans can also work on android devices. There’s only slight changes in prices of the BB10 data plans and the normal internet plans.


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