Guide from Exam-Labs: Howto Pass Microsoft 98-366 Exam Using Only Practice Tests?

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Knowing that the application of networking knowledge and technologies will have immeasurable impacts on the IT industry, today and in the future, you must consider taking one of the Microsoft certifications. These are one of the most popular credentials both among the future specialists and their employers.

It is not a surprise for anybody because this company owns a huge percentage of the world’s software and hardware. That is why certified professionals with the ability to maintain these technologies are in high demand.

In this article, we would like to talk about one of the renowned credentials Microsoft has – Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). And especially we want to pay our and your attention to the Microsoft 98-366 dumps exam that you should pass to earn the certificate.

What is Microsoft 98-366?

After passing the Microsoft 98-366 exam, you will obtain the MTA credential in Networking Fundamentals. The test evaluates the candidate’s understanding of IP addressing, OSI model, wireless networking, routers, switches, and wide area and local area networks. This certification exam is more or less of the same caliber as the CompTIA Network+ test.

The Microsoft 98-366 exam that you need to pass consists of 40-60 questions of a multiple-choice type. Due to Microsoft policies, the exact number of questions is not mentioned. This is why you should not be startled by more than 60 questions that may occur during your test. All in all, you will be given 45 minutes to complete the whole test. To pass it successfully, you need to gain a passing score of 700 points or more. The maximum points you can get is 1000. The minimum is 100.

The exam is available in English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. And the fee you should pay is $127. The price can change due to your residence.

What are Main Topics of Microsoft 98-366?

The Microsoft 98-366 certification exam is typically divided into 3 broad subjects listed below:

  1. Understanding Network Infrastructures – 30-35%,
  2. Understanding Network Hardware – 20-25%,
  3. Understanding Protocols and Services – 40-45%.

The percentage you see determines the size of each topic in the questions. Particularly the half of the questions will evaluate your understanding of IPv4 & IPv6, including its usage, subnetting, configuration, gateway, ports, and so on and so forth. You also need to understand names resolution along with WINS, DNS, resource records, HOSTS file, etc. Understanding of the OSI model, networking services, and TCP/IP is also important in this part of the test.

The other half of the exam questions cover the first two subjects. Thus, you should know the concepts of the Internet, intranet & extranet; understand wireless networks together with LANs & WANs. And have knowledge of access methods and network topologies. All the network hardware with routers, switches, and media types is also one of the themes that you can run into while taking the test.

What Preparation Hints Can You Use for Microsoft 98-366?

To be able to add the Microsoft MTA certification to your resume, you must take and clear the associated exam. Just like anything worthwhile, passing Microsoft 98-366 and becoming an MTA certified professional is not easy. You will have to work very hard for you to achieve at least the passing score. But how, you may ask, should you organize yourself so that you can complete this test on your first try? Well, this is the right question.

If you visit the official Microsoft website, you will be able to access official study materials that you can use to prepare for the exam. Armed with all the stuff available at the Microsoft platform, you will be better positioned to study in the right way and clear your test with flying colors. Microsoft also provides the candidates with additional practice tests and a well-versed community of users who are willing to help future test takers with their preparation process.

With these study materials, a helpful community, and the right information, you are obviously in good hands. When it comes to any Microsoft certification exam, there is nothing like too much practice. In fact, you should practice as much as you can during the preparation days as this will help you become familiar with the exam questions. It will also help you build self-confidence so that you can face your Microsoft 98-366 certification test without being anxious.

In addition to the study resources that Microsoft makes available for its students, you can additionally or alternatively rely on extra sources for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. There are equally helpful and verified study materials at the Exam-Labs website that you can use in addition to those you have gotten from Microsoft.

Practice tests, braindumps, and many other useful resources for the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam are readily available. For those candidates who are visual learners, or for those who, so to say, prefer visual learning, Exam-Labs offer interesting and easy-to-understand video tutorials to help them with their prep process.

Having the materials from both platforms will lead you to the immediate success, in case you dedicate yourself to the period of your preparation with great deliberation. The more knowledge and skills you absorb, the less painful it will be during the actual exam.


The Microsoft 98-366 certification exam is a highly ranked test in the IT sector. By clearing this exam, you will earn your Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification – an IT credential that will make your resume very powerful. The employers will consider you the first for the position they offer in the endless line of contestants. To ensure success in Microsoft 98-366, we recommend authorized hands-on experience, mock tests, and reliable training courses.

Show yourself as a valuable IT professional and open a door to new opportunities bypassing this certification exam today.By following the Microsoft 98-366 exam practice process and preparation tips described above, you will definitely be on the right road to success in your test.


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