How to buy used phones wisely in Nigeria?

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With the change of people’s consumption concept, more and more people begin to consider buying affordable used mobile phones. 

But Nigeria’s used mobile phone trade is not yet mature, how to choose a suitable and good quality of used mobile phones, and to prevent being cheated? Today, let’s briefly introduce the precautions for wisely purchase of used mobile phones in Nigeria.

Choose well-known brands

There is no denying that the probability of problems in used mobile phones is much higher than that of new mobile phones. Once the mobile phone needs maintenance, the accessories of well-known brands are easy to buy, convenient to maintain, and the price is appropriate. In addition, it will be easy if you need to resell it in the future.

Check communication status

Insert the cell phone card to see if there is a signal, then dial the phone to test whether the call signal is normal, call another cell phone, listen to the call quality, whether there is noise and so on.

Check the WI-FI network

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There are often have some problems with the WI-FI function of used mobile phones. Before testing, make sure that the device is connected to the router and that the WIFI can be used normally, and then try to play for half an hour to see if it will be disconnected. If there is a disconnection, try to replace another router. If this is still the case after the change, then there is something wrong with the wifi function of this phone.

Check the camera and photo function

After the front and rear cameras of the phone are wiped clean, observe whether there is any gray in the lens, and then turn on the camera function of the phone to take pictures to see if the photos are clear on the screen, and whether there is any jitter or jamming in the shooting process.

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Check the screen

Press and hold one of the application icons on the screen, pull to each position around the screen, and test it several times. If there is a card screen or the icon suddenly jumps back to its original position, there is something wrong with the screen. 

Also, check whether there are bright spots or dark spots or Apple tablet screens on the screen. You can download a pure white and a pure black picture in advance on your phone, open them and check them, or you can shoot a pure white background against the white wall for testing.

Check the sensing function

For the used mobile phones that support fingerprint buttons, you should enter fingerprints to see if there is any problem and whether they can be unlocked normally; for used phones that support face unlocking, set the face ID to see if there is a problem. 

This is the important one that needs to be carefully checked in the sensing function, after all, it has something to do with your own private security.

Buy from regular and guaranteed channels

Buy informal channels, such as mobile phone brand stores, online trading platforms and so on. Because there are formal procedures for purchasing machines in these places, there will be no other trouble. To buy a good used phone in Lagos, what you need first is to choose a safe and reliable online trading platform with a variety of options. The online platform can compare goods with others, allowing you to buy the most affordable used phones. 

Yeebia, a website fully takes into account the actual needs of Nigeria, providing a secure platform for users to make online transactions. It mainly promotes used-mobiles/cars, rent houses and so on, popular models are all available, you can easily find the most suitable used phones for you on the home page of it.  

Most important of all, on Yeebia, users can communicate with sellers directly and avoid misunderstandings. The whole process of transactions is easy to apply.


Check the battery life of the mobile phone

Finally, use this used phone for a long time with high frequency to see if it can easily become hot, resulting in a red screen, blue screen, crash, automatic shutdown, and so on. If not, there is basically no problem with this used phone.


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