How To Track Someone With DOX Tool And Get All Information

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How To Track Someone With DOX Tool And Get All Information about a person – Get the name of your victim and start tracking them online.

Mostly you know the first name of your victim, to find their full name and usernames Search social networking websites like –

The above are some trendy websites that the person you want to dox would definitely have an account on.

SO now when you get the full name of the victim, and their usernames go to sites like –
http://www.findermin…search-engines/ (UK) (UK) (UK) (UK) (Denmark)

Home (UK)

Usually, the sites above will give exciting results. NOTE – some sites maybe not working or Country specific.

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From the sites above, you can go to victims profiles and get their quite a lot of interesting information that should be private. Like for example, you get their email go to –

To check whether their email is affected in data breaches, if yes then to get the password s of the email you have to spend a little bit of money but it will be so worth it!-

These are the two websites which will definitely return results IF the Email is affected by some breach attacks.


If you don’t want to spend money you can download the 44 GB of Collection #1 for free from anywhere on the internet and use the tool – to get the results. It will be some pain to download the file but definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend money.

Though most likely your victim will not have a police record you can check it on –

Now let’s say you find their Instagram/facebook/twitter etc. Create an account with Hot girl photos if doxing a boy and Some handsome men photos if doxing a girl. See their posts, reply to that a start kind of talking to them like in comments – You look beautiful, girl! You get the idea. Now private message them start talking to them and become their online best friend it will take some time 2-3 weeks maybe 1-2 months, but they will talk to you. Doxing becomes easy when you know the person personly.

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Trick them into clicking the link of some IP loggers like – If the victim uses Tinder then. it’s damn easy to get the private information

Get more information 

If the victim goes to school search [first name][last name]+school/college name, you will get quite some information about the person, their photos from school if participated in some activity, and sometimes you can also get their admission details.

Now you will get enough information to Impress them if the victim is your crush or create a wordlist for brute-forcing their emails.


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