How your Phone can Become A Mouse

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Technology keeps getting better on a daily basis. Various devices performing different incredible functions have appeared in the market and more puzzling ones are on the way. Now you can decide not to buy a mouse to navigate the cursor on your PC or Mac.However, since smartphones are very versatile, it replace a mouse.  Want to know how?, Africa’s No 1 Online Hotel Booking Portal outline steps on how you can use your smartphone as a mouse.

Download Remote Mouse

Download remote mouse for android, iPhone, windows phone as well as Mac and Windows Pc.  Without the remote mouse on your phone and PC, the mouse idea will never work out. You either download the free version or the paid version.

Run the Application

After, downloading the application; install it on both devices (PC and smartphone). Just follow the instructions on the menu that pops up. Installation is not difficult.

Link both devices using Wi-Fi

This is the second key features required. Without data connection; you can’t use your smartphone as a mouse. Both devices may probably automatically connect that is if you have a working internet connection. If this doesn’t happen automatically, you can use Wi-Fi or Hot spot to connect both devices by entering a password that match.

Open the App and click on start

Open the application and click on the start button. You are good to go!

Your smartphone mouse is ready!

You can now use your smartphone as a mouse. However, make sure that you place it on a smooth pad so that it wouldn’t look rough after every use.


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