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Since the birth of technology and all the innovations, it became easier for businesses to manage, advertise, and process everything. Because of the variety of needs of different companies, another industry was born – custom software development. 

Imagine how fast-food restaurants would manage if their cashiers and inventory are manually done. How would hotels keep records of their guests, check-in, check out, and reservations; How would banks manage their clients’ data and bank account; How would BPO companies work with their clients and customers?  This is how essential a computer is. 

Now, talking about software, not all are applicable in any business. It always depends on the needs of the company. This is why there are companies that offer one that caters to your specific niche. Get to know more about this below. 

Know First What Custom Software Development Is

Custom software development is different from a commercial one. As the name implies, it is created, developed, and designed depending on the client’s needs, unlike the commercial type that is marketed and distributed for advertising purposes. It is also referred to as bespoke software. 

Brief History 

We all know that the first computer was created in the early 19th century, the Difference Engine made by Charles Babbage. It emerged in the 20th century as an analytical engine, which was considered the original custom software. You can program the machine to calculate several numbers using punch cards, and the result could be printed. The software’s written in punch cards became a success, which led to the popularity of software development (read more).


Custom Software Development Company

Now that you already have an idea of what goes into it and read a little history, let us now discuss more about a company that develops custom software.

As the popular quote says, “one size does not fit all.” It means not a single thing is going to work perfectly fine with everything. This is why bespoke was developed – to cater to the specific needs of businesses for a “perfect fit.” 

Huge companies already have their team for program development such as this and any task related to it. However, for smaller companies who need to maintain, upgrade, fix, or anything concerning their software, it is recommended that they get a third-party provider for custom software development needs. This is also applicable to companies who just started and need bespoke software. 

Contrasting bespoke software to commercial ones, it is fully customized. This means it entirely gives you the exact thing you need – a bullseye! It will also help you not waste your money or anything on something that you do not need. Unlike when hiring commercial ones that you may use some features but others you cannot, and still you have to pay for the whole thing. This is, of course, applicable to small companies who don’t need many programs.

As for hiring a third-party provider, you get lifelong support from them. They will take care of your system and make sure it is well-maintained. If there is a need for trouble-shooting, you may always call on them for assistance. 

How To Choose The Right Company?

If you decide to hire a third-party provider that specializes in this area, you have to choose the right one. Following are some tips you may employ:

  • Check The Internet

If you are not accustomed yet to the companies you can choose from, search for a list of companies in your area so you can check each of them.

  • Check The Company’s Website

Now that you got the list check on them one by one. Check their website for you to know their profile, services, background, history, price, etc. By checking the website, you may also be able to read some reviews or comments on their services. Also, look at the ratings. A company with good ratings and reviews could be a good company, while low ratings and reviews reflect inferior products and services. 

  • Ask Around

If they are a good company, for sure people would know. You ask around if they have companies to recommend for the job. Make sure also you are asking someone credible to give a recommendation. Examples are suggestions from successful business people. 

  • Talk To Them

If you checked everything and you’re down to your top 3, you may talk to each company’s representatives for you to know them more. You may also ask them to prepare a proposal and quotation for the things you need. 

For the question, “is there a need for services like this in my business?” The answer solely depends on you and your need. Identify your need; then, you can determine if your team could do it or if commercial software is okay. If none of the two, then you probably need the services of a company providing customized software—there are plenty of benefits (link:


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