MTN Free Unlimited Browsing And Downloads Via Operamini For Android & PC

Last Updated on June 28, 2015 by Larious

MTN-logoMTN is currently browsing and downloading free with no actual credit using the Operamini browser and settings. Based on my findings online i discovered is in partnership with the Mtn network in providing a massive one million days of internet for subscribers on MTN between June 18 and July 10, 2015. Read: Free MTN Unlimited Browsing And Downloads On PC Via Simple Server

MTN users will be able to activate their free day of internet once during this time period and will be able to browse all websites using Opera Mini.

I actually heard about the operamini trick online and decided to give it try, to my greatest surprise it did work well and i would be sharing with you all the steps by steps approach to also enable you too enjoy this.

Lets get started,

The simple server is just an awesome application which has really been very helpful in terms of free affordable internet connection. Below i used the simple server version 2.0.2 to rock my Samsung s4 device, browsing and downloading unlimited with all my apps working.

  • First you need to have the simple server version 2.0.2 installed on your android device. If you don’t already have it, you can download it Here
  • After downloading the simple server version 2.0.2 on your android or pc, You need to extract the simple server version 2.0.2 apk file from the folder using Winrar or any extracting apps of your choice like the winrar app or so.
  • Now Install the simple server version 2.0.2 apk on your android
  • After installing the simple server, the simple server app is already pre configured for the bb10 bis plan.

You need to configure your android device, Create a new Access point on your android with the settings below as it is shown in the screenshot below:

  • APN:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

Save and enable this Access point for all your connection.

  •  Now launch your simple server, all you need to change is just:
  • Injection Query/Url:
  • Injection Host:
  • Log level: Debug

Screenshot_2015-06-26-10-52-04 Screenshot_2015-06-26-10-50-09

  • Now launch the simple server version 2.0.2, Click on start and feel the joy of simple server rocking with the operamini settings.
  •  Download Autoproxy App for Android: This app is just awesome and very important because it actually makes the simple server connection stable and allow all apps run well with the simple server even your BBM  connects well and pictures showing.

Download Autoproxy Here

  • After downloading the autoproxy on your android , You need to extract the autoproxy apk file from the folder using Winrar or any extracting apps of your choice.
  • Now Install the autoproxy apk on your android

See the settings below:



  • Now Connect your simple server and also launch the autoproxy to enable stable connection. If you notice its slow or refuses to connect, simply disconnect and reconnect the simple server.

This allows all your apps to work with the simple server using the operamini settings. I actually  skype, downloads, upload pics on Instagram, BBM, and others.

See Screenshots Below:



Using the Simple server on PC with the Operamini Settings

Open Simpleserver.ini file of your simple server on your pc and configure the settings
like this
LHOST = ‘’
PHOST = ‘’
KEEP = ”
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ‘’
CUSHDR0 = ‘Proxy’
SBUFF = 1024

Save the file and RUN simpleserver.exe

After all have said and done above, you can enjoy the blazing speed of using the Operamini settings on your android.

Am actually posting this article using the N70 BBLITED BB10 data plan via the X181 app on my Pc which downloads up to 5Gb for 24hrs 😀

68 thoughts on “MTN Free Unlimited Browsing And Downloads Via Operamini For Android & PC”

  1. Please Mr Larious, on my tecno g9 the simple server apk file refused to open after installing it. It is showing “unfortunately simpleAndriodServer has stopped” please what do I do?

  2. I have restarted it several times but it is not still working. I haven’t used it at all. It is still showing the same error.

    • Yes the simple server always shows that particular error message. I always see it, but i just disconnect and reconnects. it works great. Am still using it as of this very moment. If it still doesnt work for you, am sorry i can’t help you.

  3. My oga, pls I need help with d hsdpa modem I bought today. I tried using mtn simple server on my laptop and it worked BUT d modem disconnects after a minute. It won’t connect again until I unplug it and plug d modem back again after which it will connect for anoda minute again, then it disconnect.
    I have also tried using it on my desktop pc but still same problem

    Abeg I need urgent solution.

  4. Thanx bro 4d thread! Iv bin using dis on my pc 4somtimes nw without any issue Bt since yesterday, iv not been able to browse cuz simple server would not connect tru. It shows “connection:close” . All softwars wuldnt connect.
    Is it still working dr wt u? Pls reply asap. Thanx

  5. I dont know what happened but since thur my phone stopped browsing using simple server tho it worked well on wed. Any help its even connecting to 3g nd i subscribed for the monthly plan. Pls reply asap

  6. Ooops no 1 told me that but will it still work and hw can i resubscribe cause when i tried to mtn said my bb plan is still on

  7. I am having a problem whereby my modem disconnects after downloading for a while (MTN modem) this happens whenever the modem speed clock over 2mbps. I have to be present when downloading so as to reconnect it and this can be very frustrating. Any help from you on this problem.

    • We are all currently facing the same issue, its not only you sir. if any new development comes up would inform you guys about it. But for now you just have to be present when downloading so you can reconnect.

  8. y Is it that anytime I want to connect my auto proxy with simple server it will be showing cannot resolve hostname 127:0:0:1 ? y

  9. Hi Mr larious gr8 work u are doing here. pls I wanna know if d bb10 plan u r talking about is bblite or the former bb10 that was browsing unlimited and can they work with ss of operamini settings. thanks

  10. hey! I am muluken from ethiopia please tall me if you have any trick to use free mobile 3g network internet my network ìs ethmtn.


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