How To Transfer MTN, GLO, Etisalat And Airtel Airtime

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Nigerian-networksThe transfer of network credits in forms of airtime is still very much in use and quite handy when the need arises. Airtime recharge is a necessity to communicate and survive in the current world of today. Mostly all we do with our mobile phones, tablets, computers all involves making use of network airtime to function and actively used for internet subscriptions, making callings, sending text messages and other.

The level of credit transfer and airtime recharge has even been implemented by various banks, independent marketers like the quickteller, also individuals buying recharge card pins and printing and selling to others.

Have you ever being in a situation whereby you badly urgently need airtime and you discover where you are presently they don’t sell airtime around, what would you do?

  •  If your smart and well informed you must have heard about various banks which now enable the service of recharging your mobile network number with only the particular number you registered with the bank. You simply dial some ussd codes and vola your network number has been recharged with credit. I currently know of Gtb bank, First bank, Access bank which has this service for their customers.
  •  Or you quickly access the internet and visit quickteller website, click on top up recharge and input your number and amount, also link your Atm card via quickteller to help enable quickteller transfer the credit using your money in your account for payment, the service is completely free. Alternatively you visit the nearest Atm machine and use the Quickteller service.
  • But what if all the options above isnt available what would you do then?

Lets go straight to the main article; How to transfer credit from different networks providers like: Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel.

GSM Networks

 How To Set Up MTN Nigeria Share And Sell
MTN Nigeria Share and Sell is protected by a default PIN of 0000. Its recommended you quickly change the default pin to prevent unwanted use by a third party, eg friends, brothers.

Changing Your MTN Share And Sell PIN
This involves sending an SMS command to 777 . The SMS should be in this format: Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN, and sent to 777.  For example to change your default pin to new pin 4190, the new pin must be 4 digits. compose a text like this, 0000 4190 4190 and send it to 777.

Or You can also change your PIN using USSD like this: Dial *600*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# Send/Ok, for example, *600*0000*4190*4190# Send/Ok. When the default PIN has been changed to a new PIN, you will receive a message informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.

Transferring Credit On MTN Network
MTN Share and Sell SMS command code looks like this:

Transfer [space] MTN Number [space] Amount [space] PIN. For example, to transfer N200 to a subscriber 08039292419 while your new password is 4190, compose a text message “Transfer 08039292419 200 4190 and send to 777. Within seconds, you should receive a notification prompting you to confirm the transaction. Send the word, Yes to 777 to confirm the transfer.

You can also transfer credit using USSD like this: Dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#, for example, *600*08039292419*200*4190#. When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful. You can transfer a minimum of N50 and a maximum of N6,000 per transaction. Cumulative amount of N50,000 per day is applicable.

How To Use Glo Easyshare

Firstly Setting Up A New Glo Easyshare Password
The default Glo Easyshare password is 00000. Changing your password is highly recommended to prevent unauthorized use and helps to initiate the process. To change your password, execute the USSD command, *132*00000*New Password*New Password# Send/Ok. If you want to change your password to 41900, for example, input *132*00000*41900*41900# and press the Send or Ok button. You will be informed that your password change was successful.

Transferring Credit On Glo Network
To transfer airtime, use the USSD command, *131*Glo Number*Airtime Amount*Password# Send/Ok. Glo number represents the beneficiary Glo subscriber number. Example: To send N200 to subscriber 08059292419, input *131*8059292419*200*41900# and send, remember your password is 41900.

NOTE:  The minimum amount is N50, and the maximum amount is N1000. You are allow from transfers daily

How to Step Up Airtel Me2U
The default PIN is 1234. I recommend changing your PIN/password to avoid unauthorized transfer of airtime from your account.

Changing Your Airtel Me2U PIN
You will be required to send an SMS command to 432 to have your Me2U password changed. To change your password, send the SMS command, PIN [space] 1234 [space] New Password to 432. Your composed text should have this form: PIN 1234 7892. 1234 is your default password. 4190 is the new password you want to change to. After sending PIN 1234 4190 to 432, you may receive a notification that goes this way: “You new password is 4190.”

Transferring Credit on Airtel Network
To transfer airtime, send an SMS command in the following format:

2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432. Assuming you want to transfer N200 worth of airtime to 08029292419, SMS 2u 08029292419 200 4190 to 432, where 4190 is your new password. The Airtel beneficiary will receive a notification that their account has been credited with the relevant amount of airtime from your number. You will also be alerted to the success of the transfer. You may be charged you N10 per transfer.

Etisalat Easy Airtime Transfer Service
Etisalat Easy Airtime Transfer allows subscribers on the Etisalat network to electronically transfer airtime from the existing credit on their prepaid account to another prepaid account.

Setting Up The Etisalat Easy Airtime Transfer Service
Activation involves executing an USSD command. The default password is 0000. However, to change yours, dial: *247*0000*New Password# Send/Ok. For example, to change your PIN to 4190, input *247*0000*4190# Send/Ok. This password is also used to protect your transactions and special services such as call barring.

How to Transfer Credit on Etisalat Network
To transfer credit on Etisalat the easy way, use the USSD command, *223*Password*Amount*Phone Number#. To transfer N200, for example, to subscriber 08099292419, input *223*4190*200*08099292419# and press Send or Ok. Note that you must have at least 10 Naira balance remaining after subtracting the amount you wish to transfer for the credit transfer to work.

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