Free MTN Unlimited Browsing And Downloads On PC Via Simple Server

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ss11For a while now we all have been rocking the free Mtn unlimited browsing and downloads using the operamini settings tweaking with other third party applications to ensure free flow of unlimited stable connection on the Android and PC.

Read MTN Free Unlimited Browsing And Downloads Via Operamini For Android & PC

I particularly composed this article because i believe there’s no great joy in browsing and downloading for absolutely free of charge which is a cashless way to enjoy unlimited downloads and surfing. I actually preferred this to the BBLITED Bis of N70 and the likes which still requires little bit of cash…I love free sturvs 😀 who doesn’t love free sturvs? How do you feel when someone just give you a gift? 😀

Using the Mtn operamini settings tweaking it with the simple server and downloading with Idm is indeed awesome with unlimited downloads.

Lets get started on How to use Simple server On Pc for free unlimited browsing and downloads:

  • Firstly you need to download the simple server on your PC. You can download it Here
  • Open Simple server.ini and see the settings below which has been already configured with the file you downloaded.

LHOST = ‘’
PHOST = ‘’
KEEP = ”
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ‘’
CUSHDR0 = ‘Proxy’
SBUFF = 1024

Save the file and RUN simpleserver.exe

  • The simple server is already pre-configured with the operamini settings, you only need to download and extract the file on your PC and run the application.


  • Configure your browsers with manual proxy settings: Proxy: Port:8080
  • Now connect your modem using the Mtn Apn and launch the simple server application and let it connects and get ignite with unlimited speed.


The speed of using the Operamini settings + simple server + IDM is indeed awesome. So Hurry and enjoy the benefits while it still last, because i really don’t know how long this trick would be around.


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29 thoughts on “Free MTN Unlimited Browsing And Downloads On PC Via Simple Server”

  1. Pls, am I going to subscribe to the BBLITED before using the cheat on my Android phone? Also, how do I unlock my Etisalat modem to be able to use MTN sim on it? Thanks in anticipation of your useful response.


    • You dont need to subscribe to the bblited before you use this trick, read the article well. you can unlock any etisalat modem using dc unlocker tool.

  2. Gratitude Mr Lotech guru but Where do I download a working idm… For a simple one click installation? Care to provide a link for me?

  3. i try it but it does”nt work on my laptop i downloaded the simple server extracted it and configured the opera yet it din”t work

  4. Larious, please it seems like it is not working again, i used mine on sunday but since then it is not working. all it shows in the simple server is connection error. i use a PC

  5. Thanks for this priceless article Larious. I have followed your instructions but mine didn’t work. It would always display “connection error” on the SimpleServer.exe. Do I have to save the “Simple server.ini” or copy the notepad and paste it on my desktop or somewhere else? Is there any other configuration I should make on my browser (I am using morzilla firfox and google chrome) aside and port 8080? Or do i have to configure my MTN Moderm? The details on the MTN Moderm is as follows:

    Config name: MTN HSPA
    Dial number: *99#
    APN address:
    Username: web
    Password: web

    What do I do? Thanking you in advance.

    • Your most welcome, Your settings and connections are correct. currently this trick is not working on PC.. but still blazing on androids.

  6. I totally understand what you going through, This trick does’t work on secured login sites. you need to use a legit internet subscription to be able to login to secured websites. don’t waste your time trying to make this trick open secured sites. Thanks

  7. Hey bro. nice work your doing.
    i really appreciate your posts they were helpful.
    Im kindof having problem with the operamini tweak,it worked. but i cant download with.

  8. the setting still works on my PC, but not with a modem connected to the PC, from your phone that’s has the simple server and auroproxy configuration, turn on your hot-spot and connect to your PC, then open your simple server on your PC which has the server4.operamin on you PC, an there you go

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