NYSC Orientation Camp Hosting The Batch C Stream II

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nysc1Prospective corps members in batch c stream II will be deployed to some specific states, Nysc effort to ensure adequate mobilisation of qualified candidates of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has approved and restricted the hosting of the Stream II Orientation Course for Batch ‘C’ 2014 to some specific states below.

The scheme indicated that Abia, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Kwara, Oyo, Rivers, Lagos and Osun states have been approved to host the stream II. In a statement made available to Nigerian Tribune and signed by the scheme’s management, the orientation course is set to commence November 26 and end on December 15, as indicated in the Call-Up Letter of prospective Corp members.
The scheme also maintained that orientation courses in Adamawa, Borno, Gombe and Yobe states will commence the same time as scheduled.

NOTE: Those posted to Adamawa, Borno, Gombe and Yobe, to my understanding, The Federal Government in May 2014 declared State of emergency in those states, Yet Nysc still deployed  corps members there. am yet to understand why?

The statement reads; “In order to ensure that all qualified candidates are mobilised for National Service, the NYSC Management has approved and restricted the hosting of the Stream II Orientation Course for Batch ‘C’ 2014.
“Only the following states will now host the Stream II: Abia, FCT, Kwara, Oyo, Rivers in addition to Lagos and Osun states. All
Prospective corps members deployed to the aforementioned states should please note that their orientation course will commence on Wednesday, November 26 and end on Monday, December 15 as indicated on their Call-Up Letter.

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  1. Yes you would be redeployed back to ogun state, The ogun state orientation camp can’t take the whole stream 2 corps members, so Nysc moved the camp to Kwara orientation camp. After your 21 days in kwara camp, You would be redeployed back to ogun state for your PPA!!

  2. Pls I was posted to Ogun state at first, and I got a msg that the orientation is in Kwara and then there was a change in my call up letter before printing.

  3. Pls since its just those state mentioned above for the stream 2 will partake in the orientation camp wat about nasawara??was posted to borno but in my letter it’s was nasawara for my camping. Hope it will still hold?thanks.


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