See The World’s Smallest SanDisk 1TB USB Type-C Flash Drive

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Are you tired of carrying around bulky external HDDs, especially if you have more than one to store important work data? Well, SanDisk, wants to make room in your bag as it unveiled a prototype USB Type-C flash drive that can hold up to 1TB of data at CES 2018. And pictured below, the drive is diminutive in comparison to the smallest 1TB external HDD.

sandisk 1tb pendrive

While Kingston still holds the crown for producing the flash drive with the largest storage, SanDisk’s drive is the smallest for 1TB storage. In comparison, the larger Kingston drive has a 2TB capacity.

SanDisk’s miniature flash drive is just a prototype, which is working just fine according to those who could test it. However, there’s no info on the price and availability of this attractive USB-C flash drive at the moment. But it is safe to assume it would be in the $350-$400 price range.

SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB Flash Drive

In addition to the smallest 1TB USB flash drive, which won’t find its way to the consumers anytime soon, the company has also launched SanDisk Ultra Fit, the smallest 256GB USB flash drive.

sandisk 256GB

The tiny flash drive can hold up to 14,000 photos, 10 hours of full HD video and 16,000 songs, with 64GB still remaining for files. It will provide you with lightning fast transfer speeds, thanks to the USB 3.1 standard.

This could really come in handy for YouTube creators, who shoot videos on their phones. It could replace our external HDDs going forward, but losing a tiny flash drive is much simpler and it would hurt a lot both your content and pocket. So, you now have a miniature flash drive with huge storage space, what will you store in it? Share your thoughts down below.


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