Six Reasons To Use A Minimalist Wallet

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A minimalist wallet requires you to sacrifice some of the cards and IDs you carry with the billfold wallet. However, the designers make them for people who want to carry the essentials alone.

Even though the traditional billfold wallets come with standard cash slots, card slots, and coin pouches, they have limitations when it comes to the design part.

A minimalist wallet like Kinzd comes in many designs, styles, and materials. The main purpose is to reduce the size of the traditional wallets to something that you can carry easily. Here are the main reasons you should start carrying one.

– No lower back pain 

Sitting on the bulky wallet for extended periods will negatively affect your spine. That will result in discomfort and severe back pain in the long term. To avoid such issues, you just need a minimalist wallet because it will allow you to carry only what you need. Moreover, you do not have to place the wallet in your back pocket.

– Reduced chances of theft and loss 

Pickpockets and thieves love people who display their belongings. One of the items that they are always looking for is the huge back wallet. With a slim, low-profile wallet, you will manage to keep your documents and money safely in the front pocket. That will reduce the chances of theft and loss.

– Keep your pockets clutter-free 

You do not have to keep the expired membership cards, old receipts, and useless coins. After all, you are unlikely to use them during the day. A minimalist wallet will influence you to carry the essentials you will need alone. Your mind and pocket will remain de-cluttered throughout the day. Remember that you will have to figure out the items to carry before leaving your home, each day.

No bulging pockets 

A bulging pocket will look bad and affect your outfit adversely. Bulky billfolds are known to make unsightly bumps and will not only ruin your silhouette but will also stretch and wear the fabric. As a result, you will need to buy a pair of jeans or suits frequently. On the other hand, people will hardly notice a minimalist wallet. The wallet will also keep your pockets in their new look for many years.

– Go cashless 

People are now digitizing everything, from business cards to receipts. In fact, you can use your debit or credit card to make payments in most places and functions like Apple Pay are now common. Put differently, you do not have to carry a lot of items or cash on a daily basis. A minimalist wallet allows you to carry several bills between your cards if you would them. You do not have to worry about safety issues.

– Allows easier finding of cards 

It is hard to remember the remember of times you have found yourself digging through the old receipts and redundant cards in your billfold wallet desperately searching for the credit card you require to shop in a busy shop. Such situations are unlikely to occur with a minimalist wallet. The wallet allows you to carry only what you use and therefore your credit cards and IDs will be accessible.


Regardless of the style of wallet you want, the minimalist wallet should be your top choice. The wallets are becoming more popular and most brands are creating them. To get one, you do not have to break the bank. You can also find the best daily deals on dealsreddit.


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