Slot Nigeria Pricelists Of All BB1O Devices [Q10, Q5, Z3, Z10, Z30]

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Slot Nigeria is a well-known mobile phone dealer in the country. My focus is sharing their prices to help most of us who want to have an idea of how much a bb10 phone costs. so as to plan ahead or budget for your dream phone. Also to save you the stress of going to their offices, while you can just check the latest price on your mobile phone or pc.

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Below are the latest price lists of all bb10 phones: The latest prices would be updated every week.


Image result for Blackberry Q10 BLACK
Blackberry Q10 BLACK
BlackBerry Q5 BLACK
Image result for BLACKBERRY Z10
BlackBerry Z30
Image result for Blackberry Z3
Blackberry Z3
BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry Passport Black
BlackBerry Passport White

Blackberry Passport Silver Edition


Blackberry Leap


BlackBerry DTEK50


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  1. Hello please is it advisable to get the new bb z3 ..and i heard i won’t be able to use the normal bis plan..please can i know which plan i can use and how much??

  2. Yes i advise you get the new Z3, its cool and awesome if you are a touch screen lover, well that’s not true about Z3 not using BIS plans, The Z3 is going to use the normal BB10 plans and can also use the Glo BIS 1k for 3GB plan.

  3. Prices of the Blackberry Z3 varies from different dealers, Slot sells Z3 @ N38,500. Well you can also get it at a cheaper rate at other trusted dealers.Though i always recommend Slot.

  4. I don’t sell phones or do any exchange of phones..I only advice and share prices of phones. Thank You!!
    I can only advice you on exchanging your samsung galaxy grand duos for a Z3, which is not possible..The Z3 just came out and there’s no UK used of the Z3 available for now.

  5. Pls my bb bold 5 is off and can’t on bk and I tk it to sme ttechnicians and dey sey mayb d fone has expired and dt is how bold 5 does.pls wat cn I do

  6. Actually i totally understand your situation, because my old Bold 5 9900 has that same issue, the device just went cold, dead. even when plugged to a laptop, the system wont recognize the device. so i went to computer village ikeja, my tech guy told me that is actually how Bold 5 behaves, and he got alot of scrap bold 5 with the same issue. and the only way to restore the device is to change the panel which cost like #5K or so. i decided to sell the phone as a scrap and get a Bold 6 which is quite better than the bold 5. and it doesnt crash n dies like the bold 5. Hope i was of help tho? Dont mind my stories. Thank you.

  7. Y is it dt must ppl. Dt advertised on kaymu der phones r always Off, o mean d phone Nos dy put online. And even wen u wrote and clicking d pay on delivery dy will still ask u to send money b4 delivery is so frustrating

  8. Well, i have never order anything from kaymu so i don’t know much about them, but i recommend Jumia and Konga. I actually paid for a product on delivery with jumia, they brought the product to my house and i paid them. The issue is they always take time to delivery pay on delivery goods, but in the end its worth the wait.

  9. The Bold 5 panel is not just anything you can buy and fix yourself, Its the work of a Phone Technician, The Tech guy would purchase the panel for you and get it fixed. I actually don’t know anyone. But any trusted Phone Technician can do the job.

  10. The Q5 white price is quite higher than the Black, but in most cases their prices are the same regardless of the colour difference, and if its higher, it shouldn’t be more than a thousand or so.

  11. Yes it is available at all slots outlets in lagos and outside lagos. Though prices might just be a little higher. Also prices of phones at Slot outlets in Shoprite are quite higher than slots outlets.

  12. pls i want to buy a Q10 blackberry phone but my friend said i should buy a Z10 blackberry phone rather. pls which is better between a Q10 blackberry phone and a Z10 blackberry phone and why?

  13. You have to ask yourself these questions, Am i the physical qwerty type? or the Touchscreen type? The Q10 battery last longer than the Z10, Also the Q10 has Super Amoled screen while the Z10 is just an IPS LCD screen, For me i advice you get the Q10. The Q10 is also the most sold BB10 device in the world. So the choice is yours!!!

  14. You don’t compare the King of all BB10 to a subordinate, Its obvious the z30 is far superior to the z10, The z30 has the biggest screen size, also the strongest battery, sleek and smooth processes, doesn’t hang, The z30 is the King of all BB10 device!!

  15. I meant most of the Q10 of #42,500 comes in qwerty English and Arabic keyboard while those above from #45,000 are with pure English qwerty keyboard and more so can you show more prices of BB Q10.
    And is it advisable I buy it from online store like konga or Julia.

  16. Various qwerty keypads doesn’t affect prices of the device, and just because a device is more expensive doesn’t mean its pure English qwerty, The Q10 of N42,500 is Slot price and all slot devices are pure English qwerty!! Yes you can either buy from konga or jumia. But i advice you buy from Konga!! Thank You

  17. I recommend you get the Z3 if your a fan of all-touch device, But if you love your traditional qwerty keypads, get the Q5. The Q5 has a Mobile Hotspot.

  18. Pls can I still use normal bbc subscription on like bbz3. And will it still last till the last month or will it be exhausted before then?

  19. Larious you seem to be doing a good job. Am quite impressed at your concise responses. I hope you can help me too. Am trying to make a decision between buying a z10,q5 and a z3. I have used a Q10, enjoyed it thoroughly but not for long as it just went dead one day and I took it everywhere until slot pronounced it dead for good. So I am quite wary of a Q10. What’s your expert opinion ?

  20. Plz am about buying a bbz10 her and I’ll be travelln 2canada soon,plz will it work in canada or I will have to buy anoda bb there?

  21. I actually don’t know the present price of a new Z10 screen, but last time i was in Computer village ikeja, it was within the range of N10,000. The price also depends on the phone technician, Prices could be higher or lower.

  22. BlackBerry Z10(white) Brand New for sale.. U can contact M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ on 08067175800, a lower price

  23. I actually do not have an idea, but looking at the cost of a new z30, the screen practically wont be on the low side. i advice you contact a phone technician around or visit computer village ikeja.

  24. I am kinda interested in the blackberry Z3 but, I am not sure I can afford the new one now. Are u saying the Naija used or London used aint in the market?

  25. The Z3 is an awesome device though with great features and functions.The Z3 has uk used and nigerian used in the market. You can get them in computer village ikeja. or any trusted phone dealers around you.

  26. We spend huge sum of money buying this phones and at the end the language is its has expired or is keeps hanging or the screen is bad we also spend huge sum of money trying to fix it and if we can’t fix it we sell as scrap. Blackberry madness.

  27. Interesting conclusions.. Though have always advice getting the BB10 devices.Mostly the Q10 and Z3. Its far better than others. Well, smartphones has come to stay in this generation. we actually can’t do without them. Smartphone Madness!!

  28. How much is airtel BlackBerry 10 subz? Cos I have more of airtel services in my home and at my office cos am not enjoying my glo at all so I want to switch for good.

  29. I recommend you subscribe for the airtel 2GB for N1500. it works across all devices and quite affordable. Yeah, Wise choice, only you knows what suits and works for you most.

  30. hi mr larious, i wnt 2 knw d diferent in android vasion bbz10 n ordinary vassion bbz10 cos i learn is of two type.

  31. Hello Mr Larious, you have been able to convince me to go for the z3 as long as glo BIS works on it. Thanks alot.

  32. Such an interesting question to ask sir, You cannot compare a BB10 device to a BBOS device. The Z3 is far superior to the bold 5. The bb10 device doesnt hang or slows down your phone processes. Almost everyone is migrating to BB10 devices.

  33. My phone fell on a hard tiles and the screen went blank. Calls do enter but neither can I pick nor know who the caller is. Please what is the cost of replacing a Z30 blackberry screen?

  34. Oh oh, So so very sorry about that. I do not know of the certain cost of a new z30 screen. but its going to be expensive. it shouldnt be more than 10 to 15k.

  35. I can see we all have been talking about blackberry buh, I have a question on samsung. How much and where can I get a used samsung galaxy tab S 10.5. Any idea? I learnt the new one is about N120,000 I can’t affort that. Buh I am willing to spend a reasonable amount on the UK or USA used.

  36. Currently the Used Samsung galaxy tab S is 49k. While the Tab S 3G is 79k. You can get it in computer village ikeja shops. I do not have any contact with any phone dealer shops in computer village ikeja.

  37. Pls I will like to know the price of bb Q5 used and new? And advise on which one to buy either used or new.. Thanks

  38. Presently the new Q5 is 36k while the uk used is 27k. I advise you get the new if you’ve got the money.The difference isnt that much. Buying a Uk used phone depends on your pocket and your personal decision.

  39. pls ive misplaced my note 2 galaxy,pls how do i do phone tracking.or block it.i dont av phone tracking apps in it.

  40. So sorry about that, Well, franking speaking just forget the phone, even those so called tracking apps can’t get you back your phone. But you can block the device using the phone imei number.But don’t know much about that though.

  41. Please which one is BB10 bundle? I sent BBC to 21600 for subscription on bb10 and they sent me message to get bb10 bundle

  42. I really like the z30, if I’m to get the original and long lasting z30 and not the phone before on the 19th of April where should I buy it from? Slot, konga or jumia. And link me to the online shopping website. Thanks.

  43. You can buy the Z30 at any slot outlets or even on jumia or konga. Its all your decision to make. But i always prefer to pay in cash and get my goods. Instead of waiting for those online shopping company to deliver your goods, why dnt you just go and buy yourself at any slot outlets around you.

  44. The Z30 is much better. The Z3 is the compact-simple version of the Z30. The Z30 is the kings of BB10, But now we now have the Blackberry classic, passport all great bb10 devices.

  45. The Z30 is much better. The Z3 is the compact-simple version of the Z30. The Z30 is the king of BB10, But now we now have the Blackberry classic, passport which are all great bb10 devices.

  46. ..Hi larious, tumbz up to U.
    Pls ow much can i get a UK used balckberryz30…
    Also dos d blackberry10 devices has any connection or features wit Andriod devices? Cos pple normally call dem blackberryAndriod

  47. Yes, it works perfectly. I always recommend all bb10 users to use the glo 1k for 3gb on their device. The bb10 device works with both normal glo bis and android data.

  48. my daughter splashed water on the screen of my q10 and it stopped working…the touch sreen bt keypads are okay.pls how much does replacing another screen cost?

  49. i was planning to buy a z10 this week, but i just checked d prices and z10 and z3 are sold at d same price, which do you think is best and why? can d z3 battery be removed? pls reply asap, thanks a lot.

  50. Thanks so much, Appreciate.. Yes you can do video call on your q10 using the glo 1k for 3gb. The glo 1k for 3gb works on all BB10 devices.

  51. Currently Z10 price rose higher than the Z3, based on the fact the Z10 is getting more sales of recent. Well, to be sincere and frank, Both Z10 and Z3 are awesome bb10 devices, The Z3 battery is factory in built battery, it can’t be removed or replaced, that just the only drawback of the Z3. All the best

  52. Larious…..ure so great….been following ur blog eb it’s been helping me without ur consent….i just wanna tank u.
    Btw the bbz3 and Samsung galaxy note 2, which is more preferrabe??

  53. Really Appreciate, So glad i was of help..When your trying to compare the Z3 to the Note 2, you should know they are not in the same level. Th Samsung Note 2 is legend. It can’t be compared to the mere Z3. Just the features and functions of the Note 2 is enough to disqualify the Z3. But the only function of the Z3 that outshines the Note 2, is that the Z3 can use the Glo 1k bis for 3gb and internet subscription is affordable. So make your choice.

  54. Hi Larious, I’m not a fan of BB but a friend of mine got a Q10 recently and he’s been bombarding me with questions about this and that on it, just because he thinks I’m a guru in all types of phones. But tbh, I’m just a little knowledgable about some of these MTK-chip android devices and the symbians of old. Google made me stumble on your blog. Just want to say thanks for taking your time to help Nigerians. I can tell you are a good man as there are no shady deals here. By your fruits I’ve known you. More grace and grease to you. Your type is rare online in a country like ours. I enjoyed reading through this page. God bless.

  55. I really Appreciate you Mr Lawrence, you took your time to comment, So much Appreciate Much..Glad google directed you to the number one tech website in Nigeria. Your welcome…Always glad to help others..Helping others via tech is my calling…Amen 😀

  56. Am sorry i don’t fix phones, only share advises. Based on my friend’s experience, she got her new Z3 screen around 10-15k…prices may depend on where your fixing it…

  57. Hello thks for this creative help forum.. I wnt to ask a few questions. I av used a tecno m7 and latr a tecno R7, which were both stolen in benin. So since then i av been using a bb5 which is a dead phone i must confess, very dead. Hangs, always faulty, useless batt3, etc. I hate it with great passion… But now i want a phone, i’m thinking of android phone but data, i’m thinking of a bb10 buh efficiency and features. I need a phone i can have glo-bis on buh can also house my heavy games and most importantly my Music and Production Softwares, i’m a producer and a guitarist and i use alot of guitar and production android apps. Some mind developing games too, esp my race games… Now pls, if yu can help me with idea on good android phones tht i can use the glo bis imei thing on, i’ll be very glad. Or the best bb10 tht can handle android apps… cos i hear these new bb10 can hold a bit of andy apps. Am more confused on the set of androids tho. I’ll appreciate ur reply. Thks

  58. Pls any BBQ10 or Z10 for sale @ reasonable price should contact me via bbm on pin 28B3F9FA or holla me @ 08163022414… Pls serious sellers alone… ..

  59. Great site.! Thanks guys 4 d wondaful info here. actually wants 2 know if my tecno r7 that was lost 2days ago can be disabled for real using imei! has one done this b4. w

  60. Pls can glo 1k work on my new Z10 am about to buy? And pls if it do work send the the code on +2349096409342 Whatsapp or txt thankS and God bless yu

  61. Thanks, Really appreciate. You can’t disable a phone by just the imei number, theres more to that, if you even try to disable the imei, they can easily change it to another imei number.

  62. Hallo, my baby cracked the screen of my BlackBerry passport’s screen, I don’t know how dat happened cos I used a tempered glass guard on it….. do you know where I can fix it? Thanks.

  63. Oh so sorry about that, you can fix the screen at computer village ikeja lagos. The screen would be expensive…just narrow your mind. All the best

  64. Oh whaooo! You are awesome and your blog is da bomb! was just checking to price of a z30 to buy for my son when I stumbled on your blog. I abandoned every thing and have read questions and your answers to the last one. That’s how interesting and educative the blog is. To think you are not doing it for money is even more incredible. I believe and pray that as you pass on knowledge to others, that you receive even more yourself. Well done dude.

  65. Once an ipad doesn’t boot or comes up its likely its operating system has crashed or the device is bricked. Kindly go see a good phone technician to help you fix the problem.

  66. Hi Larious,

    I was only searching Google to compare between the BB10 phones when I found you and my oh my, you are just a phenomenal tech-blogger. You obviously know so much about what you are talking about, your site is beautiful to behold and you got me stuck till the end. Your responses are so concise and helpful. Thank you for offering a shoulder to lean.

  67. You are really doing a good job here, I took my time to read from the top to the bottom of this blog.
    My question now is dat, a lot of android phone are out there and I saw some and I love them, so one of my friend want to sells one Z10 for me for 20k. Should I go for Android phone or BBZ10 .
    Expecting ur reply sir. Bless U.

  68. You are really trying bRo how much is the price of blackberry q10 and. Does it. Supports etisalat bis?

  69. Thanks so much, such comments always ginger and inspire me. Appreciate sir. Your friend wants to sell his Z10 to you for 20k, the price is quite ok if the device is clean and in good condition, currently the uk used price for Z10 is 27k, so its a good deal. Well, trust me with android you have unlimited tweaks and tricks which is awesome. Also the BB10 is quite great. So its only you that really know what you need. I cant choose for you.

  70. Would you recommend a z30 or the blackberry classic and why? Also how much do they cost? Thanks alot

  71. Both the Z30 and the classic are great devices. deep down inside you, you know what you want. checkout the price section for their costs. Thanks

  72. Hi Larius, i have a bb z10 with a broken screen, everything works fine, just that the touchscreen isn’t responding, i feel its the flex that is the issue, i will like to have an idea of what it costs to fix it before taking it for repairs….will appreciate your response. Thanks

  73. So sorry about the broken screen, Your is broken so all touch screen functions can’t work until you change the screen component. Well, am not a phone technician and i really don’t know the latest recent price of a new screen for the Z10. Would only advise you, You might have to buy a new screen instead of just the flex, some Z10 broken screen requires a new screen to function properly. But a new screen shouldn’t be more than 10k to 15k at most.

  74. Hello. My Z10 stopped charging and i took it to a technician who flashed it. It started charging again only for it to pack up finally after a week. I left it in my closet for four months because i out of frustration went to get a Q5 which i replaced it with. Now,my Q5 is missing and i decided to repair the Z10. I went to the slot in Benin only to be told the fone is dead and can’t be fixed because i left the battery in it four that long. Is that true? Please, can it still be fixed?

  75. I am actually undecided on which to go for, the classic or the z30. Just felt with your wealth of knowledge you can give an objective comparison and your recommendation. Thanks.

  76. Well, Both the bb classic and z30 are one of the best blackberry device currently. To be sincere the bb classic is basically about the design which was an update of the bold 5 looks now implemented as a classic, The z30 is the best of both, with a much bigger screen, stronger battery, faster processor,the overall performance of the z30 outshines the classic. So i recommend the z30.

  77. so sorry about that, well to be sincere once a battery is left placed on phone for so long it might damage the phone, but i feel you should go give another phone technician to help you confirm that. if both are right then its dead for real. All the best.

  78. Am kinda confused on which bb10 phone to buy…..which 1 shuld I go 4 bbz3 bbz30 nd bb leap….pls reply asap.

  79. Well, seems you obviously love all touchscreen device, The Z3, Z30 and Leap are all touchscreen devices with almost the save features and functions. But in terms of battery life, faster processor and overall performance, The Z30 is the best i recommend. Thanks

  80. Great job I must say!!!! Read all d comments..will really like to knw d price of a uk used z30..thanks ur reply will be greatly appreciated

  81. Pls i need ur help! Nice comments on there… #bless u much.. Pls ow much can i get Q10 new and used ones???? And will u advce me to go for the uk used…. Cos i dont ve much presently… Thanks

  82. Both Z10 and the Z3 are cool bb10 devices but based on findings the Z3 is far better than the Z10, The Z10 is really old among other downturn of the device. The Z3 is actually recommended by me.

  83. Am indecisive abt a Q10 and an R7 tecno….cud u pls hlp me make a decision putting network bis in consideration…wich is better pls.

  84. I appreciate ur work, pls hlp me out,i`m so confused,my husband bought new q5 for me,dat same night,he bought it, I noticed the screen was about falling off,the ear piece too,is not clear when someone calls me,so I took it to a technician,d guy said he phone is Malaysia product,and he will repair it for 13k,but now I dnt knw if I shuld repair it for that 13k,or I shuld take it to a slot in Abuja here,or I shuld buy a new phone.i dnt just knw what to do.pls I need ur ans.

  85. please what subscribtion can I use for my ipad,dat will last for one month,i use airtel,but I dnt mind switching to a network dat I can get 3gb atleast for a month.

  86. Well,frankly a new Q5 price ranges between 38 to 39k. So fixing a new device you’ve not even used and the device has not even worked for the money they got it for, i recommend you try another technician or probably try slot at abuja, am sure they cnt fix it for that 13k. Most phone technicians are not to be trusted because they can easily dope or cheat you. All the best.

  87. BB10 and androids are two different operation systems, which the bb10 has better and affordable subscription than androids in terms of BIS.

  88. It all depends on the buyer if they are interested and also how clean n neat is your bold 5, A uk used bold 5 is around 15k to 17k and a uk used Q5 is around 25k to 27k, so think about that. Sorry i dont do such, only advises.

  89. Please Mr larious, what is the difference btw q10 English keypad and q10 Arabian keypad (made in dubai).

  90. The bb classic and the Q10 are practically alike and same, just different looks but similar functions and features. Both are great devices which you would really enjoy. I wish i could recommend you buy both 😀 but the choice is yours to make.

  91. There is no difference sir, its just one keypad writings are in english and the other arabic, its the same function and features. Irrespective of where the device is made its just little differences in terms of quality materials used.

  92. thumps up dude;when i saw ur commet nd pple 2 the 1st i dn’t border reading it;but i saw it d 2nd time i just gave it a glance,Mhnnnn! Here i’m i writing to U, Pls i’ll love 2 BB device,bt wish is prefarable is it d BBZ10,Z3,classic! New or Uk used. Thankz,
    Pls do keep up with d good work

  93. Thanks, Really appreciate your motivating applause.The bb Z3, Z10 are rivals in which they practically looks the same in appearance but the Z3 is better in overall ratings in battery life, performances and others. But the bb classic is indeed awesome because its a qwerty phone just like the bold 5, if you are a lover of keypad qwerty functionality you should get the bb classic. but if you love all touch screen functionality get the z3 or z30.

  94. I really want to know d current price of BlackBerry Z10 as at now. (New & UK used price). Plz I will be very happy if u can tell me, wanna get it ASAP!!!

  95. Am not a phone dealer so i can actually tell you the price for swapping devices. The swapping device process depends if the seller is interested in doing trade in.

  96. Plz what is d current price of BB Q10 and Q5 (new and uk used) as at september 6, 2015. I like to buy either of it dis coming week. thanks a lot!

  97. hi mr Larious,pls i really must say am impressed the way u handle n politely assist peeps.pls i need answers my q5 got soaked in water,when its put on just a faint light on d screen can anytin be done to it?i want a fone dat can do bbm n watsapp calls n i love high megapixels for gud pics,please between a z3,infinix zero n samsung grand prime which do i go for.

  98. Thanks for the motivating comment, Really Appreciate much. Well, its obvious the water has entered inside the panel of the device, even if you soak it inside dry rice or garri, i doubt if it would work normally, so i suggest you go give a phone technician so they can open it up and clean the device and service it. Also btw the Z3, infinix zero and samsung grand prime, Thanks to imei tweaking you can use glo 1k for 3gb on the infinix zero and also on the Z3, but cnt use it on the samsung. So i have helped you choose between the Z3 or infinix zero. Though i love the infinix zero. All the best.

  99. Hi, great work and timely response. Pls advice on the best data plan for a BB10 device, it seems to help data like an Android.

  100. Thank you, Really Appreciate. The best and cheapest data plan of all time still remains the Glo 1k for 3GB. If you’ve got good glo network in your area i strongly recommend you opt in Asap.

  101. The blackberry leap is just the latest blackberry device which has the same features with the bb Z30. But the Z30 has better specs and functions better battery, camera, etc. Also the Z30 is bigger while the leap is slim and lighter. The final decision yours.

  102. Boss, well don on ur Good advices, most of them are actually worth much more than any amount of thank you we can drop here. Jst wanted to ask how well u enjoyed d BOLD 6 u bought cos am abt going 4 1 now a new 1 of it actually, bt if u advice against it, I’ll abort mission sharp sharp.

  103. Its always my pleasure to be of help, Thanks once again, The bold 6 is indeed trustworthy. I can assure you won’t regret using the device. All the best.

  104. Oh Congrats, The issue might be due to network difficulties. For you to update your phone software you need a strong and stable internet connection. Try updating at midnight or early mornings.

  105. Hi Larious, u ar a gr8 guy, God sent. I actually ordered for a q10(white) on Konga, am glad u helped me knw I made d best choice, more grease to ur elbow. To all bb q10 lovers Konga is presently selling(white, Arabic keypad) for jst 31k(isn’t dis amazing?). Hurry n get urs while stock last, I hv already placed my order, waiting for it free delivery. thnx so much Larious. U ar a gud man.

  106. Pls can u help on a decision btw galaxy s5 n bb z10 or z30, i love a wide tounch screen phone with a powerful camera, pls advice on which is best. Pls

  107. You doing a great job here bro.. Please can u tell me where in ikeja I can buy direct london used Q10 for tomorrow. Pls whatsapp me thru 08066220033. Thanks

  108. Thanks for the motivating comments, Really appreciate much. I got a trusted dealer at computer village ikeja. His name is Osams communications, Kindly call him 08038940607. Tell him you are from Larious. All the best.

  109. Well, with the phones options you stated, its between the S5 and the Z30. because both devices are quite awesome with wide screen and cool specs and features. But the S5 has more features than the Z30. But in terms of affordable internet subscriptions, the Z30 is the boss, because you can use the glo 1k for 3GB bis in the Z30. While the S5 you have to subscribe for a data plan which is quite expensive.

  110. Mr larious, u ar so wonderful, thump up, tanx 4 ur comment so accurate. To b sincere, I just got a new samsung galaxy s5,n dat was wat I use in sending u dat chat, but to my greatest surprise d way people rate samsung is not it at all, d camera colour ar not intact like dat of z10 I use, so babish, most app are not most needed ones, useless,it was z10 I used previously but stolen so I decided to buy d s5 bit I was disappointed, not up to 2weeks using d s5 d lense got broken unknowly, after sendin u dat message I went to ikeja n drop it 4 z30 n am enjoyin mysef now, no fair 4 huge subscribtion again, as in sincerely, blackberry na fone, so strong n durable, I love it, tanx so much mr larious

  111. Your most welcome sir, So glad to be of help, Also glad my sincere advise was very useful at some point. So sorry about that, The S5 camera is quite good maybe it isnt your type of camera. Well the blackberry device is quite strong and very durable. The BB10 screen hardly get broken. No doubt the bb10 devices are stonger and durable than other devices with very affordable internet subscription.

  112. @ Larious, Pls kindly advise if okay as some1 has given me 33k for new Q10 white Arabic. is there any difference from Arabic and english?

  113. Sounds like a good offer. Getting a new Q10 white with arabic writings is cool. I know someone who got the same white Q10 with arabic letters and there is no difference or whatsoever in the features and functions, its just the arabic letters.

  114. U really are amazing at what you do, well done. I want to sell my BLU STUDIO 5.5S to get a z30 Bb. How much would you recommend for d sale, its farely used but with a broken screen though. Thank you very much.

  115. Thanks for the motivating comment, Really Appreciate. Well, talking about facts right now the new z30 is 55k while the uk used is 43k or so, Now looking at the buyer perspective, your device is fairly used and also with a broken screen, the odds are so low, he would probably buy it for a very low amount which you might not be interested in selling. i think selling the device at the half price you bought it would be ok.

  116. Larry, you must be a remarkable guy. Would love to give folks like you more publicity to do more.
    I want to buy BBM Q10 from the Slot shop in my area at Lekki. You know how much it is or anybody there who can sell well to me at an affordable rate?
    Will give you publicity on my wall on Facebook if this matures. Keep it up.

  117. Pls is there anything like Z20 ?….if there is,how much is d price and can it work on d normal 1k 3GB glo service

  118. Thanks for the remarkable comment and motivation, Appreciate. Well, i have no linkage or relation to slot, am only doing this for the benefit of others, sharing phones prices. The slot outlet prices at lekki is way higher than the prices here and in slot ikeja, Just be prepared. All the best sir.

  119. Please what is the different between z30 and bb classic , I bought z30 few months ago but stolen So am contemplating on buying it back or upgrade to I want to no if there is definit btw those phone.reply assay pls.Ur knowledge won’t be cut off in he’s us name.thanks 4 helping people

  120. Well done mr larious,i ve never seen comments as long as these and its bcos u create time to answer eventually all questions, God bless u.i would like to know whether bold 6 can be used as a mobile hotspot like bb10 phones,using a Glo line without extra charge from my main account balance?thanks.

  121. Am also glad to help others, Thanks sir, Well, the bold 6 mobile hotspot doesnt work with the glo bis, The glo bis only works on all bb10 devices and it doesnt work on BBOS device except BB10 devices.

  122. How did you know your Q10 panel is bad? did you see a phone technician to checkout the device? If yes, the phone technician can help you buy a new or used panel to replaced the damaged one. All blackberry device always have spare parts available.

  123. So sorry about your stolen device. Based on my reviews online, The Z30 is better than the classic, The z30 has better battery capacity, faster processor speed,With a super Amoled screen and bigger screen.The rest features are same with the classic. For more info Google it. Your welcome.

  124. Greetings, Well, you got just 25k, which means you can only buy a uk used device, Currently the uk used price of Q5 is 23k. Z10 is 24k, Q10 is 29k. So make your choice sir. Your money speaks for you. But i recommend the Q10 anyday, anytime.

  125. Well done Larry,pls want ur advice on blackberry passport.Is it a good one,does it last long,does it have a long battery life,does it have a good camera quality,and all???Also,hope it doesn’t hang?

  126. Hi Larious, you are so amazing. Thanks for the help being rendered free of charge here.
    Pls am an architect who really needs to be on the go anywhere i am. I am currently weighing the options of BB Leap and Z30. Pleas which do your suggest?And also the prices you listed here, are they current as of today (21-12-2015)?

  127. tnx Xo much for ur answers on dis topic,dey ave been enlightening aw much do u tink I can get blackberry Z30 in ikeja?

  128. Discover affordable price of Z10 in nigeria best offer while the stock last.

  129. Thanks so much. I think the BBq10 is the best BB phone in the market. Currently using one(white) and planning to get another black one.
    Really love the Q10.

  130. Your most welcome. Glad the BB Q10 got your love. The device is indeed awesome..But you need to checkout the BB classic, Trust me its a gadget of a kind. Its far better than the Q10.

  131. Both bb10 devices are really sleek and durable but one is native keypad and the other is all touch screen, When it comes to choosing the best, it is the Q10, its the most sold out bb10 device and it is better than the Z3.

  132. pls im using an itel-1453 but i cant use the battery for more than 2 hrs whem im browsing with 2g or 3g i have changed the battery twice but the problem still persists pls can you recommend a good phone with good battery life thanks

  133. The battery cells might be bad or the device battery capacity is low, the Gionee m series from m2 to m5 have a very strong durable battery. You can also get any phone that has 4000mAH battery capacity higher than that.

  134. pls am using a blackberry q5 and it has been sending me message that by dec my phone will stop doing whatsapp hw true is dat,Bcos I want to sell mine

  135. Blackberry are hoping before the speculated end time, whatsapp and facebook might extend or cancel. but be ready for the worst. blackberry phones era are going to extinction soon.

  136. Pls i use a bb classic. Asides the fact that whatsapp no longer works on the phone, I have a major prob with it. When the battery dies completely, the phone doesnt boot again even after charging for hours, unless I tae it to a technician to boot it.( I don’t even know how they get it started). I’m thinking of getting a new one but the informations on the old phone are of extreme vitality to me. Any advise?

  137. Its simple, go visit a good phone technician to help you replace the battery and get it working, then you copy all your information from the device. That should workout fine.

  138. Have been useing different kind of Blackberry for morethan 9-years now,but what shock me most Is when I buy my new Z-10 I heard dat Blackberry can not Whassap an Facebook again ,since then I started noticing some little fult wit my Whassap

  139. Hi Larious, currently I am using z30 and WhatsApp told me that they will end their operations with the phone on 30 th June 2017. Pls what can we do about it or is blackberry doing something about it already, pls advice on how to go about it. Thanks

  140. Am having the same issues with z10. it just went cold dead. the tech guy says its panel issues, that it will cost 5k. what do u advise? should i fix it or sell it as scrap?

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