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Uk Used blackberry Phones: Price-list Of All Blackberry Phones

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Uk used blackberry are the talk of the market with high demands from customers and buyers. You can get a clean uk used phone from any trusted phone dealer. i recommend you getting uk used phone at computer village ikeja.

Below are updated prices of all uk used blackberry devices in the market.

Note: The latest prices would be updated every week. our price list are up to date regularly. Below are their prices.BBukused

Before purchasing any Uk used phone you must Read What you should know before buying that Uk used phone

Also Read about the Benefit of buying a Uk used Phone

Bold 5 9900 (Black)


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217



LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442



LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442



LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442




LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442

Blackberry Z30

LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442



BlackBerry Classic


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442


BlackBerry Passport  


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442

BlackBerry Leap  


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442

BlackBerry Priv  


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442

BlackBerry Dtek 50


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


DEALER 1: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442

Image result for blackberry Keyone

BlackBerry Keyone  


LKT Trusted Dealer Store: Computer Village Ikeja Lagos


ABSOLE: 08064807217

EXALTED MOBILE: 08062493442


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251 thoughts on “Uk Used blackberry Phones: Price-list Of All Blackberry Phones”

  1. Hello dear, pls I want to get new bb, am thinking of buying a z10, but am a lil confuse abt which one to buy, z10 or z3 which one is bether

  2. Buy cheap Blackberry Z10, Q10, AND I phone all Both London and Nigeria Used, all in a very Good condition

    • Please I do not sell phones or swap phones, i can only advise you based on the reality…For example you go the computer village ikeja lagos, those phones dealers would first check and inspect your Bold 7 before accepting to think about swapping it for a Q10. They would probably tell you high ridiculous amount, like adding 20k to your bold 7 to get the Q10..

  3. I’ve not heard of ‘BlackBerry Playbook’ before, how does it work and will u recommend it pls? Is it a normal BB or an android?

  4. I just went through Blackberryhub and i`ve ordered for Blackberry Q5. But my question and the problem is how will i spot refurbished blackberry to London used? And has anyone here ever buy phone from the dealer (Blackberryhub). I will be glad to hear from you. Thanks

  5. For your uk used or new phones,( blackberry,samsung, iphones, HTC etc) and laptops. Delivery also available nationwide:

  6. I have a clean white BlackBerry Q10 now but I want samsung note 3..nothing wrong with my phone still very fine..not long I got u think its a good idea to go for a note 3 which is expensive or infinix hot note pro which is less expensive but am considering the parts

    • Well, i would give you my blunt advice. Now you want to swapp your Q10 for Note 3 or infinix hotnote Pro? Firstly the infinix hotnote pro is a brand new device, infinix dnt do uk used.. its all you cant get the uk used. but you can get the note 3 used..currently the price of used note 3 is 59k.. now imagine how much you would add up to swap with your q10? You can’t compare a king of android to a mere android newbie..the note 3 is not in the league of the infinix hotnote pro. All the best

    • Well, sincerely speaking i do not sell or do phone swap, only share prices and advises. Am just going to advise you sir, currently the uk used Q5 cost around 27k or so, and the uk used of a bold 6 is around 16k, so think about the money you would be adding to get the Q5. most sellers that does phone swap often end up cheating you. So be careful. All the best.

  7. Pls admin good morning i will like to speak with u one on one, base dis phones my names ar famous samuel from benin city my contact is 08163769370

  8. Pls, I need yur advice. Am on a Budget for my Project and I want to buy a phone for it… Presently am having 16k for it… Between London Used BB Torch 3, Bold 5 and Curve 5. And A New Infinix Hot… which would you advice I buy?

    • Well, i always recommend you getting a new phone, if you got the money for a new infinix hot, just get it then. there’s no greater feeling than buying a new device with full and complete accessories and a year warranty.

  9. i have curve3 i want to sell or swap with any good phone i will add some cash call or wasp me (09031850866)

  10. Plz btw d z3 nd z10 which 1 is better bcos am confuse, i dnt kno much abt BB nd i dnt want to make a mistake. Some people are saying d camera of d z3 is not good, d resolution is not good. Plz suggest 4 me

    • Both the Z10 and Z3 are great devices but they have different features and functions. The Z3 has a better battery life compared with the Z10, Also bigger screen, better resolution and sleeky on hands, Th z3 is a smaller version of the Z30. If you want to know more kindly google to help tell you more. I recommend the Z3. All the best

    • You can’t see any uk used tecno device anywhere. only nigerian used. Tecno devices are cheap and doesnt have second hand value like the samsung, htc and others.

  11. if anyone wants to sell clean bb passport: not reforblished and must come with all the accessories, for 50k

    • The looks and appearance matters, also the device battery, check the panel of the device after removing the battery, software versions and among others. When you see a good device you would know. All the best.

  12. Plz I need an advice on makin a choice between Bold 7 and curve 8. Which one shud I go for? Itz really urgent.

    • I would advise you based on my personal experience with the bold 7 and curve 8, Well the bold 7 is quite better than the curve 8, You can’t compare the functions and features of the bold series to curve series, The bold series is always better in every way. I recommend you getting the bold 7, trust me your going to enjoy the device. All the best.

  13. Pls I hv curve 7 nd curve 4 but I want to sell both of them nd get one phone which wud u advice I go for. I need a phn tht cn Skye vibe Instagram nd do all lots of stuff

    • Well, frankly speaking am sure you fall either on the Android, Blackberry, iphone phone lover right? I really can pick or choose for you, but would help you make a wise decision regarding the phone to buy. I advise you get either an android or a blackberry bb10 device. Mostly all androids and bb10 devices have all features and functions that you”ve mentioned. So decide on which androids or bb10 devices you love. All the best.

  14. Hi good morning pls I need a phone samsung galaxy win th one of 27k, but I want to swab it with bold 5 9930, so tell me how much I will add to get that I need the answer now pls thanks

  15. Larry,
    Can you please advise me which one these phones to get: Sony xperia Z2, htc one (m8), samsung galaxy s5. Looking at the functionality and durability.


    • Frankly speaking, based on my findings, the s5 is quite better, but the Htc M8 is also cool functions and features.But as for me am picking the samsung S5 over all..For more review you can google their functions n features.

      • Thanks bro. I was actually thinking of the sony xperia because of the camera. But I’ll look into your professional advice.

  16. Hello, if any one wanna buy direct london use 10os blackberry. Like q10, q5, z10, classic and passport. I have clean phones. 08039305781

  17. Hey Larious, love this forum. More grease to your elbows. quite interested in some of these but I doubt there’s something this good here in Cameroon. is it quite possible for me to get one though in Cameroon??

    • Thanks sir for the motivating comments, really appreciate much. Am so sorry you might not get that in cameroon, but you can ask around in cameroon. Thanks

  18. Pls I want to buy BlackBerry passport UK used and blackberry Q10 as well….I don’t know how to go about it.
    Am a corp member in Enugu state..
    Pls any one willing to sell should call or ping me @

    • The amount you need to add would depend if the phone dealer is interested in doing business with you, but most times the dealers often call high amount to be added, based on my experience in computer village ikeja lagos.

  19. Plz i want 2 buy q10 nd sum1 told me it use 2 get hot while using it, nd i du press fone alot. So i want 2 know if is adviseable 4 me 2 buy d fone?

    • The Q10 is among the best bb10 currently. The Q10 doesnt get hot expect the person using it is running lots of apps and processes on it and still doing other things like charging while doing other things. Yes i advise you to get the Q10.

  20. Hello Every1,u all ask dumb question,I appreciate the owner of this site/blog for being honest,he doesn’t sell phones nd if u need for he says goto market nd get phones bt u guys keep asking same dumb nd stupid questions.put on ur shoes nd goto d market to ask of price of bb or phones u need nd be vry careful bcos fake phones are out there ,so mutherfukas kip asking same fucking questions,am tired of u all punks..

  21. pls i want to buy fone but iam confused right now, i want to buy Z30 but i dont know if the battery last longer bcos iam thinking of buying Z10 or Z30 pls advice me on which one to buy pls

  22. Please advise me on either to buy blackberry playbook or not, I mean the one using sim and the price both uk used and new one. Thanks

  23. i can see it been long you posted the price of these phones above…………………just want to know the current market price of a london used q10 is it still advisable to go for it considering its old bb.thanks

    • The pricelist is not outdated, current prices only varies a little, No pricelists is accurate, Note that. Uk used q10 currently is 30 – 32k..The Q10 is actually one of the best bb10 devices, so i recommend you to get it. All the best.

  24. Please I really need το sell my bold 5, whatsapp_me via »08131341552« or ping »3354F528«. I stay in Unizik Awka, Anambra_State

  25. any neat bb passport for sale? pls inbox me via “festus da cashcruz banks” on facebook for your phone number and address

  26. Anyone with a Clean Bold 6 (9790) for swap with a very clean Bold 5 (9930) working perfectly well. Contact me on 08036025103 if interested!

  27. Admin i was very happy when i saw this blog, u’ve really said all i’ve been looking for just that i need to know if the bb z3 is really available on uk used cuz i saw 1 one ur post saying the bb z3 is not yet available on uk used and also dont u think that the fact that its battery is not removable is a problem

    • Thanks, Really Appreciate. The Z3 is currently in Uk used…guess you saw the prices already.Yea the non removable battery is actually a turn off to most people. But the Z3 is really an awesome bb10 device.

  28. Alryt tnx.. But i assume it would’nt develop any problem associated wit d battery or charging soon nd if it do can d battery be renewed by mayb an engineer or sumtin at an affordable price

  29. Hey! Pls i was goin tru d specs n i observed that it has a rear 5.0mp cam, is the cam that poor? Cuz am a fan of multimedia n is why i always choose to buy new fones.. Pls ur advice

  30. I appreciate the wonderful work you are doing here. Your blog is one of the most educative blog with easy access. More greeze to your elbow. May i also crave your indulgence to extend this price sensitization to other android phone manufacturers such as infinix, gionee, itel, huwai, lenovo, LG and so many others which is taking over African market to provide people with first-hand market information about these other products. Thank u once again.

    • Thanks so much for the inspiring motivating comment, Really appreciate you sir. I would start working on that, you are very correct about those phones taking over the Africa market. Hope you knows these phones doesnt have second hand value, they dont have Uk used, They are only available new. so i cant post on their uk used price. But would post about their new pricelists. Thanks.

  31. sir I need d ur advise, I want to get a blackberry phone out of q1o q5 z3 which one is advisable also is UK used better than new? I really appreciate ur advise sir keep up.

    • Actually buying a new phone is quite better, but when your budget isnt enough for a new phone, thats when you get a uk used device which is also good compared to the new, cheaper and affordable. I recommend you get the Q10 if you love typing with the keypad, or the Z3 if you love using touch screen devices.

  32. I need a hot plate battry a bold3 battry which is already out of market in 9ja and a brand new inffinex0 and all i got is 300,000 can i buy them all in 1 week. Notify me at my gmail

  33. Read a lot of review and requests about uk used blackberry phones here. Am actually interested in playbook and my main curiosity has not actually been answered according to all speculations I’ve read. The question is,

    (1) because playbook don’t use sim-card, how can I browse with it? (Except brigging, wifi, hotspot)…

    (2) If playbook cannot connect to the internet independently without brigging, wifi or hotspot, are there specifically phones that the connections are compatible with?

    • The play book uses wifi to connect, no sim card slot available. So if you got another mobile device, you can use its wifi and connect your play book to your wifi connection. Most mobile phone uses wifi and sim cards for connection. the play book is old and outdated.

  34. Good work you’ve put together on this platform. Please I want to know, between blackberry playbook and infinix hot, which is better for skyping or for any other video convos? And what is the price range? Waiting to hear from you.

    • Thank you, Appreciate. The blackberry playbook is old and kinda outdated, If both device have front camera then they can run skype and any video call apps.

  35. Please I bought a uk used bb q10 and the network subscriber said its branded and can’t work on their network,please what should I do?

  36. i appreciate this blog it has been a blessing to me
    let me use the moment to introduce to you a BB channel
    to sell and buy phone from Nigeria and by Nigerians
    pin: C003ABE7E

  37. Fairly used bb z10 for sale in good condition….. Price 19k….location oyo or ogbomoso….. Contact or whatsapp on 07068942902… Price is still negotiable

  38. Pls I need Bold 5 9900 urgently, and how much is it in market now, which one is the best product that is reliable Vzion, at&T and Vodafone…. Here is my digit 08033797176, pin:2A1F1429 can I have yours too

    • All devices you mention have cool functions and features, But when it comes to making a choice between them the decision is only for you to make. Am very sure you know what you want. For more tips, google their specs and features to make a firm choice. All the best.

  39. I want to swap my bold I want to use it to collect z10 or q5 so how much am I going to add to collect it my number 08138033670 pin 33369f5b

  40. Hello i need Q10 black is how much i need UK use that is how much and please can you give me a flash so i can call back i need it this morning maybe i will come to computer village but i need someone that is trust full so i can get it there… u can flash me pls 08032616095

    • I do not sell phones sir, only share prices and advises. If you want to buy a phone, kindly give osams communications a call on 08038940607..he has a store at computer village ikeja. Thanks

  41. if you need to swap your phone all you need do is to walk into any slot store and engage the matrix staff. problem solved

  42. Comment: chat m up if u need any type f phone i wil help u out. Am in lagos n i went 2 ikeja 2day so much fone in dat market flash m if u won m 2 help u wit dis number kelly.07034696182

  43. Comment:i want to buy a Q10 uk used pls how can i get it? And pls advise me, is it better than new infinix hot 2?

  44. I have a UK Used BlackBerry Q10 3months old and I good condition I will like to swap with BlackBerry Bold 5 with the person adding at least 20,000 plus the bold 5. Am in Edo state(Auchi) interested call me on 08103424738

    • The bold 5 has the tendency to crash and die anytime. But its a cool device but doesnt last for long before it crashes and die. While the Touch 2 is a medium device with cool features and all. Its advisable to get the touch 2 device. Prices are shown in the article.

  45. I have a blackberry z30 black for sale, used.. just 27-30k.. contact me between 6th, 7th latest 8th of July 2016.. 07055086749

  46. Comment: Why BB is not Free Application friendly, everything you just have to buy? And Secondly My BB touch 2 don’t av soft ware up date key. How can I up date through Opera mini. Thanks. And thirdly can I get a swap with my Touch 2 with a Better BB? Thanks

    • The blackberry apps are not popular and free like that of android devices. Your bb torch 2 software updates software download can be found on the blackberry website. or google bb torch 2 os downloads. That depends on the seller. I dont do such.

  47. Please larious,what is the main different between blackberry bold 7 and curve 8 especially in term of their brand number.

    • Bold 7 is quite different from the curve 8, though they both uses the same Os and have similar functions but the bold 7 is a blackberry bold series while the curve 8 is a curve series.

  48. Please advice me I want to get a BB Q10 how good is the battery life compared to other BB phones. I really need a BB phone that has a good /improved battery life. Thanks

  49. Will also appreciate if your can tell me how much the both will cost me, and if you can deliver it to my office here in Lagos. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  50. Gud morning to u. I have Z30 and I want to know if possible for me to add money to it and get passport? Thank u

  51. Comment:i lov bb phone and wish to buy the bb q10 uk use but with dis no fbk and whatapp will d company do sometin about it ? will opera be able to open fbk on it or shold i just go for d infinx note

  52. Hello, pls my bb Q5 developed a problem. It jst suddenly went off and started blinking red light. I’ve tried software update but didnt work, i took it to slot ikeja, dey changed d battery and tried other things but its still just blinking d red light wen blugged. Pls wat can i do. Thanks

  53. How much do you feel I can get for z30, wanna sell mine. Also, how much will an IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 cost ? 32gb and 64gb?

  54. Sir I jst come across this blog today and I love it, pls how much is the used blackberry playbook 64gb, secondly which of the bb device has a long lasting batery. Tnx

    • Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Well, the bb playbook is old and outdated, i have no idea of the 64gb but the 16gb cost N15k or lesser now. If you want a bb with good battery life you should pick the BB classic, Passport and the Z30.

  55. Please i need blackberry limited edition UK used, do you have it, i yes, i do i get it because i based in Port Harcourt & how much does it cost.

  56. Good day to you, Please, i want a good blackberry android phone as soon as possible, and i need your candid advice. Which of these options of Z3, Z10, Z30, Leap, or Priv will you advice me to buy. What are their advantages over one another? How do their batteries last? what are their effeciencies and how durable are they? Thank you for your professional advice.


    • The choice is between the z30 and the bb priv. Make your choice between them. They are the best blackberry models i recommend. Google for more info. Thank you.

  57. Hi Larious, i use a blackberry passport which i intend to swap for a dtek 60 or aurora. My first choice would have been a priv, but it is stuck with android marshmallow and can’t be upgraded to nougat. Where do you recommend i go for this swap.

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