The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Your Attendance Management Systems

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Attendance management software is a part of a complete HRMS or Human resource management software. There are many prominent features of such software. Plus, the software has integrated features with various other modules of HRMS.

This automated module empowers HR staff in your company to track and manage the attendance of the employee. By maintaining correct attendance levels, it boosts the satisfaction level of the sincere employees while, at the same time, infuses discipline in the not so disciplines employees.

Such software should be simple and robust so that they can easily integrate with the pre existing system. Many businesses or organizations have shifts and work-from-home options. Attendance management becomes tricky in such cases and warrants a system that can keep pace with the demands. It can document the breaks and the leaves taken by the employees during working hours.

Managing attendance manually via registers, time cards, spreadsheet based timesheets and other such conventional systems is a cumbersome and time consuming task. And despite being slow and tedious, it is prone to human errors. Automation of such tasks becomes a huge relief for your HR staff.

A good attendance management system is a must for school, colleges, businesses, workplaces or any such organisation. It can simplify the task of attendance management and removes the need for manual records. It can be integrated with biometric devices to prevent any chances of proxy or fooling.

Essential Features of Attendance Management System

Numerous such software are available in the market. Not all of them are same and some of them might have better functionalities and efficiency than others. Each business or organisation has distinct needs. There are some essential features that every such system must have.

Following are some important features of a good system:

1) A web-based system can help you maintain accurate records of the attendance data with little to no guidance or supervision. Your HR personnel do not have to sweat through piles of spreadsheets and paper files in order to process payrolls or retrieve employee working hours.

A centralized web based attendance system can hike the accuracy of your business functions. It can also improve the efficiency of HR personnel and boost the employee productivity at the same time. This feature is effective in reducing the HR costs and administration work while maintaining data integrity.

2) In an organisation, monitoring employee absence is as important as tracking employee presence and a good attendance system always has an individual module for this purpose. All the leaves and time-off requests are easy to view, track and approve / reject with a single click. This is one of the most important part of human resources management which can have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line.

3) Every business, enterprise or any type of organisation wants to ensure regulatory compliance and smooth policy without putting much effort. Every business or organization is under an obligation to pay employees as per employment policies. This system can help minimize or even eliminate any chance of compliance disasters while also assisting to stay updated with changing policies. All organizations need to streamline their timesheet and time-off process with automation.

4) A good attendance system should be able to integrate with the pre existing HR modules such as payroll, accounting and more. When the software gets easily connected with other applications and exchanges data with ease, then, the HR staff can do away with the tedious process of manual data compilation.

5) Nowadays, employees prefer to work remotely – from anywhere and at any time. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to track the attendance of the employee. Cloud based attendance management can go miles in managing the attendance of remotely operating employees.

How to Make the Best Out of Your Attendance Management Software?

If you are investing your hard earned money in a software then it becomes important to make the most from it. Utilized properly, such a system can simplify many complex functions related to attendance management. Following are the ways in which you can make the best of your attendance management software:

  1. Integrate your attendance system with biometric devices. Such integration will make it easy for you and the employees to record attendance. By doing this, you will also gain a sense of security in your office premises. Plus, it will reduce any possibility of proxy attendance. You can always check the log in and log out time of any and all of your employees.

They will become more accountable and ultimately the productivity of your business will rise.

  1. Generate the time sheet of employees using automated time and attendance tracking system. Rectifying the time sheet is the most tedious task in human resource and attendance management. You can simply generate automated timesheets to produce accurate and precise timesheets. This will help you in generating the payroll accurately and efficiently.
  2. Choose attendance management software that provides you with a mobile version of itself. It will allow you to access and view the attendance of the employee from anywhere anytime. You can notify or alert the employees with low attendance. Plus, you can provide them important instructions or guidelines while on the go – no need to find a laptop or desktop for doing the same.
  3. Make sure to create the appropriate categories of employees with your attendance management software. You can divide your employees based on their branch, type – technical or managerial, or position in the hierarchy – fresher, mid level, senior level and the like.
  4. You can send automated emails to your employees regarding any important information. Similarly, you can notify your employees about the acceptance or rejection of their leave applications via emails.
  5. Make custom reports using the database that should give you in-depth insights on the employee work timings and shift patterns. By doing this, your employee will become more accountable to the work and position and ultimately boost the level of productivity of your business.


In a nutshell, attendance management system has to simplify the attendance management functions. And, through this, it must launch the productivity of your business on to an ever rising plane of vibrant performance


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