How Social Media Monitoring Using NetBase Can Help Grow Your Brand

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Growing a brand requires the leaders of the company to be strategic and forward-thinking. It starts from the moment you have the idea to start the business until the day the company ceases to exist. In other words, growing a brand is an ongoing process.

Things have changed quite a bit in the past decade because of social media. It’s hard to imagine there was a time when people didn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to communicate their likes and dislikes.

These days, a brand can literally live or die based on the information that’s provided on these platforms. If you have ever had a series of bad product reviews, you understand how this works. It’s the reason why social media monitoring is critical.

It’s also the reason why top brands rely on NetBase when they are developing a marketing strategy to drive the growth of their brand. NetBase is a social analytics company that has fueled the growth of leading companies in the marketplace today.

Monitoring the Growth of Your Brand

Just because a brand is facing a scandal, doesn’t mean they have actually done something wrong. As the old saying goes, perception is the reality. Even if you have not made the mistakes claimed during a social media attack, it doesn’t mean all of your followers will believe you. Quite frankly, we all make mistakes, so even when a brand misses the mark, it shouldn’t be a devastating event that negatively impacts growth.

Social media monitoring enables you to review metrics to identify what’s happening based on factual data. You won’t have to make assumptions. Instead, you can grow your brand by monitoring social media and making the necessary adjustments when things go awry. This is something that’s possible for all of the socials mentioned, among others. It really depends on the social media platforms that your business uses as part of your marketing strategy.

Embracing the Comment Section

Social media monitoring is not about being retaliatory because of nasty comments. That’s no way to run a business or view consumers. In fact, that would only create more problems. It’s also generally understood that you can’t please everybody. Instead, the keywords in the comment section can be analyzed by the advanced technology offered by NetBase to truly understand what’s happening. If the negative comments on Twitter start to bubble up to the surface, you can respond appropriately with the insights provided by NetBase.

Identifying Business Opportunities

For decades there has been an awareness in business that you can only change what you measure. In other words, if you don’t know that a problem exists, how can you solve it? Social media monitoring enables you to identify the problem based on the information that’s provided online. It’s actually a growth opportunity. Quite frankly, any feedback, whether personal or professional, can be a growth opportunity. It just depends on your perspective. In addition to growth opportunities, you can also find top talent on most social media platforms when you’re recruiting, not just LinkedIn.

A brand that’s interested in growth will pay attention to what sounds like complaints. The information will be viewed as a chance to create something that people need. If you are a service provider, it can be the reason why you offer a new service or get rid of an existing service. If the goal is to make money and serve people, social media monitoring can help you do that more effectively. Although cliché, the complaints of existing or potential customers can actually be a gift. However, it might require a change in perception depending on your current point of view.


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