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As online shopping gradually gains popularity in Nigeria, buyers are ever more concerned about protecting themselves online especially from fraudsters and internet ‘thieves’. These swindlers positions themselves online to steal passwords and intercept online monies or payments. The owners of these sites are even more concerned because when shoppers encounter these problems, it actually affects their business. shares a few ways to protect yourself on the internet while shopping.

Avoid using a public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi’s are often insecure and liable to being used to access your computer. This can allow them steal passwords and other vital information. So, when you are doing any sensitive transactions online, it better to use a secure connection. Preferably, your own personal Wi-Fi.

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Keep your system secure

Ensure that you a have very good anti-virus to protect your computer. It will prevent malware from attacking your PC. Also, some anti-virus can alert you if you are attempting to access an unsecured website; especially a shopping platform.

Look for the safe lock

Before you make any payment online, always look for the safe lock. The safe lock signifies that the payment method or mode is secure to a large extent. If you don’t find the safe lock, you can, then, purchase whatever you want based on the reputation of the online store.

Buy from trustworthy online shops

There are so many online stores on the internet. However, not all of them are reputable or trustworthy There are many of them whose offices are based in Lagos. You can easily visit them if you have any complaints about your online transactions. However, this rarely happens with reputable online malls.

Sample prices from different online stores

Some e-commerce websites usually inflate their prices. When you compare their rates to the offline malls, there is a possibility to detect a measure of unfair pricing. So, when shopping online, visit other online stores selling similar products to compare their prices. It will ensure that you are safe and do not pay an outrageous amount for a product.


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