US President Donald Trump Says Google Search Results Are Fake

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Donald Trump’s tirades in opposition to a number of information retailers  which are crucial of his policies usually surfaces within the type of tweetstorms, criticizing journalists and singing the praise of certain media retailers that cover him with diligence and paint a optimistic image of the US President.

However Trump has now turned his attention in the direction of tech corporations, particularly calling out Google for rigging the Search Results and suppressing the excellent news about him and his followers as a whole.

In a collection of Tweets despatched out a number of hours ago, Trump claimed that Google Search Results for the term ‘Trump News’ exhibits solely the results covered by ‘Fake New Media’, which solely exhibits dangerous information and tales in regards to the President and his administration.

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Donald J. Trump


Google search results for “Trump Information” exhibits solely the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that the majority stories & information is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal? 96% of…

And as if ‘Fake New Media’ was not clear enough, Trump finally identify dropped CNN, pointing out that such media retailers control what the masses see on the web and what they can’t when they seek for information associated to him. To back up his claims, he added that a staggering 96% of the Search Results for the term ‘Trump News’ are from ‘Nationwide Left-Wing Media’, nonetheless, he didn’t point out any analysis source or credible survey report from where the ‘96%’ figure was obtained.

Nonetheless, the aforesaid ‘Nationwide Left-Wing Media’ is ‘very harmful’ within the words of President Trump, who has developed quite a reputation for making outlandish claims and quoting unbelievable figures concerning the financial system, education and other aspects of governance. And naturally, backtracking on his words later on when his claims are debunked and torn to shreds within the face of actual facts.

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Donald J. Trump


….results on “Trump News” are from Nationwide Left-Wing Media, very harmful. Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding data and information that’s good. They’re controlling what we can & can not see. It is a very severe situation-will be addressed!

Trump didn’t mince words in claiming that ‘Google and others’ are suppressing the voice of Conservatives and that any data and information which is good, is hidden from the general public. He later referred to as the state of affairs ‘very severe’ and added that will probably be ‘addressed’, with out specifying when or how will he deal with the so-called issue of Google and media retailers attempting to painting him in a unfavorable picture.


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