How to use GLO 1k 3GB BIS on Pc + Wifi to Other Devices

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619201418275Internet subscription in the country is quite expensive for the average Nigerians, and we the masses always look for an alternative way to stay connected to the internet using affordable data plans or free browsing tips and tricks from different network providers. This tutorial focuses on explaining every steps in using your GLO 1K 3G BIS plan on your PC using Blackberry desktop manager (BDM). And also showing you how to create Wi-Fi on your PC and connecting other devices to the internet using your GLO 1K 3GB BIS plan.

The benefit of using GLO 1K 3GB BIS plan is simply awesome, I recommend this tutorial to everyone who is looking for an affordable way to stay connected on the internet, also connecting other devices through hotspot, for example your android device, tablets, and any other devices. Am presenting using this to write this tutorial and also using my Wi-Fi to connect my Samsung Galaxy S4, I don’t pay for subscription on my S4, I just connect it via my Wi-Fi and life seems so awesome. This makes it cost-effective, with 1K I stay connected on all my devices isn’t that awesome? Lastly you can top up your 3GB data by purchasing another 1K 3GB to add up to make 6GB, you can also top up your data as much as possible to 12GB.

How to Use Glo 1k 3GB BIS on PC Using Blackberry Desktop Manager

  • Download the latest blackberry desktop manager from blackberry website, install and run the application

Configure your blackberry desktop manager with the following settings:

1Click on “Tools” and scroll down to “mobile internet settings, following the screenshot below to configure the settings:


  • After successful configuration, now click on start mobile internet or just click on the mobile internet button at the bottom.


  • Once successfully connected check your blackberry device and you see “modem mode enabled” on the screen of your blackberry and the blackberry logo showing.


  • Now you have successfully configured your BDM and your blackberry device to browse on your PC.

How to create a WIFI to connect other devices on your PC

There are lots of WIFI applications that works across different operating systems, I recommend “mHotspot”. It is very easy to install and configure and works on all windows operation systems.

  • Download mHotspot from their website, install and run the application
  • Configure the mHotspot, see screenshot below:


  • Now you’ve successful configured mHotspot, now you can create WIFI.

How to Share your GLO BIS to mHotspot

Open your network and sharing center and click on the properties of Glo BIS, follow the screenshot below:

To Increase the connection speed follow the screenshot below:

6Now you’ve successfully shared your Glo connection to mHotspot, now you can connect your android device and other devices.


See how i connected my S4 to the wifi:



45 thoughts on “How to use GLO 1k 3GB BIS on Pc + Wifi to Other Devices”

  1. Haee.. I tried this already, it. Shows moderm mode enabled, bt the bb logo disappears immediately once connected, does nt show, and at such, am not able to browse.. Pls. Help

    • This is due to network issues, even though the bb logo disappears, you still should be able to browse on your pc. Also make sure your settings are correct. you can change from Edge to 3G and try again.

  2. pls i
    downloaded the software, but it give
    complian on incompatible….here is
    the software Details ### Name:
    Desktop Software v7.1.0 B42
    (Multilanguage) File Name:
    Download Size: 114 MB## what do i

  3. Hello good pm, pls i had tried this glo
    tutorial, it does not connect, rather to activate moderm mode, but i make use of MTN bb subscription it connect but does not activate modern mode,..what should i do?

  4. To root all your android phones so dat you can browse with glo bis (3GB),call Emmanuel on 07068569004 or 08073192804. Especially those in Abuja. bless you.

  5. Thk u for ur tutorial, am having problem. Wen I put the as my APN. I get an error message dat ” d access point isn’t valid. Am using bold 5 and Glo bis
    Pls help
    here is my bin just incase 7B850F77

    • hope you are using the latest blackberry desktop manager? once you follow all the steps on the article, it should work for you. Am still using this to browse on my system currently. and with the same settings in the article. All the best!!!!

  6. It worked for me, for a few days, very well at that, but all of a sudden it stoped connectinq and tell me stuffs like the network could have blocked it, its currently not workinq, I’ve tried all sorts of trick I see on here, please what else can I do, and is it still working for you? Pls post ur pin so we can add u and talk to you directly, or better still your whatsapp fone number!!! Help a brother!

    • Am so sorry about that sir, But this exact settings on this article still works for me. It might be your network issue or your glo line. Once the glo line can ping on a bb it should be able to work via desktop manager on pc. My pin is on my profile. Thanks

  7. Mr Larious is like this cheat does not work again, it works for me before but now I don’t know what’s wrong, pls let me know if it also the same on your side.

  8. Pls am using BB bold 6, and connecting with Glo BIS so when every I on my hotspot to connect with my PC, the network off automatically, pls I just need help and link to download what I can use to connect my mobile phone hotspot with my PC.

  9. Hey boss…how can I bye pass icloud on my iphone 4s…bcos d person I bought it from didn’t tell that ts lockd wid icloud and m unable to reach him…pls email…I ll b lukn for fr your mail

  10. Am using tour when am trying to connect it, it do display failed to connect to the modem… What can i do about that pls


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