How to Upgrade or Downgrade a Blackberry OS Device

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bbBlackberry is indeed one of the popular brands of smart phone in the world with ever-increasing demands from blackberry lovers across the globe. This tutorial focuses on showing the steps taken to upgrade your blackberry OS (Note: this tutorial is for the blackberry Operating system, e.g. the bold series, touch series and curve series, and not for blackberry10 OS). Below am going to show you the tools and applications needed to successfully downgrade and upgrade your blackberry OS device.

NOTE: It is always very simple and easy to upgrade but the main issue lies in downgrading.

How to Downgrade your Blackberry OS

Firstly we need some tools I recommend for successfully downgrading or upgrading

  • Download BBH Tools: it is used to shrink a blackberry OS to increase the speed of the blackberry OS on the device.
  • Download BBSAK: this tool is used to factory re-set your device and also for flashing your device before you install a new blackberry OS on the device.
  • Lastly you need to download the particular OS meant for the blackberry device you want to downgrade or upgrade. For e.g. you want to downgrade or upgrade a bold 9900, you download the latest OS from any trusted website. I recommend, there you see all sorts of Operating Systems (OS) either official or leaked OS.
  • Download the latest OS and install it on your system. It should be installed on your local hard disk.

Now you got all the tools and software needed it is time to downgrade your blackberry OS device. Do not be scared or afraid, am going to show you step by step ways to successfully downgrade your device.

  • Install and run the BBH Tools, make sure you already download the blackberry OS on your pc, now click on select bbos folder on the bbh tools, browse and choose the newly downloaded OS, look down you would see where would like to go: select “shrink a OS”, after the OS has finished shrinking, click “delete vendor.xml file, now you have successfully shrinked your OS to increase the OS speed on the device.
  • Connect your blackberry device and launch the BBSAK software you download, now click on wipe device, after wiping the device do not pay attention to the error showned on the device.

How to Install BB OS downgrade or upgrade with BBSAKNow you have to locate the app loader of the blackberry OS you installed, open my computer, click on  program files(x86) then scroll down to “common files” then locate “ research in Motion folder”, click on app loader folder, the click on loader. Now just follow the on-screen instruction you get, click on next and all until the software start installing, be patient for about 30mins or so then the software has successfully completed.


You have successfully downgraded and installed a new or old OS depending on your choice.

How to Upgrade your Blackberry OS

Upgrading your OS is pretty much like the steps above on how to downgrade your OS, you just need to download the latest upgrade of your OS the install it and follow the same steps above.

Blackberry operating system upgrades are required to carry out some functions or new features in an OS, like the Wi-Fi hotspot features that is only on the blackberry 7.1 OS.



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