How to Flash your Blackberry OS Device

Last Updated on September 21, 2018 by Larious

flashin-boxFlashing your blackberry device is made easy and you can do it yourself, no need to go give a phone repairer or go to computer village when you can follow this tutorial and successfully flash your device and install the latest blackberry operating system on your blackberry. This tutorial focuses on using tools and software’s to flash and install OS on your blackberry device. Am going to show you steps by steps on how to download and run the tools and software’s required for the successfully flashing of your blackberry device.

How to Flash your Blackberry OS Device

Firstly we need some tools I recommend for successfully flashing and installing a new OS on your blackberry device.

  • Download BBH Tools: it is used to shrink a blackberry OS to increase the speed of the blackberry OS on the device.
  • Download BBSAK: this tool is used to factory re-set your device and also for flashing your device before you install a new blackberry OS on the device.
  • Lastly you need to download the particular OS meant for the blackberry device you want to downgrade or upgrade. For e.g. you want to downgrade or upgrade a bold 9900, you download the latest OS from any trusted website. I recommend, there you see all sorts of Operating Systems (OS) either official or leaked OS.
  • Download the latest OS and install it on your system. It should be installed on your local hard disk.

Now that you’ve got all the tools and software needed, it is time to flash and install a new blackberry OS device. Do not be scared or afraid, am going to show you step by step ways to successfully flash your device.

  • After installing BBSAK software, connect your blackberry device to your PC and launch and run it BBSAK, click on “wipe device” this wipes the device OS and automatically flashes the OS thereby leaving the device without any OS installed.
  • Now you have to locate the app loader of the blackberry OS you installed, open my computer, click on program files(x86) then scroll down to “common files” then locate “ research in Motion folder”, click on app loader folder, the click on loader. Now just follow the on screen instruction you get, click on next and all until the software start installing, be patient for about 30mins or so then the software has successfully completed installations.

You have successfully flashed and installed a new OS on your blackberry device.


38 thoughts on “How to Flash your Blackberry OS Device”

  1. Please my bold 5 9830 is not responding to subscription and when ever I switch to 3g is showing S.O.S. And d edge is not turning to capital letter EDGE,also I have try my sim on another phone and it working perfectly. Please what can I do

  2. Please i tried to download the Q10 Os from but it keeps saying the site cant be reached.. please any help?

  3. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just updated my z10, ever since then have not been able to use it. it doesnt accept my lockscreen password. so i couldnt even unlock it. secondly

  4. I have Q5 SQR100-1. Can I flash it with the os BlackBerry Q5 SQR100-2,3 I got from That is the only one for Q5 there.

  5. I use bbz10, but since I updated it, I can’t be able to use social application which I download from bb word and from other sources, and the play store amazon can’t function, what can I do please?

  6. Hi larious. On my bb bold 9900 I can’t open my BlackBerry ID.
    Anytime I’m try to download blackberry world app, massage appear no cache credentials (error: I’d 40720) pls help

  7. I need help my BB bold 9930 when i boot it it shows blackberry when it boot to a certain stage it stops and never boots again whats the problem?


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