Youth Corpers Protest Over Non-Payment Of INEC Allowance, Might Back Out Of The April 11th Elections

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INEC_LogoThe just concluded 2015 Presidential Elections, which was conducted by members of the National Youth Service Corps who participated in the electoral process as presiding officers and assistant presiding officers who care called AD-HOC staff has protested over the non-payment of their Inec allowances and election money.The Inec chairman and the DG of Nysc disclosed they are going to pay corpers N32,00o for the elections, The payment date which they refused to disclosed has prompted youth corpers to act and protest for their right.

All corp members who actively participated in the electoral process as an ad-hoc staff knows the stress and hectic job we did on the 28th march election. We expressed deep disappointments over the non-payment of all allowances attached to their services and efforts in the  electoral process and many other anomalies done by the Inec officials.

Speaking from my personal experience during the just concluded elections, I left my house on friday evening to my Rac center, My Rac center was an old primary school building inside a village which has no gate nor security, We Ad-hoc staffs posted there slept on the floor while some joined two tables to sleep on. There was no food. We risk our lives for the country based on loyalty and we expect to be rewarded. The N32,000 wasn’t worth the stress and troubles we went through. Inec deserve to pay us more.inec-nysc-adhocFrom my sources, Inec have paid some youth corpers in some states, The payment ranges from N10,000 to 13,000, banks also took their share of the money, Inec didnt disclosed what exactly the payment was for, was the payment meant for the allowance, feeding and transportation incurred during the election? or was the payment part of the election money which was said to be N32,000? All these questions are left unanswered!!! What is Inec trying to do with our election Money?

Below is a letter written by a concerned youth corper who actively participated in the electoral process as an ad-hoc staff during the just concluded 28th march 2015 elections.

He noted that the by-laws of NYSC and other code of ethics of the corps has restrained any corp member from sending this kind of information to the public, but added that silence would not be golden on an issue like this.

Read the letter below

The Chairman,
Independent National Electoral Commission,


Firstly we say Congratulations to you Sir for helping the Nigerian masses uphold their rights and achieve their dream, your name shall forever remain in the history books as the man that help stabilize the Nigerian democracy.

The actions of our patriots in persons of the INEC AD-HOC staff should not be neglected. Nigeria celebrates the most credible election in its history according to local and foreign observers, thanks to these dedicated patriots.

However, I wish to bring to your notice that these patriots were not catered for and the welfare of most of them was in jeopardy.

I also wish to bring to your attention that we had “ghost workers” as some staff failed to report for work on election day and were not replaced. Rumor has it that it was due to the commission still owing them training allowances and were hence discouraged from further participation, another theory was that INEC officials added virtual names so they can claim the allowances allocated to the staff. “There is an element of truth in every rumor”, Sir please investigate these matter and cleanse your good name of corrupt allegations.

Without knowing how much they may be paid, these patriots ensured they ran a credible election. A man has the legal right to know how much he is receiving for his service be it a youth corps member or not, hence we request you make public our payment schedule.

Sir, any persons that underwent such torrid and exhausting work that is the election process and ensures the right of every voter counts deserves a pay that will leave an appreciative psychological statement which will encourage such persons to maintain neutrality and turn down “tokens” from parties involved.

Our stance is refusal to participate in further election process if our pay is not reviewed and a complete payment for past election (presidential) is not done.

We are well aware of the bylaws of the NYSC as regards union and press statements but it is worthy to note that INEC AD-HOC staff are not all corps members and even if so, the INEC is an independent entity requiring the services of patriotic Nigerians through the NYSC.

Please address this issue Mr chairman, we appreciate you, we appreciate your anticipated cooperation.

Thank you.

I hope this article gets to Inec chairman Mr Jega and those Inec officials in charge. We corps members did a great job conducting the election and making sure it was free and fair and yet we are not rewarded for our hard work.

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