How to Block Calls and Texts On Your Blackberry

Last Updated on July 23, 2014 by Larious

callblocker-largePhone warrior is the no 1 best free phone blocker app on blackberry app world where you can block calls, texts and caller id. Phone warrior is used on all blackberry OS device, I recommend this app because am actually using this app presently and it is just awesome, I had to write this tutorial for the benefit of help to others who actually needs a full free call blocker app on their blackberry device. This tutorial is going to show you how to block calls and texts messages on your blackberry OS device using phone warrior app.

Features of Phone warrior:

  • Free caller id and caller info details: phone warrior tells you the name of the unknown caller with its caller id feature.
  • Integrated text and call blocker: Phone warrior also blocks unwanted calls and text messages.
  • Option to automatically block private number
  • Password protect for blocked calls and texts
  • Unlimited block numbers
  • And its free.

How to Block Unwanted Calls and Texts

You need to download ”phone warrior” from your blackberry app world, launch your blackberry app world and type phone warrior at the search menu and download and install the app on your blackberry.

Configure the settings: click on settings, scroll to “blacklist”, click on add, you can add the number you want to block calls and sms from the contacts or call log or you can add the number manually, click add manually input the number in the “sender” menu also tick block sms and click add.


Now you have successfully added a number you want to block calls and texts messages.

The Call Log: its shows blocked calls and incoming calls lists, you can also block a contact from here.

The SMS Log: Any new text messages you get is displayed here and you can block the sms number. This is best for those annoying network providers text messages.

That’s it, its simple and easy to configure.

I added a number to showcase this app if it really works. See screenshots below:

Screen_20140723_092244Screen_20140723_093615NOTE: When a number you blacklisted calls you, you get a notification of a missed call, so you can be informed that number actually just tried calling you. While on the blocked and blacklisted caller side, when they try calling they get a beep and a number busy notification. For as long as they still try calling, they still always get the number busy notification, except you remove the number from the blacklisted blocked numbers.

I hope this tutorial has been of great help?


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