How to Downgrade and Upgrade BBM on Blackberry

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bbm220-insidelargeBlackberry messenger (BBM) a social platform application that has over a million users in the globe is a core app on the blackberry OS device, and it is mostly used by everyone on both blackberry and android devices. Due to the request from BBM lovers and fans asking for a tutorial on how to downgrade and upgrade their BBM app, this tutorial had to done for the benefit of help to others.

This tutorial is going to show you how to go about downgrading your BBM due to BBM display picture not showing or other related issues, and also showing you how to upgrade your BBM manually without having to go to the blackberry app world.

Reasons Why You Need To Downgrade & Upgrade Your BBM

  • One of the pending issues of BBM is the display picture (DP), when you find out your DP is not changing or displaying pictures you uploaded, and you have done lots of troubleshooting and all, for example, restarting the device, changing your network, well I recommend you downgrading your BBM.
  • Some features on your blackberry messenger (BBM) isn’t working, or when u launch the function it just automatically closes.
  • Your BBM hangs and lags, or it is taking like forever to load, eventually when it comes up its just unbearable slow. This might be due to the latest BBM update u made, some blackberry device cannot fully function with the latest BBM 8. You either downgrade or upgrade your BBM.
  • Any other issues regarding to BBM functioning well.

How To Downgrade & Upgrade BBM

Note: Kindly follow my instruction step by step for you to successfully complete this process of downgrading and upgrading your blackberry messenger.

  • First step you need to know your BBID (Blackberry Identification id), this step is critical and very Important, because BBID automatically saves and restores all your BBM contacts once you successfully login with your email and password. So all your BBM contacts are already backed up.
  • Uninstall your BBM:  Go to options on your device, scroll and locate “device”, click on “application management”, the locate BBM and click on delete.
  • After successfully uninstalling of BBM, Now check your Operating System (OS) version to know if your device is running on OS: OS 6, 7.0, 7.1. Now download the BBM versions meant for your particular OS.
  • Download BBM 7.1 for OS 6, and 8.1 to 8.2 from this link
  • Download and install BBM manually from the links above, launch your newly installed BBM and this should fix all issues regarding to BBM. For example, DP not changing.

Now you have successfully downgraded or upgraded your BBM.

I hope this tutorial has been of great help?


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