You Can’t Check or Load Credit Balance On Your Blackberry?

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bb phoneHaving a Blackberry device that can’t check your account balance, load credit recharge is quite annoying, Most Blackberry devices that has these issues are Branded Blackberry devices, for example, Verizon branded blackberry, sprint, AT&T, Vodafone and others. These BlackBerry phones are branded by their manufacturer and Ussd Codes will not work unless you activate your BIS on the device, Once your BIS expires, ussd codes would cease to work unless you re-subscribe for BIS on the branded device.

What happens is that when the user puts in the code to check credit balance or to recharge the credit (depending on the code which the Network Operator uses for balance checks/recharges), the phone dials the code (as if you are making a call) instead of sending the code to the Network Operations for the required services. When this happens most people would resort in placing the Sim card on a different phone and loads the credit or probably send the recharge pin to a friend and they do a transfer to your phone. Imagine going through all that stress just because their Blackberry device won’t let them recharge their accounts.

How to Fix This:

ussd codes

As long as your Blackberry device is a branded product, it does not recognise USSD CODES. Below are tested and trusted ways to fix Ussd Issues on your device, both method 1 and 2 are guarantee fix.

Method 1:

  • First, deliberately dial your customer care number, for Mtn Users its 180 or 181. Or you can just dial any wrong number.
  •  At the same time while the 1st call is trying to connect, without even waiting to hear network response, pull-up your dial-pad and dial any USSD code you want (eg *556# account balance for MTN) then send.

And Boom, your account balance displays on the screen.

Method 2:

This Actually the better fix for any Verizon blackberry device.

Dial ##000000 You will come to a screen, In there you want to change the “Mobile Directory Number” to your number with the area code and shows you date of device manufactured and other device information. Press BB Menu button and save your changes. The “#000000” is only for Verizon devices.

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  1. good bb bold 5 use to complaining about d camera.. display dis below message (Could not start th camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again.) pls, what do i do to solve dis problem. thanks

  2. Chairman, Your H*ad dey there jareee…… Regardless of where you your self even derived it from, I tried it and it WORK perfectly for me ! BIG THANKs!


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