Cheapest Etisalat Data Plan Ever: N1,000 For 1GB For All Devices

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020 by Larious

Etisalat recently introduced a data plan of  N1,000 for 1GB of data valid for a month, This new innovative move by Etisalat has really disrupted  data resell business for the  sme data resellers who normally sells the 1GB of data for the price of N1,500.

I actually welcome this new data plan, it is very affordable and still has the ultra speed of the Etisalat network. Every etisalat subscribers can easily afford the N1,000 for 1GB of data for a month which is quite reasonable compared to the former amount to get the 1GB of data.

When I heard about this cool awesome Etisalat data plan, i was glad finally Etisalat decided to follow the footsteps of its fellow telecommunication competitors, Airtel, Glo and Mtn in providing reasonable affordable data plan for the average Nigerians. Though we are still expecting more from Etisalat in terms of providing more affordable internet subscriptions for the average Nigerians.

Let’s quickly get started on how to get the Etisalat N1,000 for 1GB.

  • Simply load N1,000 on your Etisalat sim
  • Dial *229*2*7# to get the 1GB of data for N1,ooo. This is valid for a month.
  • Also heard Etisalat has 2GB plan for N2000. Dial *229*2*8# for that.

Below is the text message Etisalat sent me:

Finally, You can enjoy the affordable Etisalat N1,ooo for 1GB of data on your various devices, PC, Android, Tablets.


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17 thoughts on “Cheapest Etisalat Data Plan Ever: N1,000 For 1GB For All Devices”

  1. Very surprising, etisalat sees the mobile network smartphone data competition and doesn’t want to lose their customers.

    • Thanks for the contribution PaulAro 😀 …Exactly, Etisalat has lost most of its loyal subscribers to other networks, so the need to provide affordable data plans is a must rebranding process to capture the hearts of its subscribers.

  2. Please l want to be sure of this information are u very sure that one can get the etisalat 1GB plan for #1,000 for 1month.pls reply me now because I want to try it now.

  3. After loading 1000 naira you need to first send DATA to 8186 to activate your mobile phone then followed by the code *229*2*7# and you are on.

  4. I attempted to buy 1GB again and received a message that I had already benefited from the promo. seriously????????????? Is it once for each line???????


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