How To Win Any Paypal Chargeback Case Like A Boss

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How To Win Any Paypal Chargeback Case Like A Boss- Every one of us that Paypal Chargebacks has been a pain in the neck like many of us have been scammed before or are being scammed.

I got some personal solutions for it, and some notes which you can add to the transaction which’ll help you avoid being scammed.

Perform these necessary steps before you do a transaction: Check if the account is Verified.

  • Don’t accept cash from unverified accounts
  • Check for the buyer’s rep and scam reports (the most basic step).

Please note before you accept and use Paypal, tell the buyer to add the following note:

I have gotten the Virtual Item and its as precisely as described. I acknowledge that I won’t get any refunds for this transaction made and item. which gives me no rights of chargeback, and in any such case, the receiver will only win.

Do not accept payments until the buyer includes the note made above. Kindly do a refund to them and tell them to do it again if they miss it.

This is very important. Now, you have patience.

Below works correctly if someone opens a PayPal chargeback case on you do the following steps:

Step One
Once you have a PayPal chargeback claim is filed go to add tracking no. and in the Tracking area, write in service used “Other.”

Step Two
For the subject, title writes Virtual Item, in the description body write that you sold a virtual item and that the user is trying to play a fast one on me to scam me.

The buyer has already received the item he bought from me and has also confirmed receiving the item which he stated in the transaction note.

Now go to files. Take a screenshot of the transaction note and add upload the file.

Just wait for your claim being reviewed by PayPal, and I am sure you will win the case. I just won two cases. That’s a proof this tips works after the claim was closed and I was refunded the amount.


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