How To Identify A Clone iPhone 6 Vs Original iPhone 6

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The clone’s are so Effectively created that Hardly anyone can differentiate between the actual one and clone, if you’re planning to purchase a apple iphone then you  should learn this information to Know if the iphone you’ll purchase is an actual one or fake one and i’m certain this information can save your Cash from investing in a unsuitable Product.

Figuring out the distinction between the actual iphone 6 and the clone is severely very tough as a result of the clones are so properly crafted that they appear extra good then the unique ones however nonetheless there are a lot of elements that are sufficient to show them fake.

Generally the purchasers are fooled by the phone dealers and the local store retailers, because of the reality the costumers get fooled by themselves by seeing a low value iphone 6 price 50k whereas an original value over 120k.

Lets get started figuring out the assorted differences of the clone iphone 6 in contrast towards the original iphone 6.


The obvious trace is the iphone 6 box, The primary and Main distinction to identify the actual and Fake iphone 6 is Its Box, Apple all the time Print its Brand and Textual content with Gray(Black) color Whereas the fake one is printed with Orange color

iphone box

Take a look on the picture you will notice two boxes The construct and high quality of each the packing containers are nearly identical however there’s a Slight distinction within the sizes of the box, the real box is compact whereas the Fake is bigger.

Now after opening the box we observed some modifications that are very onerous to note for a typical man.

box iphone

If you happen to see the picture you’ll discover that in the real one there are two Holes one of the Camera and other for the Apple brand whereas within the Duplicate one there is just one Hole.
The standard of the papers associated to the apple iphone 6 is nice in the real one whereas the one supplied with duplicate are usually not good, Additionally there’s a Pin supplied with the original one in order that the papers do not get misplaced whereas with the duplicate one there is no such thing as a pin.


The accessories are constructed in high quality and the design of the earphones are beautiful, The charger and the Data cable is Identical in each the Products, the only option to discover the distinction is Listening to songs within the Earphone.
iphone accessories
Additionally three separate areas provided for all of the three accessories within the original iphone 6s whereas within the fake iphone 6 there was solely two areas provided one for The charger and the second for earphone and the data cable was positioned slightly below the Earphone, so by the design of the packing containers you possibly can simply discover if the iphone 6 is real or fake.


Essentially the most simple and finest technique to discover the real iphone 6 from the clone one is its logo design and the back design. The apple emblem in the real iphone 6 is Non reflecting which implies no picture will likely be mirrored from the logo and it’ll stay the same in every scenario whereas within the fake iphone 6 the logo is reflective that you can use as a mirror.
fake vs real The secondly one other distinction is the product textual content which is present at bottom back. The textual content present in the real iphone 6 is very much beneath whereas within the fake iphone 6 it’s slightly High. Additionally the Metallic plating all around the back in the real iphone 6, the plating is Silver gray whereas within the fake iphone the plating is shiny silver.


The camera design of original apple iphone 6 can also be completely different from the clone iphone 6, The original iphone 6 camera diameter is wide from inside whereas within the fake iphone 6 it’s straight and is the same as it’s from the surface.
camara iphone
 The flash of Real apple iphone 6 is Mild yellow and is Broad whereas within the fake apple iphone 6, it’s yellow and the size of the Led flash is slim. Lastly, a main distinction is the Silver Plate line across the camera within the fake iphone 6, The real iphone 6 would not have any lining across the camera.


The Thickness of real iphone 6 is similar with the fake iphone 6, however when clearly noticed from close range,  you’ll be able to discover that the real one is barely extra glossy and skinny. The amount rockers of each the real and fake is similar.
 The buttons in the real apple iphone 6 is soft whereas within the fake iphone 6 its exhausting and one want to use extra pressure. The vibration button of the the real iphone 6 was straightforward and soft to operate whereas within the fake iphone 6 it was exhausting. The keys of real iphone 6 make sound when utilizing them whereas there was no such sound within the fake iphone 6.


The textual content ” Slide to unlock ” In real apple iphone 6 comes with animation and a special style whereas within the fake apple iphone 6 it Immediately shown up without any animation and style.
 display iphone
Additionally one other main distinction in each the real iphone 6 and the fake apple iphone 6 is the Icon design, you’ll be able to see that the camera icon in the real apple iphone 6 is definitely similar and is clear whereas within the fake iphone 6 it’s blur and one cant simply discover if it’s a camera or one thing else.


The software program simply gives out the fake iphone 6, everyone knows that apple makes use of iOS software program for all apple products, On the clone iphone 6 you see Android Lollipop 5.1.1 version as the software program installed.
Additionally the real iphone 6 notification tray is black whereas within the fake apple iphone 6 the color of notification tray is Colourful. Lastly, another point is menu button, the menu button from the display the real iphone 6 shows a Textual content ” Airdrop ” whereas within the fake apple iphone 6 Airdrop textual content consists some Chinese language letters.
Lastly, Am positive after studying this Guide now you can determine a clone and original Apple iphone 6s Plus, Iphone 6s, Iphone 6 Plus, Iphone 6, Iphone 5, Iphone 5s, Iphone 5c.
Getting knowledgeable can save you from shopping for a clone/fake iphone gadget from a dubious phone seller and store retailer in computer village or any phone shops round you. This information has saved many from losing and investing in a fake product which was offered to them for the original price.


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