How To Identify A Clone/Fake Infinix Hot 2

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The infinix Hot 2 grew to become essentially the most sold out phone last year when it came out and at the moment it’s still one of the crucial sort out smartphones by Nigerians on account of its affordability and highly effective specs and features. The demand for the Infinix Hot 2 is a lot that most of the time it’s at all times sold out on main e-commerce shops in Nigeria.

The excessive demand for the infinix Hot 2 made some bold businessmen to make a clone/fake model of the infinix hot 2,  They have to be Igbo businessmen trust me, these guys are all about what’s promoting and in demand to allow them to sharply journey to china to make a clone after which import it to the Nigeria marketplace for a decrease value with much less quality.

No offense to the Igbo’s reading this article, however i offer you guys respect. However it’s not all the time making the cash but making your clients pleased with good high quality products which supplies customer satisfaction and more cash for you.

I wrote an article in regards to the Infinix hot 2 issues and solutions however am always getting quite a few, unusual questions looking for assist and advise from me, The issues have been a lot that i am unable to even imagine isn’t it the same infinix hot 2 am using that’s giving this issues. I usually assume possibly its a special model of the infinix hot 2 they bought.

I lately found out in regards to the fake infinix hot 2 online and it was like i knew people were being duped into shopping for fake infinix hot 2 device. The actual fact remains the infinix hot 2 comes with its personal issues although, however steps have been taken to fix all that, You possibly can learn all about that Right here.

Lets rapidly dive into how one can identify a fake Infinix Hot 2, Because the fake/clone infinix hot 2 is everywhere in the Nigerian markets with a lot cheaper price tag and even sold at the same price tag as the original by dubious phone dealers.


fake infinix hot2 003

  • The Infinix Hot 2 device box and  packaging doesn’t have the brand identify Infinix & seal of infinix on the box.
  • The design if the fake Infinix Hot 2 is completely different, The original infinix hot 2 has a glassy really feel on the back cover of the device,  whereas  the fake infinix hot 2 back cover is simply pure plastic.
  • Fake infinix hot 2The front camera of the fake model is large and the positioning is on the far edge. The positioning of the sensor is equally totally different as well.

fake infinix hot2 002

  • The place of the charging ports had been positioned in a different way on the fake infinix hot 2 device.

fake infinix hot 2 00

  • In the back of the device, the fake Infinix Hot 2 has three dots on it, whereas the original infinix hot 2 doesn’t have any dots on the back.

My Recommendation: Don’t be fooled by low-cost value offered by various dubious phone sellers, as a result of i do know Nigerians all the time suppose they’re the smartest, it’s going to be a tragic scenario once you assume you have purchased an affordable infinix hot 2 and you got home to show your friends and so they let you know its a fake otherwise you uncover some ridiculous fault. Am sorry your cash have entered voice mail.

At all times shine your eyes when shopping for any device, do online research in regards to the device, checkout reviews and learn. Because Nigeria businessmen are all about sales irrespective if its promoting fake or lesser quality.


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