All About The Infinix Hot 2 Problems And Solutions

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We all know that the infinix hot 2 is the first android one device in Africa with awesome specifications and mind blowing features and a low budget device for everyone. But most users often find it difficult to run and operate the hot 2 device with ease.

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Many infinix hot 2 users keep complaining of how difficult to operate the infinix hot 2 user interface, What many hot 2 users don’t understand is that the Android One interface is quite different from the normal android device user interface, therefore you do not expect the same operation and functionality of the normal android device against the hot 2.20150903_135938

This article is mainly to open your eyes to see how amazing the hot 2 is and explain more about the infinix hot 2 problems and fixes. I got lots of comments and mails concerning the problems of the hot 2, someone even said she wants to sell her new hot 2 she just got because she cant seem to enjoy using the device. I had to compose this article to help you guys fix the common issues and see the joy of using the hot 2 android one device.

NOTE: If you don’t setup your Gmail account before accessing the device, you can’t fully enjoy the device full features and functionality, so it is recommended you kindly login into your gmail account  or create a new account on the device of you don’t have one.

 Below are some known common issues with solutions of the infinix hot 2 device:


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  • I can’t see the picture gallery, play music, watch videos on my infinix hot 2


  • The infinix hot 2 has a pre-installed gallery app called “Google Photo” which enables you to view pictures, view and watch videos. you don’t need to download any gallery app.

See snapshot below:




  • I can’t play music on my infinix hot 2


  • You can play music on the infinix hot 2 with the google pre-installed app called the ” Play music”

See snapshot below:

hot 3

  • I can’t see a file manager app, My computer can’t access my device files


  • The infinix hot 2 doesn’t come with a file manager, you have to download a file manager app for you to have access to your device storage. Go to play store and download “Es file explorer” app.

See snapshot below:

hot 4


  • I can’t use my songs as my ringtone on my infinix hot 2


  • To use your own song as your device default ringtone, go to settings>sound & notification>Phone ringtone>select the song to open through ES File Explorer and the song will become your ringtone.

See snapshot below:

hot 5

  • My infinix hot 2 does’nt or show have H+ (HSDPA)


  • This is quite interesting, because most hot 2 users don’t believe their hot 2 device has H+. Am going to surprise you guys showing you prove the infinix hot 2 indeed has H+ mobile network.
  • Go to your settings – About phone – Status – Sim status: Now you are surprised to see it has H+ 😀

See snapshot below:

Hot 6 hot 7 hot 8 hot 9

For advance users that feel the need to show the H+ icon in your status bar, you can explore more by rooting your device, install Xposed Framework and Gravity Box, then set it up to write H+ on the status bar.

  • I can’t take screenshot on my infinix hot 2


  • This easily done by holding the volume down button + holding the power button, wait few seconds before the screenshot is done.

Finally, am quite sure you now know alot about your infinix hot 2 device and be the boss of the device which keeps you in control.

For any other issues encountered with the infinix hot 2 device, kindly drop a comment. would be glad to assist you fix the issue..

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If your infinix Hot 2 is always giving you uncommon issues, please checkout if you bought the fake/clone Infinix Hot 2.


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516 thoughts on “All About The Infinix Hot 2 Problems And Solutions”

  1. Good job Bros. pls whenever I want to make calls with this infinix hot2, it Doesn’t ask for which Sim to use, either Sim1 or Sim2. And I ve try finding the settings its not in d fone. So, how do I make calls with either Sim and not not setting one particular Sim for calls. Thanks

  2. Thanks, Appreciate. go to your settings, click on sim cards, to make calls with sim 1 or sim 2, you need to select the network in each sims to make calls. The option to select each sim wont come up when you want to make calls. You need to set the particular sim to make calls with, You can receive calls on both sims.

  3. I just got the infinix hot2 and I found out that the internal memory is 11.68g instead of the said 16g. What do I do?

  4. I cracked that one of asking which Sim to use. First u go to phone, above there is d search box and at d right side a 3dots that open a dialogue box,go to settings, then calling account, u ll see d ‘ask first’
    So excited!

  5. I can download with my infinix hot 2 , i can not copy from SD card to internal phone memory and and can’t have file sent to the phone memory whenever I insert my sdcard CU’s I have no space on my sdcard again pls help me out of this.

  6. I can’t send messages with my infinix hot 2 and sometimes the phone lock till some minutes before to come back with this message the application is not responding what am I suppose to do

  7. Thanks for the explanations’ but you didn’t address the issue about not being able to access files with a computer.

  8. I would add a detailed tutorial about that in this article later, but for now let me explain better: On your call screen, look at the top up where you see the “search icon with enter name or phone number with voice record”, click on the 3 dots, select settings,click on calling accounts, select make call first with, now you have the option to enable always ask when calling with network 😀

  9. Please help, how can i switch back to owner instead of guest in infinix hot 2, i mistakenly press guest and the phone refuse to display and go back to owner

  10. pls I can’t download apps from play store on my infinix hot says cannot retrieve from source…wat can I do pls.

  11. Thanks for your insight into infinix hot 2. My infinix hot 2 phone only allows me to use one sim card operations at a time. Unlike some phones you would be asked which sim you want to use when you dial a number. Please how can you help in resolving thia.? Thanks

  12. pls sir, my infinix hot 2 google search, google+ and play store does not connect to d internet even when i on my data and d opera mini is browsing very fast. Why? Also i remove d google account from d phone how do i login back?

  13. You need to have a gmail account before you can operate the play store and other google apps on your device, Go open a new gmail account and login with play store.

  14. This might be network issues, try downloading when you have a better network.or your play store app is corrupted, delete it and install a new one.

  15. I think a part of the issue with the Infinix Hot 2 can simply be solved by running an OS update on your device, i just got mine today and the update was successfully downloaded and installed and kapish a file explorer was installed.
    Am still taking my time to look out for whats up with the update for all observable changes but for now thats the major thing i have noticed cus i realy needed that file explorer

  16. Hello. I have a hearing problem with my infinix hot 2, on some incoming calls I can hear, and on outgoing I hear nothing. Not even the other phone ringing. What to do?

  17. Have you tried to reboot the device?, this is an error, if that doesnt work, you need to backup all your files and factory reset or flash the device.

  18. pls help me, I naught an infinix hot 2 newly, but can’t access on my internal memory, and can’t access my fender and camera without memory card, plus help me out of this hot 2 mess.

  19. Help pls I can’t copy file to internal memory even wen connected to PC. What do I do. I tried using d es explorer but not working

  20. my sister forgot her the email address she synced on her infinix hot2 , i had to do a hard reset only to be asked the same question….whenever i switch on the phone it asked for the first gmail account synced with the device which she does not remember…been to where she bought it but they still cant find a solution..wat do i do pls?

  21. Pls how do I reboot my phone as I want to switch from guest to owner. My phone is not displaying nothing cus I activated the “guest” order. U told told someone above to reboot, but I don’t know how to. Pls teach me. Thanks

  22. You can choose to remove the battery and place it back after waiting for few seconds, or you can hold the power button which shows “Shutdown” and restart the device.

  23. I got a simple fix for this, simply install a new operating system on the device, like install the custom rom, you can google all about that, that should fix the device and restore it like a new device.

  24. Are you sure you enable usb mode on your device when connected to the pc? try other means by sending the files if they are small via bluetooth.

  25. Thanks for the info, but my own infinix hot2 is showing SD card disabled each time I try to access flash share or any Media file.

  26. Sorry about d ask every time for my sims I hv read through and tried d above suggestions but none has worked what else can I do

  27. Pls there is no Always ask option in my preferred Sim for calls in the setting on my hot 2. I av read thru all other comments but still d same.

  28. suddenly i couldn’t see anything on my internal memory which phone memory, what happened and about 2 weeks ago i can view through usb on my system with all i have in my internal memory but now i can’t view phone memory again. pls help!

  29. Hi,my infinix X510 starts up but i cannot enter the pin. When i use a pinless sim i cant enter the lock pattern therefore i cannot access files and everything in it. Please help

  30. Hi,larious,I’ve read through the comments but you haven’t given the solutions for those whose phones are suddenly unable to access the SD card and it keeps saying turn off USB storage. Please what can we do

  31. Good day, please i have issues with my infinix hot2 which I
    bought 2weeks ago. The battery drains fast whenever am
    browsing or my data is switched on(unlike
    other android phones i have used before). Another thing is that
    i have been finding it difficult to transfer my files from my
    external storage to the internal storage. And finally, the
    internal storage memory is supposed to be 16gb but it shows
    11gb. I’ll be glad if I can get a solution to these. Thanks

  32. pls my infinix hot 2 is not working again. My engineer told me there is there is light on d panel bt it is not on or charging. Wht can i do. I need d panel. Contact 08164324493

  33. In addition, for those complaining on how to select preferable sim to call,.. Go 2 ur menu Click on “phone” as if u wanna make call, 4 u that u c only number, click on the White surface area above the digit. Just to display ‘ speed dial, Recent, and contact’ then look upside, u c “enter number and name, look beside d microphone u will c 3 dot” :.” Click on it and click on setting>call account> make call with, now click on “ask first” then try to make call,,,,hope is helpful..

  34. I have not been able to send SMS on my infinix hot2 andriod 1 version. They keep asking me to set a preferred sim for SMS. But I want to be to choose any sim I want not just 1 sim. Please How do i set it to ask first before sending the SMS?

  35. Cant play any music on my phone. it is displaying Music Playback Error and also can’t view my pix despite in storing ES File Explorer

  36. Please how can I view my SIM messages i.e the messages on my SIM card before i insert the sim in my Android hot 2. if i put the sim on another phone everything will appear but doesn’t show on my hot 2. Thank you.

  37. I CNT view My pic, play music, use xender and xo on. my device keeps telling me to mount My SD card. I need help pls

  38. I can’t make calls with my infinix hot 2,,, I’m always been told ‘call not sent, limit exceeded’. don’t know how to reset it. please help

  39. Hi.. My browsing is extremely slow tho have not upgraded it yet.. Everything is OK… I’m okay with the battery, okay with everything else just the browsing and what sim is most preferable???? And where can I upgrade it

  40. You browsing slow doesnt have anything to do with your device, Its probably your network provider. Any sim slot is preferable. Both sim slots are 3G enabled.

  41. Sorry you cant, its a core application, the only way to remove it is to root your device and install tantanium backup app to freeze the cores apps

  42. Pls my infinix goes blank all of a sudden while it is on,after DAT I usually remove the battery and after I put the battery back the phone start by itself which the phone was not program like DAT…I have to switch the phone off again and after it comes on ,all the phone app start loading after which it will go blank again.I really have to wait for hours for it to display back.pls what should I do?

  43. Hi Larious, I somehow lost all screens and it came as only one vertical full of all the apps. I need to arrange them as a number of screens. I just read about Nova Launcher for Android, whats your recommendation on the same? Regards. M

  44. Hi. Pls i took some pictures recently on my phone and when I wanted to view them later. It kept saying “couldn’t load image “. I also tried sending the pictures, it said unknown error occurred

  45. Hi Lari, How to change settings on camera.. Like changing to video mode (or) choose storage to sd card.. etc

  46. please I seriously need help, I can’t access the phone storage of my infinix hot 2. can you help me?, it only reads my SD card

  47. Hi, i just got my infinix hot 2 and i found out i cant install apps i receive via bluetooth, pls can u help me out?

  48. Hello Larious,
    please can you tell me how to delete multiple contacts on my hot2 device? It only deletes one at a time, it very annoying. Thanks

  49. I cant snap pics cos is on it insert SD card min while i ve 9GB as the fon memory since this problem developed all mi pics ve been deleted pls wat do i do i just bot the fon 3days ago

  50. You can mark all contacts and delete, or choose either phone memory, sim cards or your email where your contacts are stored and mark and delete contacts

  51. Hi bro, i don’t seem to see mobile network on my phone, but i saw cellular network. does it function as mobile network?

  52. can’t play music from my “play music” app and cant view my pictures anymore..tried snapping it keeps telling me to insert SD card!!

  53. I use 2 sim but the “ask me first” option is missing from my phone. Is not even in settings-sim card-preferred sim for-calls. Kindly assist

  54. Hello Larious,

    I just got an Infinix hot2 5.1.1 OS few weeks back. I can’t save files to either phone memory. It tells me “This file can not be created,” meanwhile it does not show me another alternative to save it on my SD card. What can I do please?

  55. I appreciate your effort, but please I have some problem with my hot 2. I mistakenly on some service under accessibility, the phone speaks on touching of a key, and worst of all, the phone doesn’t swipe to the other page. I try locating the settings but could not. I will enter the menu but can’t swipe to other page. please help me out.

  56. Hi…….. Nice write up “All about the Infinix Hot2 Problems and Solutions”. However, i just got one and i’m aware of signing in with gmail account for full usage. Now, this is the problem: i have been trying to sign in using wifi in my office but all could not availed. And the network is strong other people and systems are using it. What do i do???????? Do i have to buy data on mt MTN line to get that done????? Please, i need your help.

  57. This is quite funny, is the call button pressed down automatically? The best way to fix this is just flash or factory reset the device, Always back up before doing anything.

  58. Thank you, Appreciate. What error did you get when trying to sign in? are you sure your username and password are correct? try signing in on a computer to test the gmail account.

  59. You have enable the voice function for accessing the device, try and locate settings and undo what you did or better just wipe or factory restore the device.

  60. That option is hidden in the call settings, click on the 3 dots on the call screen at the top, then click on phone settings and choose either to always show ask me first option.

  61. Hello Larious,
    I appreciate your your efforts, but you never gave an answer to my question above
    I just got Infinix hot2 few weeks back, the only problem I notice is that I can’t save a file on the phone memory it tells me ” the file cant be created. and it does not give another option of saving to my SD card. Even the old files on my SD I can’t transfer them to Phone memory either. What can I do as this seems to be my only issue with the phone?

  62. Actually, I haven’t tried accessing my files on the computer. I already downloaded the Es file explorer on my phone but still can’t save files on the phone storage

  63. I hate this phone…I’ve tried all I can even wif the so called Es file explora I still don’t have access to my phone memory.. Infinix hot 2 is boring…. Psss……

  64. even with the Es explore still can’t access my internal memory on my PC and also on the phone what do I do?

  65. hi Mr larious I need ur help I can’t take a photo or play music.I’m confused whether to add external SD
    coz the phone still has some more space like 10g

  66. Pls boss help me I can not play music with the default Infinix hot 2Music player. I the MTN Music plus on my phone and since then the musithec plus App has set itself as the default player and I can’t access my music anymore. Thanks

  67. I can’t switch from guest or new user to owner or default setting of my phone (Infinix HOT 2 5X10), please i need solutions to this problem.

  68. I lost all my pictures and music as I click on the new system updated alert that I got on my phone screen , know am going to get it back

  69. Am Samson, I did an upgrade on my Infinix Hot 2 and all picture, music, bids and documents vanished, how do I get them back?? if I do a downgrade will they all come back??

  70. Hello guys, please I just did an update on my infinix hot 2 and discovered that all my pictures and videos are gone but my apps, documents and other things are intact. Please help me…I need those things back

  71. Hi, I have 2 issues with my infinix hot 2 X510
    1. Am using Glo BB subscription on the phone and it was fine but since I upgraded from Android one to 6 recently, am having network connectivity problem (it’s very slow and most times it doesn’t connect).
    2. Since I upgraded from android one to 6, I lost all my data. How can I recover the lost data.
    Thanks for anticipated response.

  72. pls i cant browes with my infinix hot two nd i have tried all possible settings but its nt working i cant even use my data plan or even other peoples subcription to browes on it nd all dis started wen i rooted my phone pls help me out i hv nt even use the phone for up to three weeks now pls help me out. thanks

  73. Hi Larious,
    What is the solution to a hot 2 that won’t boot beyond the logo after updating to andriod 6. Pls what can I do?
    Secondly how do I get to the system recovery, I’ve tried different ways.

  74. hello… I cant view my videos, pictures. I noticed it after upgrading to the 6.0 android automatic update. However, it seems ive almost exhausted the 16gb the phone came with. it remains 500mb. I think this could be the problem. now I cant access it. but it shows its full. how do I delete or free up space when I cant even access it?. thanks

  75. What actually annoy me about my hot 2 is my contacts are always coming out double, what can i do stop dat and also how can one delete contacts at once or select contacts you want to delete instead of deleting one after the other? Pls reply asap..thanks

  76. my memory card is full and i want to save my files to the internal memory but itb cant , how can i change may storage to phone memory

  77. Pls I updated my infinix hotX510 and now can’t save new contacts on sim it goes to the phone wat do I do thanks

  78. Good day, my pictures just stopped showing and the phone just started requesting for an sd card before I’m able to snap. what I’m I suppose to do?

  79. hi.. pls i cant access the phone memory on infinix hot2…. please i need ur help, bery urgent….. will b glad to get a reply frm you. thanks

  80. I recently upgraded my HOT2 to Marshmallow 6 and all my files are inaccessible but they are still on the phone cos the size is still evident. what do i do to get the files back, they are also not accessible on a PC.

  81. my infinix hot 2 was perfectly OK before I upgraded it,and now that I do so,my pictures, music,videos are contact are not displaying names as well.I tried to Google to solution but its not here.pls abeg if u know the solution tell me pls

  82. Afta dwnlding n installin the system update,my fone version moved frm 5.1 to 6.0 but when de power button x pressed it takes a lonh tym fr de screen to light up

  83. hi. I updated my android system and now I cant access my pictures on the user but I found them at the guest and now I can’t take pics on the user since its demanding for an SD card but I still have space on the phone’s memory. what do i do about this. I’ve read through all the comments but u have not given any help on my issue yet. pls help because I’m a bit frustrated about this. wanted to delete the guest but don’t know what will happen if I do that

  84. So sorry about that, its obvious the user profile is limited or restricted, are you sure the guest profile isnt the real user account? if you can access your files and run operations on the device with the guest profile, just change the guest profile to user profile. If that didnt work, just backup all your files and factory reset or format your device.

  85. So sorry about that, simply save all your files and factory reset or format the device, or flash the device and go back to the previous rom version.

  86. Thanks, its obvious your screen is faulty.did the device fall down? those lines you see has to do with your device screen and not the device itself.

  87. Go to settings and click on storage settings, where you can select storage location. or just copy all your files from your memory card to phone memory using your system.

  88. To fix that, just select one contact location to display your numbers, you can choose either show phone contacts or your email contacts. just choose one. this fix the double contacts displaying.

  89. Check if you can access your files using the guest mode account, The marshmallow 6.0 has some bugs error and its yet to be fixed. But using the guest mode account helps you access your files.

  90. Its obvious your device is stucked in download mode because of an error during updating the device. hold the power button and volume up key and home button to access recovery mode.

  91. Am sorry, the android marshmallow 6.0 has bugs isues, try and see if you can access the guest mode account to access your files. if not, your files are gone.

  92. Hi, ever since I upgraded my OS on my infinix x510, my contacts automatically save to google account and not my phone. Then numbers already saved on the phone memory are not coming up.
    Please help! How can I change my default setting to my phone memory?

  93. Hello Bro, I just got the Infinix Hot 2 and it’s working just fine. The issue I have is that the SIM 2 is only set for 2G (no way to set it for 3G). What can I do?

  94. Pls any time I try to download or take a pic an insufficient memory pop up whiles I just used about 1gig of my memory. Don’t know what to do

  95. Errm sorry m having an ish with my phone in the sense that when I delete certain things on my phone like pictures and all that when I switch off my phone and turn it on I’ll see them again please what could be the problem…?

  96. d xender I downloaded 4rm d app shop is not working, rather it tells me my SD card is disabled. pls wat can I do.pls reply. tanx

  97. Its obvious you might have played with the call settings and probably set a limit when making calls. Kindly go back to your call settings and check the options you enabled.

  98. My phone is asking me to enable the SD card before i can snap or check any photo on it pls what do i do oooooo

  99. The reason why its asking you to insert SD card before you can snap a picture is because the storage location for images or pictures is set save on the SD card, and if you dont have an Sd card installed you would always get that message. So the solution is changing the storage location to save images or pictures on the phone memory instead of SD card. this can be done from the camera settings or phone storage settings.

  100. hello l have updates my infinix x510 it still 5.1.1 and now it not give me option to select sim. than in calling account it not allowed me to select Ask,every time pls help me.

  101. Good job Bro, pls hw I can I downgrade dis phone from 6.0 to version 5.1.1 the new version is annoying, pls tell me thanks

  102. To download your device, you need to first back up all your files and data, then download the android 5.1.1 rom from the infinix website, flash your device and install it.

  103. Some of my files are always missing,especially pictures and music,some pictures are not showing and couldn’t find and play some of music I received and downloaded

  104. Hi, please my phone is not reflecting on the system. I tried the USB debugging you mentioned up there, same thing. And also I want to move the pictures and videos I view on ES explorer so I can see them in google photos, is that possible?

  105. Go see a phone technician, your keypad might be faulty and needs change. Or you backup all your files and flash or factory rest your device, it might also be a virus issue or so.

  106. Please, I upgrade my hot 2 OS and ever since then if I called any number stored on the phone or any number stored on the phone called me, It won’t show as a number that I have stored on the phone, it will just show as an ordinary number.

  107. Am having network problem with my infinix hot 2. It doesnt browse even after setting nd configurn it. Plz help me out

  108. Hi larious. Thanks for your help so far. So on my former Android, I could copy or cut files from my SD card and paste on my device memory but I can’t do that with the infinix hot 2. Also the camera keeps telling me to insert a memory card before I can snap pictures but I have enough space on my device memory and it wouldn’t even Lee me access the camera settings. What do I do?

  109. when i get calls on my infinix hot 2 it doesnt show the name of the one calling. but i have also save the persons number in my contact all i see is the persons number

  110. Your most welcome. Thanks. What version is your Infinix hot 2? is it the 1gb version or 2gb version? The other option to fix the camera issue is just to back up all your files and factory reset or format/flash the device. then restore your files and lets see if it fix the issue.

  111. How do I restore my apps because have copied them from my phone to SD card before resetting it and I can’t found dem on my infinix hot 2

  112. How did you copy your apps? did you copy the install setup? or just shortcut? Go to your Sd card and install the apps.or better still download then again

  113. my infinix hot 2 camera is not working and every time i open it brings a text saying”camera has stoped unexpectedly” ?please help me

  114. Larious tanks so much,but my infinix problem is DAT if I try to launch some app,wen it gets to 92% of loading its goes back to d home screen ,pls wat can I do to ITT…..

  115. Each sim card has an option to make a song or music its default ringtone, When you go to your music to play a song, click on the options, there is set song as ringtone for sim 1 or sim 2.

  116. Thanks, The apps might not be installed correctly or the apps has some bugs preventing it to launch. You might try to clear the apps cache and try again.

  117. Pls after using pasward on my infinix hot 2
    If I stroll down on the screen I can still see WiFi Bluetooth the short court thing it makes is easy for my children to on my data and Bluetooth down.what is the solution thanks

  118. Hello, pls i mistakenly touched somewhere on my infinix hot2 and the screen went blank. Even when there is incoming calls the screen is still blank What can I do please.

  119. Have you tried to restart the device? remove the battery and reboot the device, if this didnt fix the issue, then your screen is bad and you need to go fix it.

  120. Why can’t you turn off the mobile data? or go to your settings, click on security and enable data protection, its here you put your pattern as a password to prevent unwanted use of your data.

  121. Larioous ..wao u too much can I have ya nomba please
    Or u should contact m sef (07065020292) cos I came in tru Google

  122. Comment:whatz d WhatsApp group number please. you are a genius, I can’t help being marvelled at d way u solve questions with dis phone problems.But pls am finding it difficult to transfer music from my infinix to other phones including my Nokia asha 501.

  123. Thanks for the motivating comment, Appreciate. You can call or join the LKT Whatsapp group: 09082033794. Thank you, About you not been able to transfer music to your other devices, did you use Bluetooth? did you pair both devices? Make sure you have space available to add new devices for bluetooth pairing, if you dont have delete other old bluetooth devices not in use and pair the device again. All the Best.

  124. I cannot delete videos that I added through USB(system), like it needs permission or something, gone to settings, did not see anything, please help

  125. i just bought my infinix hot 2 i used it for 5 days and on the sixth day, the phone fails to operate.
    i cant access the menu,minimize,or even go back.d fone has frozen,all of a sudden i cant do any thing,i cant make or receive incoming calls .in fact i cant eccess my fone at all.and am tired please can u help me out.thnk you

  126. Comment:please my infinix hot 2 battery got low and went off as it normally does but this time when I tried charging it comes on and goes off…it has continued this since and refused charging..please help me..what do I do

  127. Please help me, all my photos and videos have moved to my guest profile, upon switching to guest profile, I noticed all my apps (facebook, whatsapp,bbm and others) are not on the guest profile. However, the apps are all on my original user profile.

    Please what do I do to bring back my photos to my original profile?

  128. plz i try to update my solo launcher on my infinix hot 2 nd it was slow so i stop it nd since it has been blank i cnt access d phone, d minimixe nd back button nd it not displayin anytin on d screen

  129. My infinx hot2 has refuse to display content on file manager.. And can’t play music,videos,show photos on device memory .. Pls help me..

  130. I created 2 different user on my hot2 bt if i click on 1 of d user it behave normal bt it would nt show my photos again and music will nt play

  131. My infinix hot2 is just a week old and I regret so much of purchasing it I wish I read all the complaints about this phone. nevertheless am seriously having so much problem with the phone.
    1) I can’t make use of the so called 16g internal memory, my SD card is filled and I have been trying to move or save files from the SD to phone memory all to no avail. there is no even option for that on this my hot2 I tried using through setting yet no way even through camera there is no option for that. I have downloaded Es file explore and am using my user account not guest.
    2) I can’t download files,music,videos or apps from online and there is no error message it just won’t move or read and I have factory reset the phone yet nothing.
    3)I read all the complaints and comments from u and I decided to go by one of ur advice which is”trying using the guest account and see if u can access all dis” I immediately switch over to my guest account and everything on my phone went blank I couldn’t see anything and nothing was working, I reboot severally but it never worked it was after five good hours that the phone came back to normal. please dear I need serious help cause this stupid phone is just a week old please help me. am ready to resell in case u see a buyer.

  132. Pls I upgraded my infinix from 5.1 to 6.0 and after the upgrade I couldn’t find my videos again in the internal memory….pls what do I do

  133. Am so sorry about all that, The infinix Hot 2 is a complicated device though. What you need is help from someone around you that can handle an android device…All you have seen here works quite well, i dont understand why yours is different. If all stated here cant help you, simply get advance help by giving me a call so i can work you through all. Call me on 09082033794.

  134. The Gr8 Larious Weldon. pls I have bought my Infinix Hot 2 about few months ago and have not enjoy it anymore, I have many problem on the phone like I can’t share my Bluetooth with another device,The sender is working slow,it take about 30secs to On the phone my browsing is very slow, my pictures is not display complete,If I snap 1 picture I need to off nd on it back before I can take another pictures again…pls help me out pls

  135. Am sorry for all that, You need to back up all your files and format, flash the device. Its obvious your device is virus infected. Trust me after formatting and flashing the device, you would enjoy using the Hot 2.

  136. My infinix hot 2 has stopped ringing out whenever people call me.there is a display of something like a crossed circle on d top of d screen.what should I do please

  137. wen i snap pictures with my camera, it turns upside down, what do i do to make it stand straight

  138. This is a very strange issue sir, am yet to experience what your implying. But i recommend you save all your files and back up the device, then factory reset and flash the device. This might be due to virus infections that made your camera malfunction.

  139. please i just bought infinix hot 2. my external SD card is full but I have enough space on my phone memory but when I open camera to take a pic, it says SD card full. how do I switch camera storage to phone memory? also, the phone came with Google chrome preinstalled so when I download anything with it, it tries to go to SD card which is full. how do I change download storage to phone memory. thanks

  140. Can anyone help me out. i have Infinix hot note pro my mobile gallery is not working as i deleted whatapp data from gallery also was not working whatsapp than i remove whatsapp but still my mobile gallery is not working please anyone help me what to do?

  141. Comment: Hi. I have quite a few problems with the Infinix Hot 2.
    1. The screen delays when I press the power button.
    2. When I’m done making or receiving a call, I find it very hard to cut the call because sometimes the screen stays dark even after I’ve removed the phone from my ear.

  142. I just install d Es file explorer and barm!, one time, i saw my files on system wen i plugged d USB. U ar Godsent

  143. Pls, i moved some files from my memory card to my phone memory, now, my songs ar not playing, my picz ar blur, and no refresh in d Google player or d Google photo, again, how can i decide which location to automatically storage files like photos and d rest pls

  144. To view full screen, check your video settings, or your notification tab t disable auto rotate. You can easily upgrade to 6.0 via your settings, check updates.

  145. Compliment of d season to all users, may God grant us all our heart desires, i can play my musics or few my picz with Google play and photo respectively, and i cant find refresh option, again, hw do i decide wich storage to automatically store my media and wat hv u.

  146. Comment:compliments of d season…pls ah hv a problem of setting my message preferred sim to always ask, d call sim is okay,how will I go about d message sim? infinix x510

  147. Pls I recently upgraded my Infinix x510 nd now d toolbar don’t drop down again, d box button Dat shows all previous opened app dsnt work too, d go home button too dsnt work. Pls wat can I do?

  148. Hi please I can’t delete photos or videos from my phone. I thought upgrading it would help but it’s even worse now. I can’t even delete the photos from my Gmail account. Please help me out cos I’m really frustrated.

  149. good evening
    my 1st problem wen i switch of through power off, d power button wont switch on the phone except i remove battery and re-insert it and it comes on by itself
    2ndly if i use some applications for some minutes after a while it says this application isnt responding i have to switch it off and re on
    3rdly is the optimizing application stuff at the start up
    thanks very much and may god bless

  150. Yes I have and even login on the same devices but not the same app. I used chrome to login my email and it work.
    But using gmail app itself won’t work.

  151. mr laurus thanks i hard reset it from the settings but it didnt work and i tried 2 factory reset using power button and volume buh the phone would nt enter recovery mode
    2ndly how can i get a new rom
    thanks in advance

  152. I just got informed about the new 6.0 updates that fixes all the hot 2 issues. just click on updates on your device. download and install the march update.

  153. My cellular network type shows….GPRS. does it mean its a fake and I also can’t delete photos or videos directly from the gallery….says I need permission of some sort. Pls what do I do?

  154. hi mr larious.. i have a problem since i update my infinix hot 2 os to marshmellow…
    1. i cant access internal memory on my pc… even when usb debuggin.. i have select the “MTP file transfer”.. its not showing anything… i just can access my external storage by selecting “usb storage” option.. but i still not finding a way to access internal storage from my pc.

    2. my BBM cannot silent when a message incoming…. even i select “none” on notification tone in BBM… it still ringing when a message incoming…

    thats the problem since i update to MM

  155. hi my phone infinix hot 2 suddenly stopped working.and it cant be seen on a system,i tried flashing it says software not match.pls wat do i do.

  156. You need to use the user account to be able to delete stuffs. The network GPRS type can be changed in your network settings..GPRS is also the same as 2G.

  157. Hi, upgraded my infinix 510 . since then when I dial numbers saved on my phone,it shows up just numbers instead of saved contacts( using names) plus when I try to save a new contact it goes straight to Gmail . how can I rectify this issue. Don’t wannna go tru the stress of saving contacts again one by one.

  158. up vote
    down vote

    I’m using an infinix hot-2 and lately i have been trying to call people but the call dose-not go through, the phone displays a message saying call barring.I check the call settings but the feature is not enabled.I have switched sim cards thinking the are the source of the problem but upon changing the sim outgoing calls go through but later on the same problem re-occurs. Should I reset the phone? and will that help? Kindly help with possible solutions.

  159. Comment: pls i try to download image on my infinix hot2 but it Z I can’t download because no internal storage is available, dat I should unmount it as a disk drive………. pls, help me out…

  160. Tboi oooo. Please come to my aid. My infinix hot note 2 suddenly froze. I can’t swipe. If a call comes in I can’t swipe to answer. I can only swipe to unlock and wen I tap the screen it allows just once to open any app then goes back to freeze mode. Please wait do a desperate lady do to solve this issue. Thanks.

  161. Hi larious… I recently upgraded my infnix hot 2 to Android 6.0 and since then, D USB notification doesn’t pop up i.e it charges but it is not seen by my PC wen I connect it. I have not had DS problem until I upgraded D OS. Pls any help

  162. Comment- i have a problem wif d internal memory of d fone… I cant seem 2 move files 4rm d memorycard 2 d internal memory… Hw can i do dat?

  163. Please am having issues choosing my ringtone using es file explorer the error message I keep getting is file not supported pls what do I do?

  164. Comment:i can’t hear the sound of the music playing in my infinix note 2 again. please what will I do to make the music sounds in the speaker of my phone?

  165. Dear Larious,

    My phone wont come on. I’ve removed the battery about 3 times to hard reset but it still wont come on. It shows Infinix for a split second like it’s coming on but then it goes dead again. How do I resolve this issue? This phone is barely 8 months.

  166. Hello Larious. I use the infinix note 2… the one with the 1gb memory. my issue with it is the way my BBM keeps closing/disconnecting by itself. What ive been used to from using the BB is that the messenger is always opened so you actually hear the notifications when you sent messages. But on the phone, once i open the messenger and then minimize it to go do something else on the phone, i dont get messages on it until i notice that my phone has been quiet for so long and i then go and re-open the BBM before all the messages start popping in. Most times i have missed very important messages that required my immediate response. Pls can i do? Thank you.

  167. Hey Larious.My infinix hot 2 refuse to pick calls and if i call with it and they receive it,it wouldn’t show neither will i hear any voice.What can I do please.

  168. Am sorry about that, did you update to the android marshmallo 6.0?..You cam backup all your files and factory reset or format the device.

  169. Am so sorry about that..Well the issue isnt from your hot 2 but from the bbm messenger. Also did you installed any apps that hibernates your applications? because its obvious the bbm app is hibernated, until you open the app that is when you start getting pings. Kindly check your apps and remove bbm from the hibernated apps. or simply deleted the bbm and install a new version.

  170. Sorry about that sir, its obvious your device Os has crashed. You need to reload the factory default Os. Hold down the power button and the home button with the volume up button to enable you factory reset the device.

  171. hi,when i take pic with my phone …..they are not supported they read “cant open with this format’ what do i do?

  172. I’m using the Opera Mini social bundle on my Hot 2, but I can’t download anything from Opera Mini, just browsing

  173. Hi. Why is my off and on button not working is there any other way I can do that maybe by tapping on my screen

  174. You need to force your device to only use 3G. The H+ and 3G are the same.. Same speed and all. To force your device to use only the 3G, you need to dial this code to take you into the Mtk engineering mode where you locate the radio settings and force 3G usage. The code is *#*#3646633#*#

  175. pls bro, I can’t assess my phone memory and SD card on my laptop and it’s as a result of upgrade of d Android in my infinix x510 I tried debugging techniques as u rightly instructed but d USB option doesn’t show on my phone anytime I connect it via my laptop. pls wat should I do.

  176. If you have enabled the debugging mode on your android, your device should show on your pc. its either your usb cord that is bad or your pc usb port. Try using a different usb cord.

  177. Comment:I have enabled d USB debugging by touching about phone 7times den turning it on on d developers option also installed d es file explorer BT still can’t view my phone memory on my pc

  178. Comment:pls I just bought an infinix hot 2 inserted my SD card and its saying unmounted, I reboot d phone but same issue. someone asked me to go to settings >SD card and format but I’m scared I’ll loose all my Information on d SD. pls wat do I do?

  179. Comment:ever since I upgraded my hot2 couldn’t access screen rotate anymore… they said it’s locked plxx I need help ooo…add me 2 whatsap group – 0903 868 1876 plzxx guys I need repl6, God Bless

  180. pls, I want to barr all calls from an infinix note 2 but its requesting that I enter a call barring password(4 numbers).

  181. How to block my stoen Infinix HOT2 X510 phone using IMEI number? Pls get back to me as soon as possible, i’ll be greatful.

  182. Am sorry there is no free way to do such, Even using your imei number, you can’t block the stolen device. Currently i don’t think its possible here in Nigeria.

  183. Hi Larious, that’s my main issue with this phone I can’t copy and paste, even with the ES EXPLORER.
    please help out,probably show me how to use the explorer

  184. About the play music, how do I get to see newly added songs on it.
    Thanks Larious,the comments have been most helpful

  185. My infinix camera is not working.I can’t take videos and snap pictures. When I snap,there will no image.Please kindly help me fix the problem.

  186. To see your latest songs added in your music player, check your music player menu for recent or newly added songs. Thank, Appreciate.

  187. The Es explorer is a very easy app to use, for more information on how to use it go to play store where you download the app and read the directions.

  188. The camera could be infected with a virus or so, kindly save all your files and factory rest or format, If it didnt work go see a phone technician.

  189. Hi Mr larious have been been looking forward for forum and I really appreciate your contribution.plz sir I have this problem with my infinix hot 2, anytime I send message it always says not sent tap try again. Even though I tried to resend it the problem still persist & it’s frustrating. Pls kindly reply for the solution.

  190. Comment: thanks larious, my Infinix hot note which has two Sims just changed all of a sudden to one unbelievably, I tried interchanging the sim cards,but the sim one port doesn’t work, how do I fix this?

  191. Are you certain the other sim slot isnt damage? If one sim slot isnt working, there is nothing you can to except to give a phone technician to help you fix

  192. You want LKT to have a forum here? The issue has to do with your service center number for your network, go to your message settings and click on sms service center, if you dont already for the sms center number by default. You can use this for Glo: +2348050001501 and for Airtel: +2348020000009. Once you input the correct network sms center number your messages would be sent and delivered.

  193. hello bro, welldone more greese to your elbow. pls am having problem with my infnix hot 2 i forget my pattern, so i was unable to use the phone… pls help me out…thanks

  194. hello. ihave only 1 problem with my infinix zero 2. mood swing. i can go for 2days without a problem then suddenlya whole day of SIM CARD 1 not installed/not recognised and sim card 2 not installed. i then have to start from pin and switch on data again continuously

  195. Have you tried to factory reset the device? If that didnt fix the issue, then go visit a phone technician to help you check the front camera lenses.

  196. Comment: boss what’s the difference btw infinix hot 2 and infinix hot note 2 and which one would you recomend for me to buy.
    I have never use an an andoid phone before. I’m a bb fan but it sucks using bb now. Thanks

  197. By reading people’s comments, you’ve corrected many things for me.
    But remaining three issues you never touched. My phonebook doesn’t show if the stored numbers are either in sim 1, 2 or phone storage.
    The incoming calls doesn’t specify if is on sim 1 or 2.
    And, the phone numbers and names in my phonebook disappears if I stores a new one. It is very embarrassing to always ask your mother “who is this” please help me out.

  198. Dear larious, I have problem with my phone,things have been popping on my phone something like porngraphic site,some are battery warning or things to download etc. How will I stop it.

  199. Am sorry, your device is loaded with bloatware apps that shows adverts. The only way to fix that is to backup your files and factory reset or load a new operating system.

  200. Thanks for reading through. About the phonebook, you need to check your contact settings to show where your numbers are stored either via your email or sims or on the phone. For the calls, go to settings, sim cards settings and select ask everytime for calls and sms. Have you updated your device to the latest software update? that should fix all your issues.

  201. Hello, my phone wouldn’t just locate service. I just don’t know why. It’s not on airplane mode. If I try to dial a contact it says turn on SIM and I tap it to turn on SIM but it doesn’t. It’s a two SIM phone both are saying no service. Please what can I do to regain back the network. I have used my infinix for over a year and I have never experienced such before.


  202. Please my infinix X510 is always switching to radio when am listening to music with headphones pls assist me thank you

  203. Comment:Please i have about 15GB available storage but I can’t receive files or take a picture please I need your help

  204. You need to setting the default storage options to be on the free available 15Gb storage. Have you updated your device to the latest software version? Try using the guest account to see if you can recieeve files and take pictures.

  205. Very helpful article. My problem with phone is the battery low notification sound. It is so annoying and startling especially when in quiet place. Can I change it in the settings?

  206. hi, please my phone can’t download via web browser .also its only opera and uc web mini that can access the internet other web browser doesn’t work. it keep saying week signal and when I connect my phone to other phone via hotspot it downloads easily. thanks

  207. hello goodmorning Mr Larious, my phone suddenly stopped seeing both sim cards, was about switching to the sim i had data on, found out that it was taking longer than usual , and wasnt responding. so i rebooted the phone (x551)infinix and when it came on, it didnt see both sims anymore till this morning. Pls what can i do…thanks

  208. God bless you sir, pls, how can i use my pc to access my phone infinix x551through USB becos whennever i plug my phone through PC it didn’t bring any information but only charging and i can access any other things. Pls, help me

  209. Have you enabled Usb debugging mode on your device? Also make sure you have installed Es file explorer on the device. Your most welcome.

  210. Have you checked if the sims were properly placed, inserted well, try another sim to confirm. Its quite strange when all your sims cant be found.

  211. Comment: pls whenever I use one of my sim as cellular data, I can’t receive call on the other sim. eg. if I’m using Vodafone sim as cellular data, whenever someone calls on ma mtn, it say the number can’t b reached. pls help me

  212. I have infinix hot note 2 LTE but its one of embracing phone I have ever had before….you guys need to do something with it…in coming future you might loose the market

  213. Comment:hello,pls y does my phone always ask me to set my message as default, off which I have done dat before, to d extend dat I factory set my phone,I set my message as default, I will receive message for some hours, dn d next tin will b,am to set it as default,pls wat will I do to stop dis menace?

  214. Set it as default and save it which enables it not to ask you again. But if that continues, try and update your device software to the latest update.

  215. Hi. My owner user mode has a problem, I cant take photos or can’t view pics, in fact, they don’t exist, though in the storage, their space can be seen. I also cannot delete them. It refuses.
    In the guest user. Everything is okay , I can view my pics too, and take photos. I also have new apps there…

    If I reset/reboot the phone, in the owner user…will it affect the other guest user too??(the apps, contacts, Google account)

  216. The camera settings are in the camera options, But are limited, if you want to customize your pictures use a photo editor for all that.

  217. Hi lariouson. On my infinix hot 2 whenever I make calls,I can hear the person but the person can’t hear me. I’ve been told its a microphone problem but I don’t know how to fix it. Please help.

  218. Comment:I have an 8gb on my phone but its telling me storage full each time I try to collect items,why?

  219. My infinix hot2 is downloading app itself and keeps asking me to install why?. Is there anything to be done.

  220. The soft key pads (home keys) of my infinix x554 does not have any light. How can I turn on those lights.

  221. Hi. My owner user mode has a problem, I cant take photos or can’t view pics, in fact, they don’t exist, though in the storage, their space can be seen. I also cannot delete them. It refuses.
    In the guest user. Everything is okay , I can view my pics too, and take photos. I also have new apps there…

    If I reset/reboot the phone, in the owner user…will it affect the other guest user too??(the apps, contacts, Google account

  222. If you do a reset you would lose all your files both on the guest and owner account, you can backup your contacts via your google account, so i advise you to back up all your files and reset the device.

  223. Please my Infinix note 2 has problem with sending What’sapp messages, it sends each letter as I type it automatically by itself, what do I do to rectify this.

  224. Larious please help me fix this…my infix x551 sim card slots are not detecting any sim card… all my sim cards are not working, what can I do to fix this….I have reboot and even restore but its not working out. it started abruptly yesterday but I have never seen this before.

  225. Have you tried using another sim card to test the device sim slot? If it didnt work, i advise you visit a good phone technician near you.

  226. Larious, pls, how do I deactivate voice message on my infinix X551, I can’t figure out how it happened, I just observed that I can’t unlock my phone, each time I tried to, it keeps giving me voice details of my phone like calls, messages, mails. At the moment, I can’t access the phone due to voice details, How do I go about this pls?.

  227. Comment:since I entered guest mode on my infinix hot2 I’ve been unable to access all my data like songs, video, photos except I go back to guest mode, each time I try to open my images in the normal mode it always says SD card unmounted. please I need your help, THANK YOU.

  228. Hi Larious, Thanks for the article. Please my Infinix hot2 just suddenly started saying all the apps have stopped working, for example it displayed “Unfortunately, Googleplay has stopped”. It did that for all the apps. What should I do?

  229. Thanks for reading, Hmmmmm, this looks so weird, never heard of this, but i recommend you back up all your files and factory reset the device, your phone might be virus infected.

  230. My infinix hot 2 have started misbehaving. Sometimes Android system will restart loading. Battery runs down fast. If charging, it may discharge or jump from low battery to full charge. If it’s virus, what do I do.

  231. Good day, pls I wanna know if I can actually record calls on my infinix hot2 without downloading call recorder apk. That is if the phone has a pre- installed call recorder. If yes, then how?

  232. I purchased a new infinix note 2 on 17.08.2016 from a major dealer. But the problem I have with the phone is that each I call out or receiving a call, callers always complain of not hearing me loudly

  233. My infinix hot internal memory is full, i cant detect what is occupying the space. From my es file analysis i can see what is occupying what. i’m surprise out of 16gb, 5gb goes for operating system, 4 goes for other stuffs while others were move to my memory card.

    I’m bothered where the remain gb is. Kindly help

  234. Hi Larious,

    My infinix hot 2 is seriously misbehaving, i’ve tried debugging still my pc can’t find it. any other solution u want to suggest bcos it driving me crazy.

    thanks for your work here.

  235. Please, i forgot my password and i want to hard reset my infinix hot 2. I have tried several ways but no one is working out bro. Please help cos it’s the only one i have.

  236. Please my is infinix Note 2… I can’t sign into my Google account and my play store.. .it keeps telling me “can’t establish a reliable connection to the server..,this could be a tempoary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. …what should I do please

  237. Hello Mr. Larious,

    How to Remove the Google Search Bar from the Home Screen of Infinix Hot 2..

    Kindly give solution..

    Have a Wonderful Day..!!!

  238. Heyy Larious, sorry to bother you by this time but please My Android OS is draining my data I dunno what to do, tried restricting the background data all to no avail, called your number it was switched off m tired pls help me. Thanks in advance

  239. your device is using up your data, some apps might be responsible for that. switch off the device and restart. download greenify app to restrict some apps from using up your data.

  240. Hi, pls my phone is not showing the name of contact while calling just the number and the numbers are already stored on the phone….I don’t just get it

  241. Yha.. really appreciate what you doing bro.. after doing everything you said on to connecting my infinity to my PC still not see in on my PC but I could hear the sound but not seeing anything. Will really appreciate if I can get any help on that. Thanks.

  242. Thanks for appreciating my efforts in the article. If you have done all said and done in the article and also in the comments sections, then am sorry there is nothing else to be done. but you can try using a different usb cable and see if your system detects it.

  243. hello please my incoming calls does not show on the screen only hear the ringing tone. unless i go to phone asks me to return call in progress then i can see the incoming call on the screen

  244. Pls Various for some times now, anytime I want to download an app with my infinix hot 2, it will end at download pending. What should I do.

  245. Help i was going throgh my infinix features i just happened to switch to new user, now everythig is lost cannot acsess my phone plz help

  246. Hi larry…the number you gave isn’t working on whatsup…i have a very serious issue with my infinix x10

  247. Hi for choosing sim to send message with, u cud tap on d sim card symbol next to wer u type ur message, den choose sim to use…

  248. Pls admin, help with clearer guide on this issue of delecting all contacts. There seems to no way to even mark contacts…pls help

  249. my infinix note has gone blank with all my apps disappearing also when am having a call and another call comes through the existing call drops for the new one…please help uts freaking me out

  250. good day sir, i cant update my latest update for the past two months. if i tried it ended in error. what will i do please. a

  251. Its obvious your device is rooted or its the network issue, because once your device is rooted you wont be able to automatically update your OS, you have to download the OS and load it to your device.

  252. Please couole of days now, my infinix x600 doesnt charge fast it takes hours to charge as compared to the intitial time when the flash chargee works and it charges full less than an hour.. Even now two hours sef, is not even can i solve this?

  253. Hi,I have being using my infinix note2 for sometime now and suddenly my bbm and WhatsApp and facebook stopped working but I can browse and use my Instagram. Pls what can I possibbly do?

  254. Comment:hi please my infinix on when ever I insert the battery in and it on with the infinix name appearing and it restart again it doesn’t go straight top the launcher is on with the infinix name and off again always it making me disturb do I need to reset it with a pc

  255. I’m Ashante, I use Hot2 but this morning I entered talkback mode, surprisingly I was unable to press anything on the phone again. I’m even praying the phone can enter settings mode so that I can reverse it, but not working, it just speaking what i hardly press. Tnks.

  256. Hi,my whatsapp camera isn’t taking a photo.all time writes to me whatsapp is denied to use camera

  257. Hi pls help me… I want to turn off my USB storage. I didn’t connect it to a PC bt each time I want to use the camera, it always tells me to turn USB storage. Pls help me. It’s been 2wks now

  258. Hi, please help me out on this issue with my hot 2. Ever since I’ve upgraded my phone to version 6.0, I’ve been finding it hard to hear my callers very well. though I’m used to using the “hearing aid settings” under the sound settings on my previous android version. But now, I just don’t know where the hearing aid setting is placed again on my phone. I’ve done thorough search on all possible icons on my phone, but yet to locate it. kindly help me out on this issue, and I’ll be glad if u do so in earnest. my digits are 08154322872

  259. I discovered that for the first time today. Thanks for your insight
    I also discovered that when you put the second Sim as your call Sim the question of the Sim to use will pop up

  260. Hallo. I can’t see call setting on my infinix note. I want to make my caller I’d visible as it has just been hidden. What do I do please?

  261. Please good morning, my infinix not 2 sometimes goes off immediately a person picks my call. It runs very slow though I have enough space and I receive notification images to download apps always. I thought it was a virus….so downloaded anti virus but still the same issues

  262. I have an infinix X510 device and I did a factory reset on the phone and since after that the fone has refused 2 connect to the Internet even with abundant data, even I try sharing hotspot from another device it still doesn’t connect…..asin notin related Internet is working both browser, whatsapp, Facebook, playstore nothing @ all.

  263. hello please I was starting up my infinix hot 2 and the phone went off. now am reading start up wizard failed after I powered back. the screen is black

  264. Hello, pls I just noticed of recent that I can’t make call on my phone, can’t play radio as well…when ever I try making call it says turn on permission have done that still yet can’t make call..pls I so need your help thanks..

  265. My problem is the following, for a few days if I put my infinix hot 2 in charge, it heats up, and when the charge is complete, the phone discharges quickly. What to do?

  266. Thank you. Pls my phone infinix hot4 d 1with fingerprint is not showing received calls. And calls are not entering into my phone but if i call it will go through. Please profound a solution to this problem.

  267. Hello.. Good job dear, pls am frustrated with my phone I was asked to update my infinity hot 2 system by the phone itself which I did, I did same thing to my whatsapp and downloaded Imo app too after this my phone started hanging and frizzing. I thought oh maybe it’s my IMO or something I uninstalled the app but then am still facing the same issue
    My phone is constantly frizzing am only on safe mood to be able to do some certain things on my phone can’t use any of my apps

  268. I did a Factory Reset and all of a sudden, while on a call, the voice of the person at the other end is so faint that it is barely audible. I increased the volume from the volume control at the upper right side of the phone to no avail. Pls help!

  269. While watching movies or playing music with my infinix x551, it normally stops nd continue again. What actualky is the proos?

  270. Hi, i love my phone ringing out yeah but my problem is that when i increase the ring volume so does the notification sounds increase too..isnt there a way for my ring volume to be high and the notification sound will be on vibrate?? Thankyou.

  271. hi, my infinix hot 2 is saying sim card damaged and also the baseband is saying unknown. how do i correct this?.

  272. Good morning Mr larious.. I did a factory reset on. My hot 2 yesterday night.. And it kept insisting I connect to a WiFi network which I did.. But it wouldn’t connect. So I removed the battery and replaced it.. Now the phone came on but all I’m getting is a black screen only showing the network and battery.. Please help

  273. Please, when am making a call and someone calls me I want that call to appear on my screen that someone is calling me

  274. Comment: plzz bro my infinix hot2 is no more showing any picture again and if I want to save any picture on whatapp it won’t save plzz kindly help out.

  275. pls dear I want ur help, I have 16gb internal storage on my infinix note2 but whenever I try to install,receive or download any file a pop up menu appears saying I have insufficient space .what do I do?

  276. I like what you do its very helpful.I want you to help me with something I can’t upload my pictures on my Facebook account nobody even sees my profile pics so its hard 4 dem to accept my request

  277. The comments are very much I can’t read all so I want you to give me the ansa direct please I don’t know if the ANSA’s are btwin these comments

  278. Thanks Lary, I’m having problem with my infinix hot 2, there are certain apps that I can’t install. For example, I downloaded Dream League soccer but I can’t install it, and I have free space of 1.11GB on my internal storage, if I try downloading it through Google Play store it will finish downloading and they’ll say app can’t be installed they’ll refer me to page where I didn’t see my same problem. Please help coz I’ve been feeling like I should part with the phone these past 2 days

  279. I have an infinix Hot 2 device and surprisingly my phone started showing “Unfortunately, Googleplay has stopped”. I did tried a factory reset on the phone and since after then the phone has been hanging but was still managing but now it goes off completely for more that 6 hours and will now later comes back, it might work for let say another 6-7 hours and along the line it goes off again. As am written this to you it has been off for let say about 5-8 hours now and still not comes back.

  280. Please my phone calls always hang up after about 20seconds it outgoing or incoming please how do I go about it using an infinix hot 2

  281. My infinix hot 2 screen is always going black,but the operation lights still showing red indicating it’s on…It’s frustrating… What can I do?

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