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moneyIt appears owning a blog and the act of blogging is now becoming more like a necessity amongst youths this days. I started out of passion. But majority did because a friend did or because they heard someone said Dele heard you can make money online from it. So they badge into tech, entertainment or whatever genre that someone said without first seeing the possibilities.

After blogging for say 6 months or years in some cases, spending time and money on expensive internet data bundles since cheap data and cheats are not always available. Purchasing new gadgets (laptops, phones & tablets) to ease the stress or the raw power flowing from the brain been expended. Then the need for how to make money from that thing called blog arises.

Today, I will leak and discuss that with you to the best of my knowledge. As I was once like that: making N0 and $0 month to month while I blog day and night out of passion. And just like other bloggers will say, I will also repeat you can make huge money online from your blog. Even to the tune of you been comfortable having it as your only source of income. However, beware that how much you earn depends on some key things.

Ways Bloggers Make Money Blogging

There are many ways to make money blogging online today. If am to group them all together, they will fall mostly in to three groups namely Direct advertising, pay per click adverts and sponsored posts. But there are others such as music promotions by the likes of Naijaloaded, waploaded, notjustok and the rest use. Breaking them down, we have the following listed below.

==>1. Pay Per Click Adverts

Pay per click adverts as the name implies, are adverts that when run, you are paid only when your audience clicks on the ads to view them. We have so many advertising networks running this kind of advertisements. They are listed below.

  • Google AdSense:

Under pay per clicks, google AdSense tops the chart. And happen to be the first money making method every blogger both young and old, starters and pros look up to monetize their blogs. In fact it has come to the sense that any blog without AdSense ads, either got their applications rejected or banned from the system for policy breach. That’s for no other reason but because AdSense is a real money puller for bloggers. All you have to do here is, get a niche, create your blog with a simple user friendly template, write posts that are rich in text say 300+ words apply for AdSense, get approved, apply codes to blog and wait for your money to reach pay out limit of $100 to cash out. It’s that easy.

  • Infolinks:

Infolinks is another ad network under pay per click which bloggers use to monetize their blogs. Unlike google AdSense, it’s very easy to get registered and verified but the pay is not as high. Infolinks offers their ads mostly in an in-text format. That is they convert your blog post texts to links and underlines it with one or two dotted lines depending on your preference.

  • Others

Other ads networks under the pay per click monetization bloggers use to make tones of income include Kontera, Chitika, Bidvertiser, etc.

==>2. Direct Advertising:

A method many bloggers use to rake in a little from N5, 000 and above for ads of different sizes been posted on their blog for weekly or monthly bases depending on the agreement. To make money using this method, you need enough blog traffic and a healthy Alexa rank. Since most people before contacting you will first check that out to see if your blog can give them the desired results.

Apart from that, getting people to post ads on your blog is one hell of a task which is where buysellads comes in.

==>3. Affiliate Marketing:

Here you are to promote someone’s product using an affiliate link and get paid a particular percentage (commissions) when someone buys those product through your link. It’s easy if you have an audience. Everybody talks about it. But not every blog is qualified. Because to promote a product and be able to earn money from it, you have to be in same niche as the products you want to promote or you end up giving your readers a hard time.

In Nigeria, just like Phyno and Olamide in the music industry, we have two main affiliate programs from 2 Kings namely Konga & Jumia. The emergence of this two e-commerce sites has really helped a lot of Nigeria bloggers especially those in tech, fashion and entertainment niche. Apart from this 2, bloggers under blogging niche do rake in a huge amount as well from domain registration sites like godaddy, namecheap which also has an affiliate program to house bloggers. Outside that, those of Aliexpress, Amazon, ships in some dollars too.

==>4. Sponsored Posts:

This involves accepting post containing adverts or review about a specific product from a client who will in return, pay for the post. Most times, the client will have to write the supposed post to their taste and might include links if the client happen to own a website. Bloggers with good traffic to their blogs like ogbongeblog make up to N20, 000 per sponsored post. See lowkeytech sponsored post page here.

hire me

==>5. Rendering of Services:

The purpose of this post, which is “how bloggers make money blogging” will be entirely unaccomplished without mentioning this. This serves like a shop to every blogger. Have you ever clicked on a website and notice a hire me banner by the right, left, top or bottom of the page? That’s what we’re talking about. Here, bloggers create a page stating what they can do for you as a client so if you are interested, you pay them and they’re all yours.

The services being rendered by this bloggers, are mostly channeled into website designing & maintenance for others, WordPress installation help, website review, writing posts for other blogs for money which I do as well etc. Blogs like Jarushub even go to the extent of writing CVs for graduates searching for a job. The below writing of eBooks can also fall under this category.

==>6. Writing & Selling of eBooks:

Writing and selling of eBooks is another way bloggers make lots of money. It involves writing eBooks on a specific topic for a client willing to pay for the service or writing theirs and selling on their blog through a sales page. A lot of bloggers engage in this and make good returns from it.

==>7. Selling Blog Traffic:

Call this advertising or sponsored post and you will still be right but not entirely right. How it works? Okay! Say another blogger in your niche wants traffic to his blog or to a specific page/product, they pay you to for it and it’s now left for you to push all your audience over. This is the same strategy used by Admins of most Facebook pages with large followers. You need more than enough traffic on your blog to be able to do this.

==>5. No Ads, No Sales Page, No Hire Me Page!

Sometimes, you may come across some blogs without google AdSense ads running. No sales page, no hire me page, no sponsored posts, no product being promoted and you begin to wonder. How on earth do they make money? Don’t be fooled into thinking they are not earning anything. They are making money using the blog but not from the blog. How you ask? Well this bloggers most times are writers working with sites like, or work on their own writing contents for other websites.

What I mean by them making money using the blog but not from the blog here is that, they use their blog here to show their writing skills in their port folio and win bids on the above sites. So if you doubt their capabilities, they direct you to their blog to see how good they can write.


Now you know how bloggers feed from blogging. I have taken my time to list this methods bloggers use to make money. However, like every other human am not perfect. I must have missed some other methods or personally omitted them. So it is in you to draw me back. Which other way do you think the laptop guys make money online blogging? You can as well share what work works for you.


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