How To Increase Micro SD Card Storage Capacity

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Storage sd cardHave u ever encountered a situation whereby you can’t copy large files on your Micro SD card?  And whenever you try to copy and paste a file you get this error message “file is too large for the destination file system”. Not to worry this tutorial is just the perfect article for you, because am going to show you easy way to fix that error and you don’t need any external software or application getting it resolved.

I recently wanted to transfer a racing game “Grid Autosport” I downloaded on my old Pc to the new Pc I just acquired using my Micro SD card, I encountered an error message “File too large for the destination file system”.  I started troubleshooting to find out what exactly is the cause and why can’t I copy large files to my Micro SD card. Because I just wanted to copy the Grid Autosport racing game which is just 5.90GB to my Micro SD card and then transfer it to my new Pc.

After carrying out all my research, I finally discovered the causes and found a very easy solution to increase the storage capacity to allow large files on Micro SD card. Also I decided to write this tutorial which could be of help to others. I will be using my 32GB Micro SD card for this tutorial, the 32GB Micro SD card only has 29GB usable storage capacity.




  • Let’s see why the Micro SD card doesn’t allow large files: The main reason is, the default file system is”FAT32” which has limited storage capacity and doesn’t allow files above a specific size to be copied on the Micro SD card.



Kindly follow the steps below to successfully increase the Micro SD card Storage Capacity:

  • Firstly, you need to save all the files on the Micro SD card on your desktop or a specific folder on your Pc. Now go to my “Computer”, Right-click on the Micro SD card drive and select “Format”, first format the default FAT32 file system.
  • After successfully formatting of the default FAT32 file system, Now right-click on the Micro SD card drive again and select Format, change the file system to “NTFS” and start format.
  • Once the formatting is completed, you’ve successfully change your Micro SD card file system to “NTFS” which increases your storage capacity to unlimited file sizes, thus allowing you to copy large files on your Micro SD card.


Finally was able to copy the Grid Autosport racing game of about 5.90GB on my Micro SD card


I hope this tutorial has been of great help?


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