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Last Updated on December 6, 2020 by Larious

Hey Lowkeytech (LKT) readers, I am happy to announce to you guys about the creation of Lowkeytech Whatsapp group, i have been getting lots of request from LKT readers to create a whatsapp group, I decided to finally create LKT WhatsApp group for our readers.

Lkt whatsapp-group

This group will help our readers get tips, tricks, tutorials, tech news, latest new phones pricelists, new and uk used instantly on the LKT whatsapp group.  The Lowkeytech whatsapp group help our fellow readers with the tech solution they need and also you can get instant help from the group. Lowkeytech often get lots of comments asking various questions across all sections and seeking solutions to problems encountered.

The lowkeytech whatsapp group will help you clarify and solve your issues instantly on the group chat, The lowkeytech whatsapp group will also update you instantly on the group chat section.


  • Get instant updates
  • The opportunity to chat with Larious and ask your questions and get instant reply
  • Receive updated as articles is been published which makes you the first to get informed
  • Get instant solutions to your phone related problems, imei issues, backup, flashing, upgrading.
  • Chat with other LKT fans and share common interests and solutions.
  • Be the first to get Information on New Phone Releases, prices
  • Get the latest Uk used phone prices


Update: Just click in this link to join LKT WhatsApp group directly on your devices

Simply join Lowkeytech WhatsApp group by adding Lowkeytech whatsapp group number: 09082033794  Or send your number to

  • Just Text “Join LKT whatsapp group to LKT WhatsApp +2349082033794

By joining the Lowkeytech whatsapp group, you agree that you won’t spam the group at any cause. Also don’t make any off topic conversation that are irrelevant to Technolgoy.

NOTE: Be the first 256 people to be added to the LKT whatsapp group. The Whatsapp group is only limited to 256 contacts.

Thanks for your time and see you in the group soon 😀


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