Ntel Free Browsing WithTweakware BetaTel On PC

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Ntel free browsing cheat is new because ntel 4G LTE-A network are relatively new in the market having only network coverage in two states in Nigeria. Ntel is currently the fastest network you can find in Nigeria because its a 4G LTE-A network, the A stands for Advance which is faster than 4G LTE networks we have come to love or hate.


  • Activated Ntel Sim
  • 4G Enabled device that works with Ntel network like Unlocked Spectranet or Smile MIFI
  • BetaTel Software by Tweakware
  • Windows PC. It also works for Mac laptops too
  • Tweakware Premium Account

You don’t need any subscription on your Ntel sim before this ntel free browsing cheat can work. All you need is Tweakware premium account to enjoy unlimited browsing & downloading.

How To Use Ntel Free Browsing

  • Goto Tweakware VPN Official Website to register a free account and upgrade to Premium account
  • After contacting the Admin. You can continue reading this tutorial to understand the remaining part.
  • Extract and Run BetaTel as Administrator

ntel-free-browsing 1

  • Download and install JRE 1.7 or Higher (i.e if you don’t already have this or a higher version installed).
    You MUST download 32bit java even if your PC is 64bit else BetaAir will not open.
    Link (JRE 32bit): http://filehippo.com/download_jre_32/
  • Input your Username and Password in the “User Login” Panel in BetaTel

ntel-free-browsing 4

  • Select your server by choosing the “IP Location”. There are different options depends on what you want to do. For torrent downloads, Select the Torrents Servers.
  • Plug in your modem, or it should already be plugged in.
  • Configure your router or smartphone with the following settings;
    • APN – ntel
    • Username –  ntel
    • Password – ntel
    • After BetaTel is connected. Head over to your Browsers – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or whatever you use and input IP and port 8080. I use Chrome browser!

ntel-free-browsing 2

Connect & Enjoy the super speed of Ntel. Kindly drop a comment if you got any difficulty.


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