NYSC 2016 Batch A : How To Get The State Of Your Choice

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We all know how difficult it is to get your choice or chosen state when it comes to Nysc posting, Even the new Nysc deployment procedure placed by the Nysc Director General doesn’t seem to work, The new deployment involves the prospective corps member choice to pick 3  desired stated to be deployed for the Nysc exercise.

nysc-2016 batch-ANysc deployment procedures has gotten more difficult over the years with the high increase of prospective corps members wanting to partake in the one year compulsory Nysc exercise, Years ago the Nysc deployment procedures was very straight and easy to process and your desired state is given to you on a platter of gold, even if your desired state is not given, you won’t be posted to the Boko haram infested states in the north. Also if you know someone at the top you can easily be favored and posted to your choice state.

But of recent years, the Nysc deployment process has been a cumbersome battle where it is very difficult to get your choice state and most prospective corps members are been duped and swindled by con men that claims to help them get their desired state, they collect huge sums of money for the ignorant party, I know of several friends who paid huge sums of money to get their desired posting, and when the Nysc call up letter came out they were posted to the far north.

As an ex corper who served last year Nysc Batch C 2014 set, I experienced a lot when it comes to Nysc deployment and posting, lots of my friends were boosting that they would be posted to Lagos, that they got connections at the top and bla bla bla, eventually when Nysc posting came out they were given a totally different state, some paid huge sums of money to con men who never did any deployment process for them.

Enough of the stories and sad facts, let’s get started on the main purpose of this awesome article on how to get your desired state for the Nysc batch A 2016 prospective corps members.

Am well aware of the new Nysc deployment procedures, well the three desired states to be chosen doesn’t work, I know of several corps members serving now who picked three desired states to be posted to, when their call up letter came out they were posted to an entirely different state. So why is Nysc giving prospective corps members hope they would be posted to at least one of the three states chosen?  Only a few were eventually given one desired state out of the three states they choose.

I got great news for the Nysc Batch A 2016 prospective corps members going to Nysc orientation camp March 2016. I heard the online registrations starts on the 7th of February 2016, and many are eager to quickly start registrations and maybe lucky enough to be given one of the three desired states.

Do you know you can actually get your desired state? And be posted directly there by Nysc, Irrespective of the three choice state to choose from?  I got a direct link to help facilitate your Nysc deployment to any state of your choice. My Nysc link guarantee sure placement to your desired state. But it is not for free, a sum of money is needed to help facilitates your deployment process from the top.

My Nysc trusted link has help several corps members get their desired state, and I have lots of testimonies from corps members serving currently. My Nysc link also helps facilitates redeployment processes if you want a particular state you choose to be redeployed to.

Benefits Of Getting Your Desired State:

  • Peace of mind, safe environment and fun filled service year experience
  • You don’t have need to be a Ghost corps member wasting money on running ghost corper process
  • Guarantee placement of your choice with just spending a token.

Your calls are welcome, I know you have lots of questions to ask like: How legit is this? Could this be real? Can I actually get deployed to my desire state?

The answer is yes and yes, this is real and legit, My Nysc link guarantees sure placement across all states, only states like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt are much more expensive than other states.

For Those Interested Kindly drop your comments.


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  1. Am sorry You can no longer get the state of your choice at the moment. Nysc has already mobilized corpers. But your redeployment process can still be done to get your desired state.

  2. Pls ooo am interested after my biometrics yesterday I wrote down d states foe d cafe man but e went ahead and chosed Borno state as part of d options .pls I don’t want to die early I want Ogun state.this is my mail pls.uwagboe003@gmail.com

  3. Comment:pls I need someone advice,the state (Ebonyi state)I want to relocation is not in the portal&am married lady,what will I do now or if I choose near by state ,will they post me to that state my husband is,pls help m

  4. Comment: am going with batch A May 2017…. i would like to be posted to Lagos state if dat will be possible….this is my email: jngozi72 @gmail.com

  5. am going with batch A May 2017…. i would like to be posted to Lagos state if dat will be possible….this is my email:

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