Is It Possible To Run Your Business Entirely From A Smartphone?

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Phone technology has progressed at such a great rate in recent times that we now have more power in the palm of our hands than you would have on a home PC of twenty years ago.  And with so many different functions, apps, and services at our disposal, it’s no surprise that we spend so much time on our phones – for a variety of reasons. But it begs the question – is it possible to run a business entirely on a smartphone? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


Communication is the cornerstone of every business. And, there is no denying that you can do it all from your phone. Whether you are making phone calls, using services such as Skype, or sending emails, it’s all easy from a smartphone. Certainly, it can be a lot more comfortable to do all these things – and more – from an office in front of a computer. But a smartphone enables you to connect directly with people wherever you are in the world.



Where would your business be without tight scheduling? There is still a place for the desk-bound diary or calendar, of course, but both have been rendered less necessary by the modern smartphone. Whether you use Google or Apple’s calendars, the ease with which you can set reminders, update your schedules, and take notes, is incredible.


There are a vast array of bookkeeping and accounting apps that you can use to keep tabs on your finances. Again, it’s a critical part of your business, and the right app could help you save a ton of time – and money. You can even say goodbye to keeping your receipts safe, by taking photos of them and storing them in something like Evernote, dated and ready for a tax inspection.


In recent years, it has become possible for anyone to take payments – an integral part of running a business. There’s no need for clunky EPOS software, either. All you need is a simple credit card reader which connects to your phone, and you can collect funds with ease. While we wouldn’t recommend using this kind of solution on its own, it’s certainly possible to if you wish.



It’s possible to market your business on social media via a smartphone. You can also check how your website is performing and learn about your customers on the Google Analytics app. Some marketing tactics are best done from elsewhere, but for the basics, your smartphone is up to the job.


Finally, collaboration is another vital part of business, whether you are working on a project with a colleague or checking work done by a contractor. Again, it’s easy to do from a smartphone, thanks to the software on offer from the likes of Google Drive or Dropbox. While some tasks – such as writing long documents – can be tricky, it is possible.


As you can see, it is more than possible to run a business from your smartphone. While we wouldn’t recommend doing absolutely everything from your iPhone or Samsung device, it’s amazing how much you could achieve. Let us know what you think!


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