Latest MTN Trick: MTN BB10 Plans Rocks On Pc & Android Via SS

Last Updated on December 9th, 2015.

ss lktWe all know MTN recently blocked the Mtn bis  trick on Pc and android whereby making everyone on the search of other alternatives to browse the internet affordable or freely. The new trick is using the BB10 plans with simple server and the xt181 application to browse and download. With N70 you can download over 4.5gb files.

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This trick am about to disclose to you all has been in existence for a long time, actually since last year. its actually a coded trick kept in the dark and has been working perfectly.

Lets get started on the process.

How To Use BB10 Plans On Simple Server on Pc 

  • Firstly, download this already configured Simple Server for Pc Here
  • Extract the downloaded file on your pc using Winrar
  • Click on the extracted file and launch the Simple Server.exe file, then minimize the pop up file (Its already configured, just open and minimize it )
  • Subscribe to any bb10 plan of your choice, but i prefer the daily bb10 plan for 24hrs which cost N70, Dial *216*7 or send BBLITED to 21600. Am currently using this trick to write this article right now.
  • Or load N100 and dial *216*10# or send BBMIDID to 21600.
  • For the BBMIDID You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB. Just ignore it.
  • After sending the text or the BBLITED, you get this text from Mtn, “Welcome to MTN BlackBerry BBLITED. You have 10MB inclusive data bundle, Costs N70.0. Auto renew your Subscription and enjoy wonderful discounts. Thank you”
  • Just ignore the 10Mb data, you can download up to 4.5GB of data.
  • Now configure your modem to mtn Apn:
  • Configure your browser and idm to port 8080
  • Relax and sit down and let the download rain.:D


The bb10 plan subscription will still browse without the software above but if your data would be exhausted and your credit removed to 00.0. So be on the safe side and follow the procedure as posted above.

See Messages from Mtn below:  just ignore them

bb10 bb10 1

Also if you get a message saying “Yello! you have used 50% of your BB10 data plan, you will be charged at a bundle rate when your inclusive bundle is exhausted” dont worry  just ignore their messages kindly continue to browse.

if you also get a message saying “Yello! You have used up your BB10 data plan, still ignore the messages and continue to browse and download still you exhausted the 4.5GB data for 24hrs.

How To Use BB10 Plans On Simple Server on Android

  • You can still use your Simple Server installed on your phone, the  simple server settings still maintain
  • Follow the steps above and do all process stated above.

How To Use Xt181 On Pc
NOTE: if you are already using SS on PC, no need to use this again; but if you are not,just follow the below instructions.

  • Download this file called XT181 App Here
  • Extract it with winrar the files
  • Click on the xt181.exe file to launch,
  • Now click on listen, Also click on “Dialup” and select Mtn, which is the mtn profile you created on your modem.
  • Dial the connection
  • Then go to your browser >>Tools>>>Option>>Advance>>>Network and click on settings choose manual proxy configuration settings and use this ip address Port:8080
  • The xti81 app automatically connects your modem

How To Configure Torrents or Skype or any other application the uses Proxy
Got to settings in your torrent app set Proxy to and Port 8080

Hope this BB10 trick last longer than that of the Mtn Bis. So enjoy and download while it last 😀

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