MTN Has Finally Blocked MTN BIS On Android: Affordable Alternatives

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MTN-1Mtn recently blocked the Mtn bis on android. I know most of you have actively enjoyed the trick while it lasted and must have cut down on your subscription cost and downloaded a lot. Not to worry, soon another trick would be made available just be patient.

Update: Latest MTN Trick: MTN BB10 Plans Rocks On Pc & Android Via SS

 I actually gained a lot from  Mtn, in fact i downloaded so much i even had to buy 2TB to store files downloaded. Also the unending online streaming and live matches was awesome.

Lets get started on other Mtn Bis alternative while we wait for a new loophole to be established.

Below are other ways to browse the internet which is quite affordable.

Lets start with Airtel internet plan:

Affordable Airtel Data Plan Across All Devices {2GB For 1500}

Airtel Trybe Plan Offers Free Calls, Unlimited BBM, WhatsApp, FBK & Twitter

MTN Better Me Bundle:

Cheapest MTN Data Plan 2015 For All Devices {2GB For N2,015}

Glo Overload: Glo Overload Data which is currently the best and cheapest. I recommend this for everyone.

Cheapest Data Plan In 2015 For All Devices

That is all for now. But would always keep you guys updated.

Sorry for the Wait!!!


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Cheapest MTN Data Plan 2015 For All Devices {2GB For N2,015}


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  1. nice job admin, love and follow all your post…..pls which site or application can i use to watch live matches( EPL, la liga,champions league etc) free……thanks in anticipation of your reply…

    • Thanks. Really appreciate. Well, the most popular site for streaming live matches remain firstrow, for app you can use kodi its a very popular app for watching matches.

  2. well mine is still working. there is way you can continue using it. and am using it………..haaaaaa i love my sim . follow me twitter = yusouf_ibraheem, i will show you how


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