Latest MTN Trick: MTN BB10 Plans Rocks On Pc & Android Via SS

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ss lktWe all know MTN recently blocked the Mtn bis  trick on Pc and android whereby making everyone on the search of other alternatives to browse the internet affordable or freely. The new trick is using the BB10 plans with simple server and the xt181 application to browse and download. With N70 you can download over 4.5gb files.

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This trick am about to disclose to you all has been in existence for a long time, actually since last year. its actually a coded trick kept in the dark and has been working perfectly.

Lets get started on the process.

How To Use BB10 Plans On Simple Server on Pc 

  • Firstly, download this already configured Simple Server for Pc Here
  • Extract the downloaded file on your pc using Winrar
  • Click on the extracted file and launch the Simple Server.exe file, then minimize the pop up file (Its already configured, just open and minimize it )
  • Subscribe to any bb10 plan of your choice, but i prefer the daily bb10 plan for 24hrs which cost N70, Dial *216*7 or send BBLITED to 21600. Am currently using this trick to write this article right now.
  • Or load N100 and dial *216*10# or send BBMIDID to 21600.
  • For the BBMIDID You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB. Just ignore it.
  • After sending the text or the BBLITED, you get this text from Mtn, “Welcome to MTN BlackBerry BBLITED. You have 10MB inclusive data bundle, Costs N70.0. Auto renew your Subscription and enjoy wonderful discounts. Thank you”
  • Just ignore the 10Mb data, you can download up to 4.5GB of data.
  • Now configure your modem to mtn Apn:
  • Configure your browser and idm to port 8080
  • Relax and sit down and let the download rain.:D


The bb10 plan subscription will still browse without the software above but if your data would be exhausted and your credit removed to 00.0. So be on the safe side and follow the procedure as posted above.

See Messages from Mtn below:  just ignore them

bb10 bb10 1

Also if you get a message saying “Yello! you have used 50% of your BB10 data plan, you will be charged at a bundle rate when your inclusive bundle is exhausted” dont worry  just ignore their messages kindly continue to browse.

if you also get a message saying “Yello! You have used up your BB10 data plan, still ignore the messages and continue to browse and download still you exhausted the 4.5GB data for 24hrs.

How To Use BB10 Plans On Simple Server on Android

  • You can still use your Simple Server installed on your phone, the  simple server settings still maintain
  • Follow the steps above and do all process stated above.

How To Use Xt181 On Pc
NOTE: if you are already using SS on PC, no need to use this again; but if you are not,just follow the below instructions.

  • Download this file called XT181 App Here
  • Extract it with winrar the files
  • Click on the xt181.exe file to launch,
  • Now click on listen, Also click on “Dialup” and select Mtn, which is the mtn profile you created on your modem.
  • Dial the connection
  • Then go to your browser >>Tools>>>Option>>Advance>>>Network and click on settings choose manual proxy configuration settings and use this ip address Port:8080
  • The xti81 app automatically connects your modem

How To Configure Torrents or Skype or any other application the uses Proxy
Got to settings in your torrent app set Proxy to and Port 8080

Hope this BB10 trick last longer than that of the Mtn Bis. So enjoy and download while it last 😀


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129 thoughts on “Latest MTN Trick: MTN BB10 Plans Rocks On Pc & Android Via SS”

  1. I Will Like To Encourages Ur Good Work To Ur Fellow Naija Citizen.

    Pls Always Keep It Up, But Will Like If You Could Verify This Cheat Becos Its Doesn’t Work For Me.

    I Follow The Procedures & Makes Us Of BBLITED & Simple Sever,But It Just Eat My Credit

  2. please am having a problem.. it ain’t working on my Samsung note 2..can I use my phone as hotspot on the computer..? reply asap.. thanks

  3. bro, thumbs up! wel, i intend to try it out on my android bt i wana knw if that simple server needs to be installed first? tnx

  4. how can i connect it to my utorrent? have tried changing the proxy but it still didnt there a specific torrent i should download?thanks

  5. hi…am impressed with the job you doing.but i have some issues i tried configuring my utorrents with the proxy you gave out but it still didnt work.what am i supposed to do?or is there a special torrent am supposed to download?pls reply asap thanks………

    • Thanks so much, Appreciate. The proxy port 8080 should work. Thats the default proxy.There nothing else you can do. except you find another torrent client that accept proxy.

  6. I tried the simple server on my android phone but it didnt connect to the internet. do you have the already configured simple server so that i can download? i’m using teno r7

  7. please can I use my android as a hotspot for my bb10 with this trick. I want to upgrade my OS10 and wanna know if it would work

  8. nice bro, its been working all along till 2days ago, very slow, can bearly download, upload is out of it, no need to try it… is there an upgrade? tnx

    • The trick is once its slow and it refuses to load pages, Just disconnect and reconnect. Keep doing this still its stable. Am using this trick to reply your comments now. There is no upgrade. The slowness and all shows MTN would soon block this trick. So enjoy while it last.

      • pls how are you getting 8gb of data i thought it was only limited to just 4.5gb of data!!! pls throw some light on the 8gb

        • When the 4.5GB or 5GB gets exhausted, subscribe again and continue downloading. Once you noticed you have exhausted the 4.5GB, load or transfer 70 Naira and subscribe instant.

  9. Plz d simple sever is finding it dificult 2 connect in some system, av tried it n several system n it dosnt connect. It load up 2 d point dat says READY………………………………. & dats wer it stops reading ?? Wat should I do plz ! Tenx

    • Why not use the X181 app? The trick needs constant patience, once it stops, disconnect and reconnect. Simple…Mtn are trying desperately to block this trick..But they can’t 😀

    • Am still blazing with this, Am using the same settings and all with the X181 app. Am replying you with this trick. Also downloading HD Tv series right now.

    • The Idm extension is already installed on your firefox browser, to access the idm on your firefox, go to options, click on ‘Add on” then click on extensions to access IDM

  10. Pls i need help ss is running perfecting on my andriod buh my whatsapp is not connecting but everytin else is wrking….any fix?

  11. the file exe. rar that I downloaded does not supported on my android phone. pls how do I go about it? thank.


  13. Your most welcome, you can subscribe for a month if you want to use it for a month, its still 5gb for a day and a month. just use the bb10 data plan for a month plan.

  14. I can’t purchase the bundles, does it work to all countries or do I have to set another settings for me to be able to buy bundles? I am using android tablet.

  15. Thanks so much u made my day, it worked! for me. as u keep heiping ur fellow nigerians may God bless u abundantly and give U more wisdom. keep it up

  16. pls x181 is not working for me dont know why, i connected x181 and my mtn as well after receiving msg from mtn that i have subscribe daily bb10 of 10mb. upload and download showing 0.00

  17. Bros, I followed all the instruction as you said. But when I try to go to any site, it keeps directing me to Flex net publisher’. What do you suggest I do. Thanks

  18. I have been trying this cheat since 3 days back now but it’s not working, I suppose mtn must have block the cheat.
    Please notify me if it is working for you…

  19. My internet keeps disconnecting when downloading large files…. and I will need to off and on the data again b4 it could connect. Any help pls?

    • So sorry about that, we all are experiencing the same issh….Remember its free and not a paid data plan. Be glad its still working for you even if its disconnects and reconnects.

  20. Please I’ve have the simple server app on my pc and I just subscribed for BBMIDID to 21600 and insertd the Sim in my modem is connected to the network but still the simple server is still showing ready it’s not working

  21. Plz i need help. i want update my antivirus program but it’s refusing connection via Simple server any help on what i can do to make it work. i ve quick heal antivirus installed on PC.

    • Go to your internet options and configure the LAN settings to use proxy Port 8080.This should enable the simple server connection work with all apps on your pc.

    • That is Mtn trying to throttle your connection, I recently discovered a software that auto reconnects when mtn disconnects, Am still testing, would write a concise tutorial when am done.

  22. i hv been using it for awhile nd it got expired………. hv been sending bblitew to 21600 but its not replying bk or deducting money frm my acct bal…..pls i do i reconnect it back

  23. Morning bro, I use Xt 181 but after sometimes, it will refuse to connect and I noticed my modem speed also drops to even 0.00kbps. Kindly help

  24. Simple server no more working on Android.. ..Pls help out if it’s still working…. Cos it has stopped on android for some days now. Tnx

  25. You are doing a very great job and I commend your effort, please I have been trying to connect the XT181, when I click listen, I try to set up the dialup and my MTN profile will not come out, I have tried it, I have tried the psiphon, super server and nothing seem to work please help a brother out.

    • Thanks for your motivating words..Mtn has decided to upgrade their systems and the bblited trick doesnt work anymore. Mtn music plus is the alternative option to use for now.


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