BBM Display Picture (DP) Issues & Solutions For All Devices

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bbmmmBlackberry messenger has become the most used social application in the world both on mobile devices, tablets, and also Pc. BBM has grown so large that it is on all mobile platform and was just recently launched on the windows phone OS. This tutorial is actually focusing on BBM display picture popularly called “DP”, and am going to be showing you possible causes why your DP isn’t changing and likely steps to be taken to fix that and get absolute solution to any DP issues you ever come across in all devices. Let’s get started.

BBM Display Picture Causes & Issues

There have been so many complaint and lots of questions regarding BBM display picture and am going to tell you possible causes below:

  • When your BBM is no longer communicating with the BBM servers, this could be due to network issues from your mobile network or the fact your Blackberry Id could not authenticate with the servers, whereby display picture changes are not allowed by the servers and you thereby you only can see that you have changed your display pictures, personal message (PM) and status are only saved locally and not on BBM servers.  Also your BBM contacts cannot see these changes you have made because the BBM servers are not connected.
  • Your Blackberry internet subscription (BIS) isn’t active or has expired, or probably you aren’t aware of this and you later found out your DP isn’t changing and you start to panic. This same issue actually happened to a friend of mine which she requested for my help. I actually found out her BIS had expired. #Littlethingsyouignore.
  • BBM update or OS update can also be possible causes regarding DP not changing.
  • BBM device switch: This could be when you acquire a new device and you made a switch from your old device to the new device this could sometimes affect your DP.
  • Corrupt BBM: There are likely signs you must have seen and decided to ignore, signs like: BBM crash, it takes longer time for BBM to startup, slow processes, and others.

Fix and Solution

To get your DP fixed, follow the steps below:

For Android and iphone:

  • Uninstall BBM from your device and download the latest BBM version from Playstore for Android and  App store for iphone device.
  • Upgrade your Operating system (OS) if the above step doesn’t work for your device.

NOTE: The above solution works 100% on the BBOS and on Androids.

BB10 Users:

BBM on BB10 devices is a core app and cannot be deleted, this can be quite annoying and the only possible way is to Upgrade or Reload, flash your Operating system (OS).

I hope this tutorial has been of great help?



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