Best Data Plan For All Blackberry 10 Devices

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bb10Blackberry made a great comeback in the mobile world introducing the blackberry 10 devices which includes, Q10, Q5, Z3, Z10, and Z30. As we all know that the blackberry 10 device runs an android operating system and it uses data for connectivity, here in Nigeria we have various mobile network providers blackberry 10 plans which are not different from the expensive data bundle plans for both android and pc.

This post is specifically for those who have been using Blackberry 10 smartphones, I know Blackberry 10 data plans seems to be very expensive and different from the conventional blackberry plans on all network. Not to worry, Glo got an amazing blackberry plan that works perfectly on all Blackberry 10 device.

Majority of Blackberry 10 users make use of MTN, Etisalat blackberry 10 plans which is freaking expensive and doesn’t even last a month on their device. You’ll bear me witness that Mtn bb10 data plan is expensive e.g. 1.5GB goes for #3,000 while 500MB goes for #1,500, knowing fully well that 500MB won’t carry you till the end of the month Judging by this, it’s actually expensive. Not to even talk about the expensive Etisalat blackberry 10 package. It’s not everybody that loves Glo network so in this case, you might not want to use Glo blackberry plan; since it’s normal Blackberry plan works on all BB10 and it’s the cheapest so far.

Actually, to my greatest surprise most blackberry 10 users don’t even have a clue about the Glo blackberry complete plan. I recently told a friend about the Glo BBC plan and she was like “are you serious? It’s so cheap and it’s even 3GB of data”.

How to Subscribe For The Blackberry Complete Plan On Your Blackberry 10 Device

  • It’s so simple and easy, just load N1000 on your Glo line.
  • Send comonth to 777 or BBC to 777
  • You get a message saying you’ve subscribed to comonth with 3072MB valid for a month.

However, BB10 is a prostitute device that works with ordinary MTN data plan. Meaning with or without Blackberry subscription, normal data will work on it. In short, if you have airtime on your phone, it works on all Blackberry10 devices in terms of browsing the net.
Save yourself of money as well as data.
Kindly spread the word and save someone from the claws of Money driven network providers.

20 thoughts on “Best Data Plan For All Blackberry 10 Devices”

  1. Hi,
    So i have a blackberry passport that has been searching for network (airtel) since i updated the OS (from 10.3.2 to 10.3.3) 5 days ago!!
    I need help. What do i do?
    I went to an airtel outfit to cut a new sim but while in their building the network was strong.
    immediately i stepped out it was gone!
    Abi na airtel office i go dey sleep/work??

  2. thanks for your response.
    i was previously using a Q10 and it worked perfectly in all these areas.
    my brother also uses a passport and when i swapped sims his phone picked up while mine still didn’t.
    i went to the airtel office yesterday too, but before i entered the building service was back and full.
    i plan to try an mtn sim and hope it works though.
    is there a difference between a premier airtel sim and a non-premier sim?
    and am i the only one with a passport having this same problem after the update?


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