How To Download Pokemon Go On Android And iOS

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The Pokémon Go is one of the biggest releases of any kind this summer. The GPS-powered location-based monster-seeking game launched to immediate excitement, and it’s easy to stumble across groups wandering around playing it in many big cities. This has made it one of the top releases in the $36.9 billion mobile gaming market and the fastest U.S. app ever to reach No. 1 on the iOS and Android grossing charts.

Pokémon Go has 15 million official downloads in the United States

Using tracking data from intelligence firm Sensor Tower, it looks like Pokémon Go already has 15 million download sin the U.S. alone. That number should continue to grow as the phenomenon attracts more and more people around the country. Keep in mind that is only the in the U.S. and doesn’t include New Zealand, Australia, or Germany, which are the only other territories that have the app.

More than 10 percent of Android devices in the U.S. installed the app

One in every 10 Android devices in the United States already has the game, according to data-tracking firm SimilarWeb. That’s already more than Candy Crush Soda Saga, which is on 5 percent of U.S. Android devices.

4 million people visited to get the unofficial Android version on July 6 alone

Pokémon Go is only out in the U.S. and three other territories. But that hasn’t stopped folks in other countries from tracking down ways to install the game outside of the official Google Play store. As I wrote last week, you can download Go right now for Android and start playing it by getting the APK executable file from the host site

Pokémon Go is making $1.6 million every day from iOS users in the U.S. alone

In addition to the engagement, Sensor Tower found that Go is consistently making $1.6 million every day from iOS players in the U.S. If you add in Android and the rest of the world, well, Niantic should have enough money to afford a new server or two soon.

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How To Download Pokémon Go on iOS And Android

Niantic’s take on Nintendo’s classic game requires iOS 8.0 or newer in order to run.
You can download pokemon Go Here for iOS devices.
For android devices, it requires android 4.4 or newer in order to run, You can download the pokemon Go for Android devices from play store Here
Having troubles installing from play store? You can download the Pokémon Go APK Here
The free-to-play app  has quickly become a money-making phenomenon. But as fun as the mobile, location-based game is, it could still use extra features. Adding new content will not only make the experience better, but it will ensure that all of those millions of Pokémon Go players keep using the app. It could mean the difference between Pokémon Go being a fad and a long-term success.


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