Not Eligible For Airtel 4GB BIS Data Plan? Try This Code and be Eligible

Last Updated on September 29, 2014 by Larious

airtel+4gAirtel came with a new BIS data plan of 4GB for 2 months which just cost 1500 Naira. This caught the interest of every internet user in the country. Everyone wants to subscribe for the plan, but their hopes were cut short due to the fact that the plan wasn’t meant for everyone because Airtel made the plan sim selective. Due to the fact I got lots of requesting asking how to be eligible for the plan if your sim is not eligible. This article focuses on finding a way for those Sims that were not eligible. Airtel is well aware of this situation. That is why they made a way to enable Sims that were not eligible to be eligible.

How to Know If Your SIM Is Eligible

To Know If your sim is eligible simply dial this code even if you’ve got zero Naira in your account: *440*161#.  You would receive a text messaging saying you have insufficient balance which means you’re eligible. Or saying you’re not eligible.

How To Be Eligible For The 4GB BIS Plan:

  • Simply dial *440*440#.
  • After dialing the code, you might be lucky to be instantly eligible by getting an eligible message from Airtel. But if you’re not eligible, keep the sim for some weeks and try dialing the *440*161# code again.

NOTE: The 4GB For N1500 promo has ended. but you can still do the 2GB For 1500, see the code Here


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